Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero

I generally try to steer clear of controversial issues on here. Most are so deeply embedded in presuppositions that writing about them generally just generates more anger and frustration than meaningful discussion. However, I never want to shy away from speaking something that needs to be said even if I know it is not something people want to hear. So, I want to talk about Bruce Jenner.

Today, Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, dressed as a woman and introducing himself to the world as “Caitlyn Jenner.” You see, he has decided that he is a woman and that by saying it and probably some very extensive surgery, he can make it so. In today’s world, we think gender is something we get to choose, like our career path or our clothes. So, people across the nation have lauded him as a hero. Certainly, this is the current opinion of the masses, but I have to say it. The emperor has no clothes and Bruce Jenner is not a woman.

You can tell me that there is a difference between gender and sex, that Bruce was born with a male body and a female soul, but I would ask where did he get this soul? If there is no God, we are all nothing more than raw matter, we have no souls. If, however, we do have souls, there must be something more than the material. There must be something spiritual and if there is something spiritual, there must be a God who gave us these spirits, but if there is a God, would He make the mistake of putting a female soul in a male body? How can we know? We can know by what He tells us in His word. “Male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27) and He does not make mistakes, but does everything perfectly with love and wisdom.

We seem to want to erase the idea of gender and reinforce it all at once. We don’t want to have to conform to gender stereotypes. We don’t want to be put into categories and yet we want to be able to transfer ourselves by self-declaration from one category to another. We are so in love with our rebellion against God that we cannot see the absurdity and inconsistency of it all.

You may scoff at me. You may call me close-minded because I have allowed my religious beliefs to (gasp!) affect my judgments of propositions such as “Bruce Jenner is a woman trapped in a man’s body.” But if being open-minded means unquestioningly accepting anything and everything because it is progressive or popular, then I want no part of it. If you think I view the world from a Christian perspective and reject things that, based on that world view and common sense, are absurd, I will unabashedly and unapologetically agree.

If you don’t see things from the same Christian world view that I do, we probably do not agree and that is no surprise, but I must insist on one thing.  Bruce Jenner is not a hero.  A hero is someone who has done something brave or noble, who has sacrificed for others.  Bruce Jenner has done none of these things.  He is a man who has posed in women’s clothing on the cover of a magazine, garnering excessive media attention.  What’s more he has waited to do so until the optimum moment when he was most sure to receive praise and acceptance.  Heroes risk much and gain little.  Bruce Jenner has risked little and gained much. I am sure there are many people out there who do things to deserve the title of “hero,” but Bruce Jenner is not one of them.  He is not a hero and he is not a woman.  He is what we all are: lost, sinful, and desperately in need of Jesus. I pray he finds Him.

10,804 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero

  1. Majority:

    Your 1st question: “CJ, do you consider yourself a Christian?”

    My 1st answer:

    With 90% of Americans claiming to be “Christians”, I am afraid the designation has lost its meaning. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholics and a host of cultists, heretics, and charismatics claim an affiliation with Christ, while others believe that attending church once a week, owning a Bible, putting a few bucks in the plate or believing that there is a god…up there…somewhere – makes them part of Christ’s family. I think you get the point, so I’ll stop here, because I could literally go on all day.

    On a personal level…I consider myself a follower of Christ, a defender of the faith, and one who seeks to put Godly principles into practice. I believe talk is cheap and the true Litmus Test for Christians is what they believe, say and do. To claim to have faith without the benefit of action…is to have a faith that is dead (James 2:14-17).

    Your 2nd question: “Are you currently, actively involved in a church and of what denomination?”

    My 2nd answer:

    No, I do not currently attend a church nor am I actively involved in a church. Even when I attended regularly, served in office and taught Sunday School, I never claimed an affiliation with a denomination. Why? Because I follow the Word of God and His beloved Son…not the vanity of men. Denominations serve their respective synodical conferences, hence they serve only what is agreeable to them – ignoring what they do not understand or refusing to follow what is written.

    Best wishes – C.J.

    • Majority:

      I would like to make it clear that I am not opposed to regular church attendance, and, in fact, look forward to the day when (and if) the Spirit of Truth leads me to one. As it is, I have attended a slew of church denominations over the years, including, but not limited to:

      01. Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church (2)
      02. Missouri Synod Lutheran Church (3)
      03. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
      04. Seventh-Day Adventist (2)
      05. Roman Catholic (out of curiosity)
      06. L.D.S (out of curiosity)
      07. Church of Christ
      08. Church of God
      09. Assembly of God (2)
      10. Foursquare
      11. Non-Denominational (2)
      12. Free-Will Baptist
      13. Calvary Baptist (2)
      14. Free-Methodist
      15. United Methodist
      16. Church of the Nazarene

      What is consistent with each of these churches, not to mention the whole lot (I fear), is they place an emphasis on certain Biblical principles and doctrines, while placing a diminished emphasis on others. They build their foundation around a core set of values that they find appealing, distinguishes them from the rest, gives them claim to fame, and tickles their congregants fancy – while avoiding the rest of God’s Word as if it didn’t exist or was some kind of heresy.

      In the end, most “main-stream” churches promote what they want and leave the rest behind (like a smorgasbord). What you will never see or hear is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – for it seems that “Cotton Candy Theology”, politics, political-correctness and paganism are winning the day.

      Truly, “Christian” churches in America are a pack of sick and dying dogs, who subsist on a diet of disbelief, complacency, heresies, corruption, greed, moral relativism and spiritual compromise.

      As it stands right now – I have had enough.

      Be well – C.J. Sledgehammer

      • Interested, what do you believe the Seventh Day Adventist church neglects to follow in the Bible? They believe in the entirety of the word and do not neglect any of it, the Sabbath is no more important than any other commandment.

      • The problem, CJ, is that there are far too many people who follow the words of man on books written by people just like yourself with their own ideas and interpretations, rather than listening to and following the heart of God that is here and present every moment of the day. Yes He still exists. He is present. He never left.

        No one can write a book for God. No one then, no one now, no one period. Its just not possible. Open yourself up to God directly on a personal level and you’ll find the connection and the path.

        One thing is for sure, rejection, discrimination & hate are not acceptable. No matter your personal opinion of someone’s behavior, you have no authority to judge.

      • You say all these churches disregard what they don’t like and leave the rest behind. You say you attended 3 LCMS churches. What Scriptures did LCMS ignore, and how do you figure that they ignored them? I am the pastor of an LCMS church in Chicago.

