The Gospel for Bruce Jenner

A few days ago I wrote a post about Bruce Jenner. My main point was that I don’t think this man is a hero. It has received over 2.5 million views and I have received some 4,000+ comments, many of them accusing me of being a hateful, judgmental, idiot. I am only human and I think we are all judgmental at times, but I really don’t think anything I said was hateful. I’m not sure when disagreeing with someone became the same as hating them, but there you have it. Nonetheless, it has compelled me to write a follow up post.

I have two goals when I write. First and foremost, I aim to exalt Jesus Christ, to show Him as the supreme treasure that He is, and secondly, to shed the light of the truth of His Gospel on issues here on earth. I have been accused of not showing God’s love to Bruce so that is what I want to do now in the best way I know how. I want to share the Gospel of Christ for Bruce Jenner, the Gospel for all of us. I will speak it all. I will not add or subtract. I will not be ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). So, Bruce, this is God’s message of hope and love to you.

Bruce, you are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). You are God’s idea. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, woven together in your mother’s womb by the very hands of God (Psalm 139:14-15) You have intrinsic value and worth not based on your self, but on your Creator.

But Bruce, you have a problem. You and I both have a problem. Because we have sinned, because we have broken God’s law and marred his image, we stand guilty before a holy God. None of us is righteous (Romans 3:10). We all have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). This sin has infected our souls, our bodies, even the very ground we walk on. It has so skewed our perception of reality that we cannot see the truth of God (Romans 1:21-23) nor can we see who we were meant to be. That is why we struggle to find our identity.That is why we look for it in all the wrong places, in money, in sex, in materialism, in fame, and even in altering your body to become a woman. We think these things will liberate us, but the truth is, they only keep us in bondage.

Not only that, but because God is holy and just, His wrath is aimed at us (Romans 1:18). Because of our sin, we are by nature objects of this wrath (Ephesians 2:3). Bruce, some people will try to tell you differently. Some will say that God is love and therefore, He just wants you to be happy and do what pleases you. Well, God is love, but if we don’t first see His righteous wrath, we will never understand or receive His amazing grace. The Gospel is meaningless and powerless to save without this truth. If we didn’t have a sin problem Christ would not have needed to die. But He did die. Why? Because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Yet, God has shown His love for you, Bruce, by dying in your place while you were still in sin, while you were still rebelling against Him (Romans 5:8) in order that He might give you eternal life (Romans 3:21, Romans 6:23, John 3:16) and set you free from the bondage of sin (Romans 6:18). You see, His love does not affirm us in our sin but liberates us from it.

Bruce, Jesus died as a sacrifice for your sins. He rose from the dead in victory over them.  He stands now, arms open, calling you to Himself so that He might freely pour out His grace and love upon you. All you need do is go to Him, but one thing you must know. You cannot get near the mercy of God without also getting near His holiness. You cannot come to the cross on your own terms. You cannot have him as Savior without also yielding to Him as Lord. Christ died to put your sin to death so you must put it to death too (Romans 6:5-14).

No, I don’t think you are a hero, but Jesus is. Bruce, are you weary? He will give you rest. Are you confused? He will give you truth. Are you struggling to find hope and meaning? Jesus will give it to you. He will give you life. He will tell you who you were made to be.  You were made to be His. Listen to Him. Answer His call.

Weary, burdened wanderer, there is rest for thee at the feet of Jesus in His love, so free. Listen to His message, words of life, forever blest. Oh, thou heavy-laden, come to me, come and rest

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, yeah yeah, He will take

Bring Him all thy burdens, all thy guilt and sin. Mercy’s door is open, rise up and enter in

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, oh, He will take

Jesus, there is waiting patiently for thee. Hear Him gently calling, come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me

Won’t you come? Won’t you come? There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take

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  1. Emily, when I read your original post about Jenner not being a hero, I saw an articulate Christian woman with an understanding of Scripture and theology that I can only hope to one day have. You’re standing up for your values and some are throwing rocks at you. I think your grasp of Scripture is sufficient that you probably anticipated that. The way you so patiently try to correct others misunderstanding tells me you are indeed a sister in Christ. Your blog is an inspiration to me — I started my WordPress account just last week and seeing your post gave me encouragement to press on in this.

