Lessons of Motherhood: A Love Like His

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I still keep kind of forgetting that this holiday and that word, “mother,” apply to me now. I am a mother to a beautiful little boy who lights up my world when he smiles and melts my heart into a puddle when he reaches out his arms to me. People tell you before you have a baby to prepare to love someone like you’ve never loved someone before and it’s true.

It’s funny how much I love him really given how little I really know about him. I know the way he smells and the way he smiles, but there’s still so much I don’t know, like what kind of books he’ll like or his sense of humor or his favorite subject in school. There’s a lot left to know about him, but one thing I do know. I know that he’s mine and for that I love him wholly and completely.

After he was born, the thing I kept thinking was, I’ve never been so sure that I would die for someone as I am that I would die for him. If it was him or me, I’d choose him. If he was in trouble or danger, I would take his place. No questions asked. Because he’s my child. Because selflessness and love are two different words for the same thing.

Isn’t this how God has loved us in Christ? I think back to the Garden of Eden and how right after the fall, God immediately promises to send Jesus (Genesis 3:15). He didn’t have to think about it. He didn’t have to weigh his options and decide if we were worth it. No, the instant He saw that His children were headed for death, Jesus stepped up to the plate and said, “I will take their place.  I will do whatever it takes, pay any price that they may live.” His plan was always to save us.

I know I will not love my son perfectly as God loves us. I know it will not always be easy or fun to love him. I know that real love is costly and hard, but I’m thankful for the privilege of being his mother and for this small, but clearer glimpse into the love of our Savior who so eagerly, so willingly paid the high price to purchase us as His own.

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him.” Psalm 103:11-13

13 thoughts on “Lessons of Motherhood: A Love Like His

  1. All I can say is this is one of the least medically educated blogs I have ever read. Short of exhausting myself with detail, God or Mather nature (and I am a Christian and a health professional) makes “mistakes” daily. Newborns are born with both sets of genitals, or a different set of genitals than what their DNA claims their gender to be, finitely frequently in fact! I am in agreement that much of the transgender issues and homosexual issues are deeply routed in emotional and psychological distress or abuse. Whoever I would never be so brazen as to raise the sword (that Jesus never gave me) to judge another with such certainty and detemination. It is scientifically reasonable plausible given that the body and mind develop “gender” at different times that one may develop and another for some abnormal reason not develop. Outside of gender, babies are born with chromosome abnormalities daily. Perhaps these situations are to teach us love not condemnation, judgement, and stone throwing. None of us truly know…these are opinions…biblically, medically, scientifically…

    • then why did he wait until age 65 to do this? answer: he is an attention whore seeking publicity and money

  2. What are your toughts abot Virgin Mary? As a Catholic, I must say, I belive in her and admire her devotion and selflessness and love for her Son. The Son of God.

  3. How are you so sure that Caitlin Jenner is wrong and that you are right? Why do you even feel the need to think about what someone else does? I’m pretty sure that the second we have a judgemental thought about someone else, God’s all-knowing judgement of US begins. We are clearly called to love the other, as Jesus would have, unconditionally and without judgement. You’re doing a grave disservice to the central message if the gospel and the core of Jesus’ teaching itself with a post like this. When people see Christians being judgemental, they (rightly) want no part of it. They know that Jesus preached love and acceptance and non-judgement. Just imagine how many people you may have turned away from Jesus with this blog post which is trending in Facebook? That’s something to consider, for sure. Just because you don’t like what Caitlin Jenner has done, or it makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that you get to pronounce that she is wrong because you know what is right in the same way that God, who knows the heart of each of us, knows what is right. This is incredible hubris for a human being and dangerous territory for a follower of Christ.

  4. You see, you, yourself just describe the requirements of a hero. And CAITLYN Jenner meets those “requirements”.
    SHE selflessly chose to chronicle HER journey in full public view to shine light on the transgender community. SHE selflessly put HERSELF out there o help others learn tolerance for the community. And by your “standards”. SHE is a hero. You want to bring God into this, but didn’t God tell us not to judge others, that that is his job?? If you want to live by the bible, do it. Don’t half ass it, moron. Oh, and you don’t have to agree with CAITLYN’s lifestyle, but you should try to have a little respect for people’s wishes.

    • LOL, you are mentally ill to defend HIM. He, Bruce,
      is a mentally ill cross-dresser. A loser. Obviously you are mentally ill too and have been brainwashed by Hollyweird and the liberal media. Get help. Soon.

  5. I just shared your post about Bruce Jenner because it was meaningful thoughtful and resonated with both truth and love. A tough combination to pull off unless ones heart, is, in my opinion in the right place. I just read this post… it is beautiful. My own heart was blindsided by the instant full blown love and protection I felt for my first newborn. I will read your other posts and want to commend you on your ability to express and write so beautifully.

  6. Bruce Jenner is an American tragedy, divisive, and a national disgrace and embarrassment. The douchebag is mentally ill. He is a zero. And an attention seeker. And selfish. And self-centered. A self-absorbed narcissist who killed someone in a traffic accident and then pulls this publicity stunt. And brainwashed liberals fall for it. Bruce does not have ovaries, or a cervix, or a uterus, or female DNA … thus he is a pathetic cross-dresser. Bruce is a zero. Definitely not a hero. Not even close.

  7. Wish your son all the best and especialy a better and nor such transphob mother than you are.
    What would you do if your son would say one day “I hope my mother die, so I can life like I feel since I born. As the woman I’am.” ?
    For your son I hope you would do the right and still give him/her all your love.
    In addition it would ne best time to send excuse to all Trans-People all over the world.

  8. This is so beautiful!!! Your writing is everything that I feel in my heart for my daughter. I have recently become a mother myself and it was strange yet delightful celebeating mother’s day.
    I have never known a love like this and it only makes it clearer to me how great God’s love is for us! To think that He loves us greater than we can ever love our children is truly amazing!
    Knowing love like this is such a beautiful little window to God himself. What a blessing!
    By the way, your son is so precious! May God bless you and your pretty precious family! ♡

    • “To think that He loves us greater than we can ever love our children is truly amazing!”

      Dear Rachel,

      First things, first—congratulations on being a new mother. I’m aware that we are complete strangers, but I can still nonetheless say with complete confidence that you will be a good mom, especially in contrast to something you said above, something with which I have to respectfully disagree, and that this idea that the Christian deity’s love for his children(i.e..us) is somehow “greater” than that of the love that you have for your own child.

      Again, I don’t know you from adam, so please correct me where I’m wrong, but I feel that I can say with a great amount of confidence that you’d never offer the life of your own child in exchange for exonerating another person(or persons) of a crime or trespass that they committed. I further contend that you’d never sit idly by in the case that your child would be exposed to dangerous or lethal circumstances. No, you’d intervene, just like any good, sane, truly compassionate parent would do. If it was brought to your attention that a child predator moved across the street, it’s a safe bet that you’d not stand in your own yard and watch your child wander across the street to teach your child a lesson. No, that would be ridiculous, as well as crummy parenting.

      Lastly, if for whatever reason you felt that the love for your children wasn’t being reciprocated, I’m going to safely assume that you would not seek vengeance.

      It is for these reasons (and others) that I contend that you and the rest of us reading this, are all better, more loving parents than the deity described in the Bible.

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