      • Sadly a lot of what you say is true… I am grateful for a church who teaches God’s word… ONLY! The Bible teaches we should be in fellowship with other believers to help each other along and grow…to encourage and be encouraged.. Maybe you could be that helper in a church that isn’t perfect… realistically none are… but those who truly believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ are the church body… Jesus Himself ate with sinners…. He died for them His example was to be a servant to others even the lost… the unsaved… He loved Judas, even knowing Judas was going to betray Him… Sometimes the light (Holy Spirit) in us allows other to put away their disbelief, complacency , heresies, corruption, greed, etc… and look to the one who created us all… Prayerfully consider the light in you and what you chose to do with it…

      • Oma, you are right on target and in tune with God. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Bruce Jenner needs to disappear forever. Also he has not made public blessing for Lamar showing his non love for his step daughter (s) He obviously doesn’t care. He needs psychiatric care. He’s shamed Olympians and self. If he really want to be woman he get penis surgery. But maybe Candace has vagina oth

  3. Jenner shamed his good families. Its sickening. All his families are shutting him down rightfully. If he seeks to be woman why does he not have penis surgery. Cuz he is fake mental illness. He needs to vanish before he admits having sex with Candace. SICK SICK SICK SICK. HIS ego supersedes anything he claims. All his claims lead to DSM IV. LOOK IT UP you will find it. How dare he got Arthur Ash award. ARE YOU KIDDING ME

      • “Bruce Jenner needs to disappear forever.” – Ann


        Bruce Jenner will not leave until he’s lost his viewing audience, corporate sponsors or his life. He’s only relevant because Americans have lost their moral compass – trading-in morality for depravity.

        Knowing how foolish and debase the average American has become, Corporate America has seen fit to reward America with “Caitlyn” – a reflection of society, a product of the times, and a glimpse of the future.

        I am well aware that there are those who look up to this man, and in doing so, reveal that they follow a set of standards that are even lower than their “hero’s”. Having said that…if people were perfect and lived a holy life – there would be no need for Divine judgment or hell-fire.

        I hate to say it, but America deserves “Caitlyn”.

      • This is just another hate site we are who we are. I saw this posted months ago on my cousins Facebook wall I was totally disgusted in it I wanted to comment on it I called my mother and told her about it she said don’t even bother because I’m too voicetress so I left it alone because I did not want to get into the religious factor of it with her because we were born Catholic and I didn’t want to get into the whole religion thing I believe god has a purpose for everybody you’re born the way you are and for a reason and you have great tits your body and you can do what you want with it he always said he felt like a woman if he felt that way a man trapped in a womans body While he did what he did to make himself feel right and whole people cannot help the way they are born not one person is born the same gay straight Diseased excetra just leave this person alone this is just nothing but another hate site it’s not a Christian site Is the hate site whoever wrote this article should be ashamed of themselves and may God forgive them

  4. What exactly is immoral about switching genders? Give me one way in which being trans has anything to do with morality? It doesn’t, you all have zero support for your argument besides a few bible versus! What is so hard for you to understand that in the realm of science its perfectly understood that a person can be born with one gender brain, and another gender body. I have these parts you all find so terribly frightening. I have breasts, and a penis. So I’m sick and depraved, and immoral? Try saying that to my face. I am a regular person just like anyone else, and its really not as crazy as you seem to think it is. Hate is immoral. Reasonless hate, that is immoral. It is you who are sick and immoral and consumed by hate! It is you who hold America in the dark ages simply because you lack the intelligence to face the wonderful real world. You know what real freedom is? I am freedom. Caitlyn is freedom. You are nothing but the hate of the ignorant. You sicken me.

    • “What exactly is immoral about switching genders?” – Chrissy Valentine

      Six things really:
      1) Our Heavenly Father and our loving Creator explicitly forbid us to dress or act like the complementary sex.
      2) “Gender reassignment” is a violation of nature.
      3) “Gender reassignment” is an abomination before God.
      4) It is a violation of the spirit, intellectual integrity and sound reason to believe in something that cannot be.
      5) It is a crime and personal affront to our Heavenly Father and loving Creator for a created being to alter or attempt to change His divine creation, in whole, or in part.
      6) Attempting to change one’s sex or reassign one’s gender requires the willful surrender of an ungrateful heart and delusional mind to the spirit of error and rebellion.

      • You said one true thing in that meaningless ramble. I do have a rebellious spirit. Because I will always be in the right. You string together random words, yet they have no value, because they mean literally nothing. You said nothing in all of that prose, not a single thought of value. Every time your arguments boil down to “god said.” All six in essence say the same thing in different ways.

        I don’t believe in your God. What he has to say on the issue means jack & dick to me. Therefore, his morality has no effect on me. He’s not even real. So #1 is invalid.

        Nature made me this way. Therefore 2 & 3 are invalid. You can’t tell a scientist your bible knows more about the world then the collective minds of the human race. There is 50 years of well documented, substantiated science on this. You have nothing to stand on if your only argument is a bible verse. The worlds a hell of a lot bigger place then your bible. Girls have been doing this just as long. Most of them pass you on the street and you’d never even know. And again, to #3, God has nothing to do with this. Fuck him.

        #4, I already am. I’m already a trans-girl. I got the whole package, legal, and what’s between my legs is none of your God Damn business. I’m perfectly happy. So its quite doable. Like I said, those who start young, become real girls in everyday. You’d never even know.

        #5, again ridiculous. The bible is not “sound reasoning.” You can’t deny science, and then claim “intellectual integrity!” That is exactly what you are lacking. You, again, have one argument, God said” and you don’t know any transgender people.

        #6 You’re just being an asshole. I’m a women like any other, since I was born. Its just simple biology. I guess we shouldn’t correct any birth defects. I was born with a girls brain, its not what’s in my pants that makes me a women. Transitioning was the best thing that ever happened to me, my son non-withstanding. I’m happy, I love my life now. I am not an affront to anything. I’m just a girl. I’m simply, Chrissy Valentine

      • Chris Valentine:

        You are not only a delusional male – but you are a mean-spirited one to boot. It would seem your spiritual depravity and mental illnesses are more numerous and deeper than I had originally thought. I truly feel sorry for you – a tortured soul who has no joy in life and who has no hope in death.

        I must ask myself how one hopes to engage in rational discourse with a man who is wearing a little, black dress and “Pink Perfection” lip gloss.

        It would be a better expenditure of my time chasing after the wind…than to trust a twisted mind and tortured soul with reason.

        May you come to your senses – C.J.

      • I only defend my very being. You attack me personally with, zip-ass else. Your very first reply to my first post is one on the most vicious I’ve ever received on all the internet. You know what, you got pwned by a trans-bitch, boy. How’s it feel? And I’m a big girl, I don’t wear lip gloss. Mr. Sledgehammer is more a ball-pean.

      • Mr. Valentine:

        It’s rather ironic that people who smoke have reported feeling “attacked” (personally), when a kind stranger, neighbor or associate gently reminds them of the dangers of smoking.

        It is as if cigarette smokers (and addicts of all kinds) find it impossible to differentiate between the destructive behavior and themselves. In many cases, they allow the addiction or destructive behavior to define them, thus becoming their new identity, and, in some extreme cases – their only reason for being.

        So, instead of seeing himself as a man who is addicted to cigarettes – he is likely to describe himself as a “smoker”, while the woman addicted to alcohol is likely to identify with being a “drinker” or “alcoholic”.

        In cases such as these, it is not likely that addicts were ever under “attack” (personally), when their addictions or vices were called into question; rather, it is far more likely that they have personally identified with their vices and made peace with their addictions – making it difficult to speak to them about these afflictions because they have become what they do…resulting in increased hyper-sensitivity.