  2. I appreciate your gospel view on Bruce Jenner, but In my own mind I wonder how he has sinned. If you view the various ypes of children born, sometimes their chemistry is different than “normal”. As a professional social worker, I have recently comforted a mom who had a baby with female genitalia but male hormones. She is devastated that her child is neither male nor female, but I reassured her that her child is a child of God, to be loved and nurtured. She was worried about what people would think, a worry of many people. I would politely suggest that Bruce may have been born with female thoughts, thoughts which he has hidden for a lifetime. I believe it is our role as Christians to accept and love him with all of his issues, as I assume Jesus has. I know that the scriptures you quote would indicate otherwise and we probably won’t agree, but my personal view of Jesus has him understanding Bruce’s situation without condemning him. My mother always told me “God don’t make junk”

    • It is people like you, who view the Bible from a more tolerant viewpoint, that give me faith that religion does not need to be eliminated, as it does progress. Thank you!

      • The religion that my church (Lutheran) celebrates is joy, forgiveness, and love of everyone. We do celebrate the Bible, but view it in the light of what was happening in that time period. Many things said and done then would not be relevant now because we have progressed as a society. We no longer have slaves and women are no longer subserviant. Wasn’t Jesus’ main command to love Him and to also love others? I don’t think His idea of loving others allows us to discriminate.

  3. I only wish I hadn’t accidentally followed the clickbait that is your blog. Let me guess, you have a PhD in psychology with focus on gender identity, yes? Oh, no, it seems you’re just another garden variety Christian who thinks her faith in a 2,000 year old story gives her the right. Guess again.

  4. Ma’am, thank you for this. All the hateful comments in the World will not change the truth from what it is. You are entitled to your opinion and convictions as a Christian and nobody has the right to force anyone to accept their political views and correctness. I am happy there are still some people in this World who have their thoughts in the right place. Once again, thank you.

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  5. i love the way you have put this in perspective! These things you are saying are based on biblical facts. Not just a personal opinion. It’s so sad that a lot of this generation has the mindset of ” do whatever makes you happy no matter what extreme it takes “. A lot of this generation also believes that it’s ok to not have boundaries because Jesus is all about love. While that statement is true, there are very clear guidelines in the bible to live from, and that is not being taken into accountability by many. You can not just pick out the parts of the bible and disregard the rest that don’t apply to your mindset! I believe that everyone sins and if you are a Christian , you ask for forgiveness, learn from it and move forward. However what Bruce has chosen is not just a sin. It’s a way of life. To me there’s a difference between the two.
    I’m so TIRED of hearing that he is a hero! Makes me sick. I watched my mom struggle with cancer for 7 years until she died. She fought with such courage and strength. I watched my sister live with severe disabilities her entire life, she couldn’t walk or talk, she had seizures and a feeding tube. Drs said she would live for only a few years. But she fought so hard, she lived until she was 16 years old. They did NOT ask for these things… They had NO choice! A lot of people have dealt with sickness that they did not ask for! However Bruce did have a choice! Yet a lot of people put him in the same category with things as what I have above described for being courageous and brave??? That’s a disgrace!!! Bruce is by far out of reach of being put in the same category!!!
    I have 3 children. My 23 year old was not raised to believe in things such as Bruce has done. But he is married to a woman that is ” obsessed ” and believes in everything that is socially acceptable and does not believe what the bible says about things pertains to these matters such as this at all! She jumps on EVERY bandwagon she can on matters such as this! And My son has chosen to stand by her with all that she believes and is mad at me for explaining my views from a biblical point. He is being a follower instead of a leader. This truly saddens me and I’m full of disappointment! It’s driven a huge wedge between us to the point to where I don’t know If it can be repaired. My son told me that if I can’t accept her beliefs, him and I have no relationship. As much as I love my son and my 2 grandsons, I CAN NOT give in and support such things! I also have a 12 and 8 year old. I have openly discussed this with them and pray they will stand up for gods words instead of being a social follower.
    I worry about our children being exposed to what this world has come to!
    Thank you so much for writing this article, you did a great job with it! I only wish it would enlighten people.. But unfortunately, this is a uphill battle that will fall on deaf ears to so many. And that’s so sad to me. However, for the ones that do believe in the bible… Your articles are admired and such a blessing to read. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH!