      • Now there we go, Mr. Ball-Pean. Now that at least resembles an argument. And you actually put some context behind that, still made up, poppy-cock. That was sort of an interesting, well sorted, argument, if you’re a smoker or addict. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, you didn’t mention what I was addicted to? I live this as my life. Am I addicted to the clothes? The soft skin and breasts I actually have, or is it the mockery, stares, and hate I’m subjected to daily? I must be so sick, I subject myself to self destructive behavior, I suppose, will be your predictable response.

        Sorta, like your writing, it looks and sounds somewhat polished, but skin deep. You can say and spell big words, with exemplary grammar. I’ve always struggled with that.

        However, I am going to go out on a limb here and assume higher education isn’t your thing? In my world one is judged on the quality of their mind. Not how they look.

        In order for me to transition, aside from being in therapy for years, with an astonishingly brilliant, wonderful, and educated women, I have a second PH.D psychologist who wrote the official letters that I needed to have my Gender legally changed, on both state and federal levels. You need a medical psychologists letter just to have them put F on your drives licence, plus, plus another real medical doctors letter. Because I am one of the lucky ones, the privileged few who have access, my medical Dr. is a University of California Davis professor. She also has a doctoral candidate and a team of grad students behind her. Who do this for hundreds of trans-girls and trans-boys a year.

        I was a smoker, incidentally when I first started transitioning. That same doctor refused to let me start hormones until I stopped. Needless to say I did. And that, Mr. Ball-Pean is a true story.

        Still wanna try the science angle, with a scientist? Oh, I forgot, you read the Bible.

        You forget my vitreous friend, I’ve already tried your way. For a long time. Forcing myself to be something I wasn’t.

        I am medically diagnosed by some of the best, most highly educated and driven doctors on the globe, as having “gender dysphoria,” cured by allowing to be, quite simply, how I was born. I was prescribed hormones, I get them from my regular CVS. In addition, I have even more general practician doctors.

        So, your shade tree bullshit, is still what it is, big words, and a lot of hate. I’m just sticking up for my kind, and my right to exist.

        But it is insulting, boy, to say you are doing this to help me, and Caitlyn, and not the more likely scenario, where you just see me as a threat to you’re cult.

        Boys only want to be girls, if they really are girls. You can’t keep up your argument that I am just delusional, if you can’t even pretend to best me.

        You are, so way, way out of your league with me, son. This, proud, happy, father, and Transgender women isn’t even in your universe, Mr. Ball-Pean. You might want to turn that great big microscope on your own glaring sexual fears.

        –chrissy valentine-


        My name, once, before all those letters changed it, forever: was one Christian.

  5. “I am medically diagnosed by some of the best, most highly educated and driven doctors on the globe, as having “gender dysphoria,” cured by allowing to be, quite simply, how I was born. I was prescribed hormones, I get them from my regular CVS.” – Christian Valentine

    This diatribe means less than squat and has all the qualities of fool’s gold. Keep in mind that during World War ll, some of the greatest minds belonged to the Nazi party, who were known for psychological warfare, abject cruelty and murderous intent.

    Were these scientists driven? Yes. Were they brilliant? Yes. Were they leaders in the scientific community? Yes. Were they cutting-edge? Yes. In fact, they were so good at what they did, the Allied nations tried to recruit them into service. Truth be known, the United States forgave them of their war crimes against humanity…and put most of them to work for the Department of Defense.

    Did these scientists have ethical integrity? No. Were they good people? No. Did they care about humanity? No. Were they concerned about moral principles? No. All they cared about was their “work” and those they loved. Everyone else be damned.

    You now come before me and try to validate your shameful lifestyle by telling me the foul winds fueling your sails are “highly educated and driven doctors”, hoping to add credence to your poor decisions. All I can tell you is that doctors account for more deaths each year, due to incompetence, negligence and malpractice, than all car accidents and hand guns combined, while the American Psychological Association continues to be the dog of the “medical” profession.

    Shrinks are so sick in the head, that it is a requirement that they must see a shrink before becoming one themselves. I am not saying that Psychiatrists and Psychologists are completely worthless, but they seem to do more harm than good and tend to flirt with quackery and buffoonery on a daily basis.

    It’s funny, but if a man walks into their office and tells them he believes he turns into a wolf during each full moon…they will treat him for lunacy and place him in a straight-jacket. If a man walks into their office and tells them he is the devil…they will ask for his autograph, ask for a demonstration, treat him with meds and place him in solitary confinement. But, if a man walks into their office and tells them he’s a woman…they will put him in a dress, slap breast implants on his chest and send him home with an award. Yeah….these doctors are driven all right – driven to madness and driven to insanity.

    • Clap………………clap………………..clap……………

      And if a man walks into their office holding a Bible and claiming to be a Christian while spewing words of hate, judgement, mockery and discrimination, they will reject him and ask that he leave to find God and return once he has been born again and filled with the light of the Holy Spirit.


      • “And if a man walks into their office holding a Bible and claiming to be a Christian while spewing words of hate, judgement, mockery and discrimination, they will reject him and ask that he leave to find God and return once he has been born again and filled with the light of the Holy Spirit.” – the Majority

        Au contraire…contraire.

        Christianity, besides a way of life, is a philosophy that is unrecognized and strongly opposed by the American Psychological Association, who base their “research” and “findings” on secular humanism and New Age enlightenment. Therefore, Christianity, Holy Bibles as well as the Holy Spirit…will always be condemned by the practitioners of sorcery.

        Practitioners of sorcery (“shrinks and psychos”) will not treat the root cause of problems, often denying the existence of the spirit, so they resort to medical witchcraft and sorcery – often prescribing pharmaceuticals to sedate the mind, while hypnotizing, planting false memories, torturing, or facilitating the delusions of patients – who were foolish enough to get caught in their web.

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  7. All of it is an abomination when you are religious. But we are not ones to judge, leave that to the higher power. All we (religious community)can do is pray and protect our youth from the agenda that has been set fourth for many years now.

    I for one don’t understand why we give It the time of day. To mutilate yourself is an act of rebellion against nature even if you aren’t religious. These surgeries never change who the person is on the inside.

    Being a woman is much more complex, much more than breasts, make up and dresses. As an organic woman, I feel like the transgender community has taken lightly to the complexity and uniqueness that is gender AND sex. I am more than a pretty outside,my insides cultivate life and my body changes from day to day. And men, men have a mind that a woman cannot simply achieve by taking pills and dressing as one.

    All In all, in my opinion these are very sad and lonely people. We are in an age of plastic and temporary fixes. Pray for the world.

    • QueenByGene:

      Finally…a voice of reason!!!

      “…pray and protect our youth from THE AGENDA….” – YES!
      “To mutilate yourself is an act of rebellion against nature” – SLAM DUNK!
      “These surgeries never change who the person is on the inside” – SPOT ON!
      “Being a woman is more complex than breasts, make up and dresses.” – TOUCHDOWN!
      “…the transgender community has taken lightly the complexity and uniqueness that is gender AND sex.” – RIGHT ON!
      “We are in an age of plastic and temporary fixes.” – DIRECT HIT!