    • I have also been bashed for standing up for the same things you are. It’s hurtful but honestly,,, the TRUTH offends people that believe otherwise. I think that is their problem,,, not ours. We can’t let that knock us down. We have to stand strong!

      • Amy, there are many things in the Bible that are listed as “abominations” that Christians don’t follow. Here are a few:

        1) Lobsters, shrimp, clams, octopus, and squids
        Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you. Leviticus 11:12
        2) Four-legged fowls
        All fowls that creep, going upon all four, shall be an abomination unto you. Leviticus 11:20
        3) Four-footed flying, creeping things
        But all other flying creeping things, which have four feet, shall be an abomination unto you. Leviticus 11:23
        4) Whatever crawls on its belly, goes on all four, or has lots of legs
        Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all four, or whatsoever hath more feet among all creeping things that creep upon the earth … are an abomination. Leviticus 11:42
        5) The work of a craftsman
        Cursed be the man that maketh any graven or molten image, an abomination unto the LORD, the work of the hands of the craftsman…. Deuteronomy 27:15
        6) Whatever people value the most (Like kindness, wisdom, truth, courage, honesty, love, compassion, beauty?)
        That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. Luke 16:15

        As for JESUS speaking on homosexuality, please point me to a verse. Just one… One verse where JESUS, not Paul, not Peter, not Leviticus… Jesus… Please point me to one verse where Jesus, specifically, comments on homosexuality. Your ignorant comments shows you don’t know the Bible at all, because you are absolutely wrong. You advise others to “educate” themselves, when you don’t even know what you’re talking about!

      • Amy, in a later comment you state that Jesus commented in homosexuality. Please cite those verses in which he does. You may find this task difficult, but, although Paul does, Jesus does not.

    • Jesus doesn’t comment on homosexuality but he does strongly recommend you not come between a man and his wife. I think your son protecting his wife is lovely and beautiful. Too bad he might have to sacrifice your approval in the process. Ah, but that’s the way of the Cross.

        Second of all,,, I NEVER implied I was trying to come between my sons marriage. However I DO NOT have to agree with his wife’s choices on going against the bible NOR. Do I have to agree with my son for not standing up for HIS beliefs!
        I don’t have to justify myself to you! And from the sound of it , you wouldn’t know the “way of the cross” if it knocked you to your knees! No need to reply. I refuse to get into negative conversations such as this! Go rant somewhere else!

    • “You can not just pick out the parts of the bible and disregard the rest that don’t apply to your mindset!”

      Why not? Seems like a lot of fundamentalist Christians do that very thing. They are quick to point out that the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination but what about the part that says you should eat nothing from the sea unless it has scales – no crab, no oysters, no shrimp etc.? And what about the part that says you shouldn’t wear clothes made of different materials? Aren’t you disregarding them? The Bible is full of silly rules like that. Have you actually read it? What about “Judge not, lest ye be judged?” Aren’t you judging Bruce/Caitlyn as well as your daughter in law? And what makes you so sure it is a choice? Scientific research suggests otherwise. Check.

      • ann
        Everyone sins and everyone judges. It’s human nature. Isn’t that what your doing too?????? However a sin can be forgiven ,yet an abomination is SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED towards PARTICULAR SITUATIONS, according to the bible.
        I DO NOT need to “check” scientific info on Bruce Jenner! It’s a waste of my time! Because I know what the bible says about it and THAT IS WHERE MY FAITH LIES! That’s ALL I need to know! So if you know so much about the bible,,, take your own advice and CHECK your own self and educate yourself on the difference between a sin and a abomination!!

      • People love to pick out things from Leviticus to throw back at the Bible believing Christian but what they fail to realize is that the levitical law was for the priests and/or the nation of Israel. Not for all. Jesus permitted the eating of all things once the new covenant was in place. also a lot of the rules were to protect them from unknown diseases before proper sanitary conditions were established. Try a piece of undercooked lobster. Also slavery was used when someone was in financial debt and could not pay it off. And the master provided food for family. Forced slavery was forbidden. I’ll let you find that one if you want to seek full understanding .

    • “These things you are saying are based on biblical facts.” There are no such things as “Biblical fact.”

      “Not just a personal opinion.”

      Once the language has been interpreted into your respective language it’s ALL personal opinion. Christianity is littered with different interpretations of the Bible. Why do you think there are so many denominations? Hint: It’s because everyone gets whatever they want out of the Bible as they interpret it in such a way that it matches up with their own life. It’s not God speaking, it’s YOU speaking telling you exactly what you want to hear in a way that benefits you. You don’t like gay people? Abra-Cadabra! There’s a scripture verse that supposedly says being gay is bad! You want to be rich? Wow! There’s a scripture that backs that up too! Want to beat your wife and kids? Yep! There’s a verse there that says you can! Want to justify speaking in tongues? People have found verses that say you can, and others have found verses that say we shouldn’t. It’s all open to interpretation, and if it were TRULY God’s word, there would be only one interpretation, ONE denomination. You believe yours is absolutely right, and others believe just as strongly that yours is wrong. “Not just personal opinion?” It’s ALL just your personal opinion!

      • You are correct that many people go in with bias towards what they want to believe. That is the sinful nature in us that keeps us from being unified. However, that does not take away from the historical data that Christ was crucified and rose three days later. Now it’s up to you to allow God to teach you as you read his word. Ask him to remove your biases. Matt 7:7

      • “Historical Data?” Which? The two or three vague extra-biblical references that could or couldn’t be about Jesus? Those ones? Or are you talking about the Bible itself? You realize that Bible can be used as evidence for Jesus’s existence as much as the Harry Potter series can be used as evidence for the existence of a real Harry Potter right?

  6. It seems that there is quite a persecution complex going on in this comments section. While people can be hateful with their response to your bigotry and short-sightedness, please don’t let their lack of tact give you an excuse to ignore their message.

    That message is this: you are entitled to you words, but you will also be held accountable for the arrogance and vitriol that you spew. You are using your faith as an excuse for your prejudice. It’s not your fault you are disgusted by Caitlyn Jenner, rather God requires you to be disgusted.

    People keep defending you saying that “truth” is not popular and that it makes others angry. However what you are saying about Caitlyn and the transgendered community is not truth but rather the very definition of opinion. In fact, your opinion on the matter flies in the face of what truth we do know about people who struggle with gender identity.

    It may be time for you to accept the fact that this world is a little more nuanced and subtle than your black and white views will accommodate.

    • “You are using your faith as an excuse for your prejudice.”

      Bingo. And this, in a nutshell, is perhaps the biggest problem that the non-religious have with the religious: Using a Holy Writ as a “license” to act in ways that, without the Holy Writ, would be much more difficult to do, because one would actually have to back their position with things like logic and reason. But as it stands, people can prop up things like bigotry and hate, and in extreme cases, they can run around beheading people, and when questioned, they just claim that it’s sanctioned by “Yahweh”, “Allah”, or “Jehovah” or some other invisible being.