      QueenByGene…you are so right. The homosexual lobby and Transgendered movement is an agenda…not a legitimate way of life.

      I am shocked and no less appalled that the feminist movement has not condemned Bruce Jenner or any man who thinks that one can become a woman simply by identifying with females, undergoing plastic surgery, wearing dresses, applying cosmetics or by having the ability to walk in high-heels.

      Make no mistake…the feminist manifesto has declared war on women and now they have sold-out their own sex, proving, once again, that they are a malevolent movement – hellbent on destroying the ones they have claimed to liberate.

      It took a “special” creation, by our loving Creator, to fashion the woman for the glory of man. A dude with breast implants and a gift card to Victoria’s Secrets may have become less masculine and more effeminate, but he certainly has not taken even the tiniest step toward womanhood. Only sick minds, tortured souls and mad scientist would argue this point.

      • I don’t recall declaring war on myself or other women, nor is there any reason that feminism should not support the trans community.

      • CJ Ball-peen, I can’t find your last reply to me, when I find it I’ll finish destroying your pitiful arguments once again. That is the one I want to respond to, the Nazi Doctor one. I’ll have to settle for here ftm. 😉

        Dude, I have estrogen in my veins. I was born a girl from the beginning. If the world didn’t have gender stereo types, I wouldn’t have even known I was supposedly born a ‘boy.’ Trans people are born with the actual brains of the opposite sex, I am, and always was, a women. Regardless of anything you spout out, biology is biology. Science always trumps religious fundamentalism in the end, silly boy, but I suppose you still believe the world is flat. The great word of God once believed all sorts of silly pseudo-science 3,000 years ago. But as we have established in previous replies, science, education, or literacy are just not your thing.

        Your argument that we trans-women (there are trans-boys too you know,) are simply masquerading as women is just plain false. You yourself, as I have repetitively shamed and slammed and completely intellectually destroyed every single one of your drivel arguments, have very well seen I ain’t no man boy. Do I sound like a god-damn man, child? If you had ever actually met a trans-girl you would have no doubt they were only ever masquerading as men. I used to be a very masculine person, grew up conservative, but that person I was faking. Remember Christian, my supposed real name, you are too shammed to actually call me. But I’m Christian the boy right? I have been a girly girl straight down to the even smallest atom of my being since the moment I arrived in this world. I always have been, I tired covering, lowering my voice, controlling the natural feminine mannerisms and hand gestures. I always pretended not to like girlly things, and I had a wife for over a decade, and I have an 8 year old boy, who is the most well-adjusted, wonderful kid in the entire universe (which is actually much larger than your simplistic worldview,) who has no problem at all his father is a tranny.

        Living as a man was killing me, the testosterone at war with my brain. I was living a lie, and the anxiety eventually tore down the walls, and honey, it crashed down like the Berlin Wall. It would be impossible for me to go back, even if you somehow did succeed in taking away trans-peoples natural right to exist.

        Tell me; by showing your ignorant self, reality and facts, I am part of an agenda? I am not part of a political movement in the slightest. Tell me please, how I am destroying the very fabric of society? I am only “hell-bent” on living my own life peacefully, the way I was actually born. The only impact that has on society is the threat it poses to your precious Bible. Because like the discovery of alien life (or all the current science that already does,) my presence as a real human being, frightens you, and represents the death knell of the fundamentalist side of Christianity you cling so tightly to. You are simply terrified of what I represent, and nothing else, CJ Ball-peen. That is the only politics in my deck. I just want to be free and happy, and raise my family free of harassment from ignorant, selfish, haters such as you.

        “…pray and protect our youth from THE AGENDA….” – YES!
        “To mutilate yourself is an act of rebellion against nature” – SLAM DUNK!

        I already obliterated this argument in our previous thread, and you know it. That is no slam dunk; remember when I lectured you on picking and choosing which science you choose to believe. Neither of you have any right to speak of nature, when you know nothing of even rudimentary science and biology. You are quite frankly, an idiot.

        “These surgeries never change who the person is on the inside” – SPOT ON!

        Finally true!!! It doesn’t change who we are on the inside, we were already women on the inside. I never had a real boy inside me even the tiniest bit. I even failed at faking it eventually.

        “Being a woman is more complex than breasts, make up and dresses.” – TOUCHDOWN!

        Again true! And you are also an idiot. Now your argument is I am faking being a women…. again, you know I’m not, I’ve gone hormonal bitch on your ass all over this blog on this subject, bitch slapping you back to the stone age, you have learned by meeting a real trans-girl first hand that we were never men even a little, aside from physically, in the first place. TOUCHDOWN!!! sweetie-pie 😉

        “…the transgender community has taken lightly the complexity and uniqueness that is gender AND sex.” – RIGHT ON!
        “We are in an age of plastic and temporary fixes.” – DIRECT HIT!

        Damn boy, your battleship is all full a’ holes. That transgender community embodies the “uniqueness that is gender AND sex.” I have been a “boy,” and now I live as a girl, every day. I am not hurting a damn fly. I am just a girl like any other, you couldn’t turn me back into a boy, I’ll say again, even if you magically gave me my old body back. I would sooner die, and then go back. So if that makes me such a sinner in your eyes, then so be-it. What I am best at in this world is being a Mother and raising my son. Boys are not like me, in the slightest.

        As I have already told you, and you responded to, but didn’t address, since you never reply to my arguments when you lose, and just run off on some ridiculous tandem, but I have never had any surgeries. My entire female body I have simply got by taken my doctor prescribed hormones, estrogen. The exact same estrogen they give women for menopause and low estrogen conditions. The exact same one.

        I am more a real girl then you are a man, ball-peen. I don’t indiscriminately hate just for my sexist, misogynistic, racist ideology. I ain’t hurtin’ anyone. No one. Don’t call me the asshole here, I’m not trying to take away your right to exist, for the thousandth time. Damn you sure like to argue and lose, but you never learn a damn thing. Open your mind dumbass, you sound like a moron constantly raging with hate for your god of supposed love.


        –chrissy valentine-

      • Christian:

        I’m sorry dude, but your pitiful behavior, skulking demeanor and offensive prose – has left me with no motivation to continue. No wonder the shrinks gave up trying to rehabilitate and treat your kind.

        I mean, trying to reason with a man who does not believe in God, yet believes a female spirit lives inside his body, should have been enough for me to conclude that meaningful conversation and rational dialog would be impossible to achieve. Finding out that he wears a little black dress, lipstick and high-heels, should have ended it there.

        Having said that, you and I are both sinners who have been saved by God’s grace…but only if we live by faith and obey God’s commands. There are no free lunches…not even in Heaven. So, even if you consider yourself to be a “nice” guy and a “good” man – you can never be nice enough or good enough to make it there. We are still sinners and He is a holy God…so no dice. His Son is our only hope.

        Anyway, I wish you the best and pray that you find the Lord Jesus, as He is, not how you wish Him to be. Look to the Word of God, Christian, for in It you will find salvation.

        Best wishes to you and yours – C.J. Sledgehammer

    • First, there is no such agenda only a community (of transgender and gay people) who try to get equal rights, because there are people like you who feel that the people in that community are lesser human beings than cis-gender people (like you).

      You say: “men have a mind that a woman cannot simply achieve by taking pills and dressing as one.”
      It is known that the human brain is not just defined by the gender of a person, there are men with a more feminine brains and the other way around. But is it necessary to have the exact same mind as a “man” (all men/women are different) to feel or be a man? No. Also the “pills” or hormones are not mend to change your brain/mind, it changes hair grow, the voice,… but not the brain.

      Of course being a women is more than just the outside but you don’t understand how difficult it is to live in the wrong body. Women with breast cancer who have to let their breasts get removed almost always get breast implants. Only because they would feel less woman without breast. So trans people undergo surgeries to make their outside match their inside. So, the trans community does not take the “complexity and uniqueness that is gender AND sex” lightly.

      And last, surgery can not and won’t change who the person is on the inside. Because it’s not the inside that is the problem but the outside. Trans people have no problem with their inside, it is just that the outside does not match the inside.

      • After listening to your senseless diatribe, PT, all I can say is that ignorance makes the impossible…possible. So, do as thou wilt and receive your comeuppance, but don’t waste another moment on the moral or the knowledgeable.

      • CJ
        “knowledgeable”… Don’t let me laugh! I’m 17 and I know and understand far more than you do. You believe in a story that is just max 3000 years old and you call yourself “knowledgeable”, yeah right.

  8. Hilary…it’s been awhile.

    “I don’t recall declaring war on myself or other women….” – H.H.L.

    The overt act of declaring war upon unsuspecting parties or one’s worst enemy is completely unnecessary. Russia, for example, did not have to declare its malevolent intentions toward America during the “cold war”, in order for it to become the arch nemesis of the United States. In most cases…actions speak louder than words.

    “…nor is there any reason that feminism should not support the trans community.” – H.H.L.

    I respectfully disagree:

    1). The transgendered community disregards the unique nature of women by thinking that a woman can be made from superficial cuts, implants and cosmetic treatments. They believe, therefore, that a woman’s essence is only skin deep and are so arrogant as to believe that true femininity can be achieved at the point of a blade. I believe women of all ages should be mortified by these shameful implications and reject transgenderism at every level and at every turn.

    2). The transgendered community makes it very clear that it is both natural and beneficial to view one’s self with such contempt and self hatred…as to exchange one’s sex and natural identity for a mutilated body and impossible dream.

    Why are we not teaching our children to love thy neighbor, love thy God and to be comfortable in their own skin? The sickness of transgenderism is the small voice and faint whisper that tells them that they are unacceptable as they are. Only sick minds and perverse individuals would support a tortured soul by leading them under the knife or by adding fuel to a house that is threatened by fire.

    With friends like that…who needs enemies?

    • Funny you use the term “arch nemesis”. The word “nemesis” comes from the Greek goddess Nemesis who was the goddess of revenge. This is Greek mythology and therefore pagan in christian eyes. You preach about all those terribly pagan and ungodly things but use pagan words.That’s called hypocrisy. So keep your bullshit about how good of a christian you are, because you are just plain and easy STUPID. There, I said it, you are a hypocritical, hating, STUPID bastard.

      • Oh Lawd CJ….. you’ve just been read! (Bend and snap!) Take some time to catch your breath there fella.

        Thank you PT. Good to hear from you again.

      • My…how we grasp at straws and make mountains out of mole hills.

        It would seem the bar for victory has been set on the lowest rung, making PT a legitimate contender.

        Enjoy your victory celebration tonight…for tomorrow brings us closer to truth, justice and Judgment.

      • PT:

        Wow….someone needs a nap!

        Perhaps next time you grace us with your presence, you will have something useful, intelligent, interesting or educational to say.

        Angry banter gets old real quick, so please clean it up.

      • CJ
        you just can’t have it that I’m right, isn’t it? You keep on proving how little you know of the world and how bad you are in being wrong proven. There was nothing angry in my point just an educational fact and an opinion. So instead of acting like you are so smart just remember there are far more smarter people out here. Oh, and there is no such thing as God!!

      • i… grew my own breasts. I’ve had no surgeries. I have cute style.

        God has nothing to do with this.

        I has born the way I was born.

        Those who spout XY and the bible have their sources sorely confused. Science or God, pick one.

        Because you are a fool if you think a man simply WANTS to be a women, or vice versa. You fanatics are all right on this one point:

        You are born either a man or a women. Yes.

        However, ones body has nothing to do with it.

        Can you change the gender, body you were born?

        I was born this. I can’t change having the brain I do. But I can, did, change my body.

        No I am whole.

        Have you Jesus. I am whole.

        And happy. Jesus can’t give me that.

    • God is real and you will find out one day. He is a God of love and wrath, so he will forgive you but you have to turn to him and repent, you were born a boy PERIOD, I understand that you feel that its ok to change your sex but you were made a boy for a reason

  9. I do not disagree with the fact that Bruce Jenner / Caitlyn, should NOT be nominated for such heroic measures. Surely not. I get disgusted with why everyone thinks he is so great. He had lied and deceived his entire family and when he has ever been pointed as making a mistake he always diverts the attention away from the problem at hand and dismisses the other person as being trivial. When he himself is. However, saying that people and him are born a certain gender and it is God’s will. Because God doesn’t make mistakes. I agree he does not. What about children who are born with heart, lung and body deformaties? I believe God doesn’t make mistakes either. Maybe he wants us to learn some lessons in his choices. Acceptance, love and to not be judgemental. No disrespect ment towards anyone. Have a blessed day.

  10. Woman are XX, and a man is XY. A man wearing woman’s clothing and having cosmetic surgery is NOT a woman. God made Man, and God made a Woman as a companion for man…Genesis.

    • and yet I can show you a woman – born with a vagina woman – who is XY and recently gave birth to an XY daughter (which is why there’s a news story I can show you) and she’s not alone. Nor is that the only chromosome variant from the typical pattern you make reference to. Their are XX men, XXY and XYY people of both sexes and several others.

      The existence of these, and scores of other, intersex condition puts the lie to the absolutist “God made only man and woman, no exceptions” false doctrine so many Traditionalists believe.

      Moreover, if every other sexually dimorphic aspect of human biology can be sexually ambiguous (and this is a fact) then there is no reason whatsoever that the brain would be an exception.

      You do not honor God by knee-jerking to human traditions as if they were His Word – you honor him by THINKING about what you believe.

      • Xxy (klinefelters) and xyy are chromosomal disorders. So if you are suggesting transsexuals generally have chromosomal disorders, then yes I guess science IS on your side. What scientific attributes, not “feelings,” constitute being born with a different gender brain than what your body is? If you are going to use “50 years of science” as a basis, then it is imperative to understand the biological qualifications that scientifically qualify a brain as a different gender than a body.