      • As a Christian who’s faith is built on the evidence first, and faith second, I would go toe to toe with you any day of the week. I think I will start with pointing out that the “logic” and “reason” of a certain former chief of Psychology at Johns Hopkins might be of interest to you, as might some of the findings of the karolinska institute in Sweden. I think we might also want to talk about the destructive tendencies of the homosexual lifestyle… but, the thing is, those kinds of logic and reason are irrelevant to you, it makes you feel better claiming to be a person of science and understanding so you can call those of us with faith ignorant bigots, you have fun with that.

      • Amy you just proved in that sentence that you are a chauvinist. Just because you choose to live in the context of black and white, doesn’t mean that gray areas don’t exist.You can ignore fact all you want, that doesn’t make you any more right. The comments above are not useless, they are calling you out on your inability to look beyond your narrow-mindedness.

        Please remember the consequences these black and white views have had for humanity in the past, continue to have in the present, and will continue to have in the future. Those who wish to not critically analyze a book written over 2000 years ago, and justify it’s words as “truth”, should be held responsible for the very real effects that their viewpoints have had on society. For example, no where in the Bible is slavery condemned, in fact the slave-master relationship is mentioned throughout the parables, as well in the larger context. (I am not going to sit here and find you verses, as I believe you understand how to use google and also how to pick up and read a history book.)

        Or perhaps you believe the slavery issue isn’t black and white…but how can that be for you,as you just said you are fine with black and and white framework? Maybe you are just like most cherry-picking religious people and black and white is only useful when you want it to be?

        We all draw lines on morality…just remember the lines you have drawn are not because you know the truth better than others. Rather you it is because you choose to look at things at the Bible and live a life in a way that justifies your presuppositions.


    • “As a Christian who’s faith is built on the evidence first, and faith second, I would go toe to toe with you any day of the week.”

      If your faith is built on “evidence first”, that’s commendable. However, I’d be curious as to which evidence that is, exactly, excluding, of course, Holy Writs, personal experience, and fervent belief that you’re right, which can make *any* religion “true” to the believer.

      “I think I will start with pointing out that the ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ of a certain former chief of Psychology at Johns Hopkins might be of interest to you, as might some of the findings of the karolinska institute in Sweden.”

      Sure, I suppose I can take the time to investigate former person X affiliated with John Hopkins. Or, it might facilitate the discussion if you just cut to the chase and just tell me what researching this person should prove to me, and we’ll go from there.

      “I think we might also want to talk about the destructive tendencies of the homosexual lifestyle… but, the thing is, those kinds of logic and reason are irrelevant to you”

      We can talk about, sure. However, the relevancy of it is going to depend on your sources. Surely you’d agree that it’s not reasonable for me or anyone else to take you at your word when you make blanketed statements demonizing an entire group of people.

      it makes you feel better claiming to be a person of science and understanding so you can call those of us with faith ignorant bigots, you have fun with that.”

      Actually, no. What would make me feel better is if you’d agree with me that there is no “your logic”, “my logic”, “their logic”, etc., there is only logic. And BTW, I never called anyone “ignorant”(assuming you’re previous response was to me)

      • I think if you are going to attack the wonderful woman who took the risk of exercising her American right to free speech you can do your own research if you want to go there. I know what im talking about, you have done nothing but spout ignorance foisted on you by whatever liberal outlet is your preference. I have had these discussions with folks like you, the only “sources” you people will accept are ones that already agree with you, no matter the voracity of the opposing view. Furthermore, I am sure you are going to claim that along with her right of free speech you have your own.. that is true, however, what you have done here is not to simply express an opposing view, but attempt to shame her into retracting hers, or at the very least, scare her away from ever expressing her “hate” as you would call it again, and as such, I cannot and will not argue or tolerate your point of view, you are unamerican. Oh, and as a bonus piece of trivia, why don’t you tell me one place in which this woman expressed hatred of any alternative lifestyles? Please, oh please tell me that you define hate as her simply disagreeing and prove for all of us that already know that, once again, what the liberal is really all about, please, I beg of you.