      • You missed his point completely. He said a female was born just xy. People who don’t understand science always want to tote out rudimentary science they were taught in grade school and call themselves experts. Chromosomal biology is so much more vast than you are making it. XX and XY both have all the components for either sex. And remember X or Y are sets of chromosomes. All it would take is for some crossed switches to make them virtually, no literally interchangeable. There is a huge range of sexual and gender combinations that exist in nature and humans. That is the height of hypocrisy to say intersex people are real and biologically sound. But I’m not.

        I have always had a 100% real female brain, just like any cis women. And a male body. What is so strange about that? Trans people don’t just “feel” like women, they have female brains which eventually rebel against the testosterone until the person transitions. Transition is a hell you couldn’t imagine. Only those who actually are females could ever do it.

        You blind yourself on purpose because you wish to protect your theology. I represent a perceived threat to that, so you discriminate against me and call it justified. I knew I was a women since 4 years old. Tell me 4 year olds make those sorts of decision because of a feeling.

        You can’t claim being trans is scientifically impossible. Do you realize how ignorant that sounds after you just talked about intersex people.

        Transgemderism is not considered a psychiatric disorder. Look it up. Psychologists treat trans people by giving them the hormones and changing their gender. That’s real science too. Otherwise you’d be talking about conversion therapy which has never produced results for gay or lesbian people either. It’s silly to say millions of otherwise normal fully functional people, totally fine people, just decide to live as the opposite sex completely for the rest of their lives because they’re sick. Yet end up living happier better lives.

        You can’t bend reality to fit that stupid bible. Get over it already. Let people live their lives in peace with respect.

      • DrNut said: “What scientific attributes, not “feelings,” constitute being born with a different gender brain than what your body is? ”

        That science has not yet identified the specific region(s) of the brain that are related to gender identity does not mitigate the reality that scientists have concluded that GI is innate. It’s hardly the only human characteristic in that category.

        Your response does not rebut my assertion. It is entirely logical that we can infer from the existence of known intersex conditions that any sexually dimorphic aspect of the body might be likewise affected.

      • Thank you! That’s exactly what I was trying to say! Wonderfully put my friend.

        He nailed it. My identity was present from the moment I was born. It defines every part of who I am. No amount of childhood beatings or speech therapy, or being forced into an eagle scout engineer and mechanic or wife, could change that in the end.

        And I started over, completely from scratch and my true self was a girly girl writer. Nothing could have stopped it in the end. No amount of fighting it could change that. Ever.

        And I’m happier now than I could have imagined before.

        Not a single one of you in this thread against transgender people have no right to tell me who I am, and worse, give misinformed justifications for down right bigotry.

        Here do some actual research:

    • point of order: proving the existence of God, if such were possible (for the purpose of this post I take no position either way) does not by definition prove the existence of the legalistic variation of God so many Traditionalist Neo-pharisees believe in. Even if one limits the discussion to the God of the Bible, there’s still considerable dispute about just what sort of “person” that God is.

  11. A lot of people on this thread should read the article. And if you are intelligent/accepting enough to grasp how incredibly relevant and important this discovery is then maybe, like some of the people in this article whose atheism or disbelief has been altered or “shaken”, you will open up your mind and realize, no matter how reluctant, that HE LIVES.

  12. It’s extremely sad and disheartening that you think you’re even entitled to an opinion on a matter you clearly know nothing about. Become educated before you start spewing your hateful satire.

  13. I can’t stand all this cross gender shit. This bull shit with Jenner bugs the hell out of me you can’t make it in a man’s world,so u go women and vise versa. I hear well I just don’t fit in, oh my god did u try. U,all don’t know what hell is to grow up in a shit life
    To each ur own but it just seems Strang to me sorry

    • Terry, I think if you met a real trans girl you would understand. There is no mistaking a trans girl fora man once you know them. Regardless of however their looks, they are clearly girls. I should know, I tried the boy thing as hard as I could. It’s useless to fight biology. You may not understand, but I was born a girl no matter my body. Nothing was able to change that in the end. I couldn’t fight what I truly am. It’s as simple as that.

      You may find it odd, but it’s a honest reality for me that is impossible to escape.

      • I don’t understand how you can call yourself a “girl” when you have male genitalia. You don’t have a uterus, vagina, go through menstruatetion and can’t bear children. Sorry dude, but you’re a man.

      • So because I can’t bear children, regardless of my brain, I can’t be a women. If you are such fool to believe a vagina makes a woman. Many many woman don’t have a uterus and can’t have children?

        I have gone through full female puberty. I lost 30lbs of muscle mass. I grew natural real breasts. I have soft smooth skin, and a woman’s luxurious hair. My junk shrunk up as small as a girls. I have a girls ass and body. I dress, act and live as a woman. I have estrogen in my viens and I didn’t have to chop my balls off to make them go away. You shrink your genatalia to nothing and tell me I’m not a woman. I went through second puberty at 35 years old. I PMS just like any women. I go through extreme hormonal ups and downs, and I deal with the emotional onslaught. Put estrogen in your viens, and then presume to judge me.

        Live as a girl. Go ahead everyday. Try.

        You are a fool. I take all the shit of being a woman and then some, but your right I don’t know, huh?. You put together a cute outfit and strut your ass everyday. In front on the entire world of assholes like you. But you can give me some shit like that, cause you’re a big man.

        I’m more woman than any who would touch ignorant bigiots like you.

      • Chrissy Valentine, first of all thank you for being brave and expressing and explaining yourself with experience as someone who is actually living what most refuse to believe is real. That alone is very courageous. Not many would subject themselves to the rejection and criticism that you have in order to bring LIFE to what others “hope” is only imaginary. Bravo.

        Why do they hope it’s imaginary? Because they either refuse to or are incapable of considering the many possible variables of life. It’s a simplistic thought process that provides them with a comfort zone. Is it right? No. Is it fair? No. But don’t worry about it and certainly don’t allow them to drive you to anger. Who cares? Those who truly have a mind to consider all possible things will be moved by your very personal story. Those are the only ones that matter anyway.

        So, deflect and ignore the negative, embrace the positive and accept the comments from those who really want to understand. But most of all, never stop being a “lady” who has struggled and wants to help others understand when they truly “want” to understand. Those are rare but real opportunities.

        Thank you for sharing.
        God speed.

      • Thank you so very much, you have no idea what sincerity and sweetness mean to me and my kind. I am flattered and honoured by your words. You are obviously a person of both mind and heart.

        And sometimes I need to be reminded I sound angry. Lol, I’m not at all. I have lived around and am related to fundamentalists. Arguing with them is sort of a hobby of mine. And I have too much fun taking that cjsledgehammer guy down a notch or two. But truly I don’t do it from anger, I do it for fun. And because I sorta enjoy challenging the status quo with my very exsistence. I do the same thing with political arguments with Facebook.

        But coming from a red-neck home, and loving to argue politics have caused me to hormonally rain b****ness down upon the internet a lot. I do just enjoy debate and politics. But I lost a lot of those who were my friends and life…

        But those who I’ve diva’d out on enough, racists, tea-partiers, etc, some of those have become my new best friends.

        Your phrasing of peoples comfort zone was simplisticly elegant. You are a poet and a gentleman.

        Very nice to make your acquaintance. *curtsey*

      • I too am a person who enjoys a good debate, however I am also one who is acutely aware of the dead-end conversations that arise from time to time and there are several dead spots hybernating in this blog right here.

        I applaud your attempts at providing a first hand testimony that others can only imagine or speculate, especially when it’s not a popular position or stance I know this is only a fraction of what you contend with on a daily basis, although, isn’t it convenient/easy for ppl to sit behind a computer and judge & criticize?
        There isn’t anyone I have encountered on this blog that can compare their struggles to yours. A phone or electric cut off notice is about as urgent as it gets. I’m happy that you’ve shared your personal experiences and I can only hope that you may have touched and opened the eyes of several and at the very least….a few.
        There is certainly a world out there they didn’t even know existed.

      • You haven’t a damn clue what biology is. Biology says I am a woman. That’s why doctors helped me. Doctors who actually understand more than 5th grade biology, such as yourself. XX XY means nothing. Actual biologists proved this long ago. You can’t make me be what I am not, just because you aren’t comfortable with it. Grow up.

      • If doctors have to help you to be either make or female then you were not made that way. Male and female he created them

      • Given by the same doctors to women. Should all genetic issues be ignored, because God made you that way? God made my mind female, if you insist on your silly god-view. I’m sure when God gives you cancer you will decline treatment, as it’s God’s will. I’m sure born xxy xyy yxx yyx intersex people will like to know God created them that way. That’s not binary honey. Actual people born they way they are, you have heard the term “hermaphrodite.” That’s a stupid term, but you must admit, god didn’t only make male and female. That’s just ignorant of reality and millions of medical references.

        God (or the universe) made me a woman, I had no choice to live as such.

    • I’m not going to pay Mr. Murdoch to read an article. That said,”Science proves the existence of God,” is just silly. No real scientist would ever say that. Because the entire point is that god is inherently scientificly unprovable. Science and religion are antithetic on this one point. Science can prove god unlikely. science can disprove the bible, or works of man. But the concept of god is ethereal, for this reason: we can never do a direct experiment on God, its impossible. Therefore, science can neither do what you say -prove- the existence of God, nor -disprove- it. Could you use science to prove your God is true but a Hindu god for instance is not?

      See religious nuts who quote “science” should check their sources.

      Research is what I do honey. And it’s Ms Valentine to you.

  14. it does seem to me, a non christian, that whenever I encounter people writing on line and calling themselves christian, what they are doing is writing about someones business that they have no stake in.. so, as a non christian, my assumption is that christian means gossip? hatemonger? both?

  15. I totally agree; Bruce Jenner us no hero n Are LOST souls who need Aceptance with them selves as they really n truly are And above all else need Jesus n the Good News of redemption n salvation in their lives. AMEN.

    • AYE-MEN my dear!! There are so many people that need themselves all of or even a little bit more of some Jesus. We all qualify.

      Course, if Jesus were here, He might be having a little round table meeting with a few saying “Let us not judge, etc. and so on and so forth”, right?

      So many things to consider….

      I believe He spoke loudly in his own actions, even while He was brutally dragged thru the streets, He never spoke against anyone or judged their actions although quite obviously disturbing and wrong. So the message here might be to do the same. Especially when the offense is not quite so egregious.

      LOVE!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

      Godspeed to you all.

  16. One good thing about Kaylin Jenner is that he she it has managed to make me so bored with transsexuality and I can’t help but think that he has done this to others and being bored with a subject is halfway to acceptance.

















    Thank you Caitlin for being boring you have never been more Kardashian

  17. I am well aware that the bible clearly states that being gay is a sin…I am also aware that there are many more verses in the bible stating that we are to love others, second only to God. So, while Bruce’s choices may not be biblical, neither are all of ours. There are no righteous people. Not even one. So while his ‘sin’ is out for everyone to see and many of ours are more private, the fact remains that we are all sinners and it is not our job to judge others for theirs. But, it IS our job to love.

    • Thank you for standing up for Caitlyn and our kind.

      But please don’t call that love.

      “Don’t hate the sinner hate the sin.”

      Calling someone’s entire being a sin, is still saying you hate them. There is no more Christian folly than that rhetorical bullshit. Calling anyone a sin, is hate. Nothing more.

      Please don’t pretend to take the moral high ground with “I love you, but you are still a disgusting piece of waste who needs to change or be forever damned.” Asking me to change or go to hell is nothing but the most insidious disguising of hate of them all. It’s a moral scape goat.

      I, once again, am not sin. I may sin, but being transgender is not even remotely sin. Looking down on others in a sin. Telling me I have to be just like you or burn in eternal fire is sin. But what I am is not sin.

      If I am this sin of which you all speak, than that is all the proof I need your God is just a figment of your own security.

      I am transcendent. I challange this God you love so much to look me in the eye and tell mey happiness and self is so reprehensible to a deity. A so called God. He is no God. He is just a story used Segregate humanity in the justification of one’s self.

      If any God wants to spit on me, use an entire population to spit on me. To use righteous heavenly justification to spit on me. I spit on this so called God and all Christianity.

      I didn’t do a damn thing to any of you. And I was not that one to judge me, tell me I can not be true to myself. Calling me sin is the sin here. You all are the sin here.

      I am the one full of love for humanity. You follow nothing but foolish hate. Love the person for whatever, whoever they are. Celebrate that.

      If your God can’t see that. He is no God.

      • chrissy; did you miss that Tara was actually putting herself on equal ground as Caitlyn ? So why are you criticizing her (Tara) for saying in essence;

        “Hey, Caitlyn is just as mess up as me and all of us; and just as equally valuable, and just as equally in need of being listened to, etc.”.

        You don’t have to agree with Tara’s view of what “messed up” means. But try to refrain from being critical (not loving) of those that do ‘not’ think of themselves more highly than they view others; but still give them the same footing as they give themselves.

      • Well, to be honest when this article came out and I initially pointed out the truth about trans-women I was not treated kindly in any way shape or form. I was viciously attacked again and again. So forgive me if I seem crass, but your statement is simply a copout.

        That’s just coded “hate the sin love the sinner” garbage. It’s dog-whistling the familiar attack that we are “mentally ill” rather than biologically based. She is trying to sound balanced like you say, but that is not what she’s actually saying. I get this form of attack all the time, and no matter how much I start out being nice, trying to educate people with the vast amount of research and real life experience I have on this issue (it is the life I live after all) no one listens. They just start the familiar attack lines. So I go on the defensive. That’s part of my daily life.

        But, mark my words, delegitimizing my humanity and existence is in no way “love.” Neither I nor Caitlyn are “messed up.” We are anything but, and experience enough harassment for simply living our truth, which we were not given a choice in. No matter what, it is not OK to simply decide we do this due to some mental condition. Especially since I can, and did, easily debunk this common fallacy. Evangelicals and the right must come to accept modern medical and scientific fact that we are what we say we are. We are not going away, we can not change, and we deserve to be respected as the true people we are and not told there is something wrong with us simply because one holds a religious or conservative view point.

        This is who I am and I will no longer let anyone try to take that from me. I am proud, happy and true. I and Caitlyn deserve that basic level of respect. I, my very being, are not up for debate.

      • No Chrissy you aren’t treated kindly, at least not at times. But that just depends on who you are hanging out with “virtually or in day to day life”.

        I’ll spare you my stories of relate-ability because as much as I would want to comfort others that are trans or bi, etc, they have often been under so much real attack that they (this may or may not include you) are simply not ready to receive any sort of comfort from anyone unless that person is either also openly the same as they are, or that person has “gone through the wringer” to show they are a tried and true supporter of what and who you are.

        I wish I could heal your wounds, I wish I can feel the longer than you and so many others in this world have (bi, trans, and straight). But I can’t. I have tried so often but it isn’t uncommon for me to extend a helping hand and draw back a nub.

        I’m older and wiser now. I help where I can, usually people that live closer to me, most often with those that can see my eyes, hear my voice, and know that I care based on who I am and not what they assume about me. I identify with Christ but not necessarily with the religion of Christianity. May I, prayerfully, live as He did; as much as possible.

      • No Chrissy you aren’t treated kindly, at least not at times. But that just depends on who you are hanging out with “virtually or in day to day life”.

        I’ll spare you my stories of relate-ability because as much as I would want to comfort others that are trans or bi, etc, they have often been under so much real attack that they (this may or may not include you) are simply not ready to receive any sort of comfort from anyone unless that person is either also openly the same as they are, or that person has “gone through the wringer” to show they are a tried and true supporter of what and who you are.

        I wish I can heal your wounds, I wish I can fill the longing that you and so many others in this world have (bi, trans, and straight). But I can’t. I have tried so often but it isn’t uncommon for me to extend a helping hand and draw back a nub.

        I’m older and wiser now. I help where I can, usually people that live closer to me, most often with those that can see my eyes, hear my voice, and know that I care based on who I am and not what they assume about me. I identify with Christ but not necessarily with the religion of Christianity. May I, prayerfully, live as He did; as much as possible.

      • Oh, I am quite proud strong and happy. I don’t need anyone’s comfort. But it is comforting to know real followers of Christ still exist. I may be an Atheist, but you I respect. You are what I once believed Christians were. I grew up in a great Christian church. With a wonderful pastor. He spoke of love and kindness.

        I married a person from an extremely fundamentalist church. All most as bad as the likes of Westboro Baptist (she was of course an escapee, not a member.) Since transitioning and the passage of Marriage equality the relentless attacks on my kind, on my trans-sisters has become so vicious and terrifying and despicable that I have taken it upon myself to fight for my sisters who are dying and hurting and suffering. I am out and proud. I am visibly trans, but I have been forged to be tough before this by the horrors I’ve seen in my life. I’ve seen death and pain and abuse. I have my armor I’ve developed. But it took me a long time, and a lot of that horror before I got here and found happiness. And now just as trans-people start to step out of the shadows and finally be free in society, be understood, the backlash happens. Donald Trump, the alt-right, the fundamentalist church’s all descend upon our hard earned rights with fire and brimstone.

        I have a battle hardened soul that I can use to fight for my sisters, when they can not themselves. This is why I do what I do. If I can change the world even one person at a time I will. That is the life of a trans-girl. We would die enslaved unless we took our freedoms.

        I wish their were more like you. I know Christ wouldn’t judge me. Yet those who claim his name do. Since Trump and the alt-right and fascisms return my armour has hardened once again. So I fight. Because that is how I survive, how I better my world.

        Thank you though. It gives me great happiness to still see love in this world. I am glad you walk his path.

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  19. The irony is that you make Caitlyn the hero with your judgements and bullying. Facing the kind of hate coming at her from Christians and intolerant people has killed many trans people. Just because you’re not holding the knife doesn’t mean you’re not to blame. You are all so intolerant that you forget that people are people and who are you to judge.

  20. Hide behind the bible. So many defend ignorance and hate with “God’s plan, God’s word”. It’s pathetic that so many like you are out there. Feeding the the worlds problems and judging people. Be proud.

    • God is real…Jesus came to this world to save us from our sin. His crucifixion was the ultimate sacrifice. And in 3 days he rose again, only God can do that. Jesus was the one who did not sin. We were born into sin. So naturally no one is perfect not one of us. I try not to judge but again I am not perfect. However people want to live a certain way that is up to them. That is why God gave us the freedom to choose, we need to choose to live for God or to the live the way the world does.
      Leviticus 18:22: you shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.

      1 corinthians 6:9: Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor Sodomites, will inherit the kingdom of God.

      Genesis 2:7: and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

      Now jump to Genesis 2: 21-22
      And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.
      And Adam said, ” This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.

      John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through Me.

      Living in sin is a worldly way of living but you come to know our heavenly Father who loves us and created us in his own image. He is love and he gave us a choice to choose him or to deny him. And we all have to live with our decision. He is the judge, no one should judge for we will all be judged by Him.

  21. May you never have a child who is transgender. Only then, it seems, might you see the value of compassion, empathy, and education.

  22. Not only is he not a hero in any sense of the word, he is such a face-time grabbing publicity hound he was willing to cut his dick off to get it.
    Absolutely disgusting in my opinion and his whole deal boils down to just that. The girls were getting all the press. He wanted some covers of his own. Simple as that.

  23. I’m an atheist and could not agree more. To me, BJ saying he is a woman on the inside and we are to accept this because he ‘just knows’ it’s true. I was raised Baptist and was told you just know god is in your heart without evidence. I respect everyone’s choice to express themselves and believe whatever they want but a male can never be made female. It is insanity. It’s not science. I think a lot of people think that trans people are like gay people but they aren’t. All of that aside, how is BJ a woman just for wearing traditionally female clothing? That Vanity Fair pic (that no actual woman of that age ever graced it’s cover) was a man in lingerie. Big Deal. Why can’t men just accept men who enjoy makeup and heels, lipstick and big hair? Why is that what comprises his womanhood? It’s stereotypical and it’s stupid. But then again, I’m a woman who doesn’t wear dresses or makeup so what does that make me? My brain is the size of a baby’s – am I therefore an infant? I am sick of pushy men with dress fetishes demanding access to women’s spaces.

    • Well if you read above comments, you’ll see me.

      I am a trans-woman. I am no simple man in a dress. I am a woman, to my core as much as you.

      I am not imposing on you or your space. You are forcing me into the male space that I am not. Even remotely. Trans-women are women. Period. Just like you.

      What I am not, in anyway, is a man. Or a simple cross-dressing male. I have the same brain you do. What’s between my legs doesn’t define the creature I can’t help but be. “Men” don’t turn what’s between their legs, nonfunctional and tiny (not surgery, that’s just estrogen) on purpose. Or grow natural breasts. Or only wear woman’s clothes. Or speak, act, and be a woman everyday of their lives for the rest of our lives for some clothing fetish.

      We simply truly are women. Have female minds. Which we can not change and is who we are.

      BTW, her name is Caitlyn Jenner and as a sister, you can have the decency to call her that.

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