    • We all have the right to stand up for what we believe to be true. You have to understand that (in most cases) it’s out of love and concern because we believe that a lot of the world is lost and is in need of a savior. Jesus died for all of us. We are not any better – sin messed everything up and the only fix is Jesus. If you believed the bridge was out over the hill of a major highway wouldn’t you try to warn people of the danger? That’s all we are trying to do as Christians.
      John 3:16
      For God So Loved the World
      “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
      Romans 3:23
      for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
      John 14:6
      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      • All we can do is warn people out of love and obedience to God who doesn’t desire for anyone to die in their sins but have true through a relationship with Him (2 Peter 3:9). They can view it as hate but only God can change their hearts. 2 Corinthians 4:4.

      • Correction: God is not willing that anyone perishes, but that they would come to a knowledge of Him and have a true relationship with Him through Christ.

  7. Never read something so backawards and bigoted in my entire life. What I don’t understand with people like you is how you are blind to your hypocrisy? God and Jesus Christ said to LOVE everyone. Did they even condemn anyone for being in the LGBT community? No. They didn’t.

    Jesus NEVER ONCE talked or spoke about it. A PERSON wrote their beliefs and these beliefs were passed down. How are we supposed to reference a belief written TWO THOUSAND YEARS ago?

    You are on the wrong side of history, girl. We as a community are going to keep progressing. We are going to keep winning. We don’t hate Christians. We HATE INTOLERANCE. If you’re a true Christian, you would never have spoken about Caitlyn. Let her live her life. She’s living it authentically.

    Congrats on being on the wrong side of history, bigot.

    You should feel damn proud for being so intolerant!

    • You sir have confused tolerating a human being with tolerating their sin… personally I could care less what a person does in the privacy of their own home. But I will not sit back as you take little children, as young in some cases as grade school, and pump them up with artificial hormones because they happened to let it slip that they wanted to play dress up as a girl today… The very science itself is against you, something like 80% of the children that supposedly report transgendered feelings spontaneously loose those feelings. I will not stand by as you use the gospel of tolerance to teach homosexuality to kids barely old enough to understand what sex is. This is a pathetic perverted attempt to brainwash these youth… if that was not the case, why cant it wait until they are old enough to make their own decisions without the tampering of the left? This is not simply about our rights in the bible… and the bible makes it clear that god will not be mocked, and he will judge fairly, and firmly. It is also about our rights to determine what the next generation of American will represent, and if you want to teach this garbage in schools, I have every right to judge.

    • Mankind has always had this attitude . Progression! … As in the days of Noah? As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah? When man ignores the unchanging laws of God destruction will follow. Look at the world today. Is it progressing? No it’s in chaos and destruction will come again. Read below.
      Jesus referenced the Old Testament numerous times verifying the whole scripture, search the phrase “it is written”
      Matthew 24:37-42
      For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left. Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.

    • Yep! Is there anyway I’m misinterpreting this scripture right in front of our faces: “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are ALL one in Christ Jesus.” GAL 3:28. We are all the same under Jesus! We all share the same blood under Christ. I never said the blogger’s post were against the Bible but my first approach is always love THAN judgement. Like, Jesus. Read the scripture on the Woman Caught in Adultery. Jesus showed her love and mercy and THAN judgement. That is why I have had problems with her opinion. If people think I’m attacking her, they are wrong. I’m simply challenging her perspective of the Gospel. The end! (And yes, let’s be honest… several more people deserved that reward than BJ did but her original post on the matter sounded also anti-gay so that’s why I’m commenting)

    • Calling people names and accusing people out of hate does not show love either whether or not Jesus is relevant in your life. Right and wrong never change despite the progression of years. Read this article and maybe you’ll have an iota of understanding instead of being intolerant yourself for others who express their opinions/words in a respectful manner.

  8. Thanks be to God for people like you, who stand up to The Truth , in the midst of such an opposition and hostile world to The Truth. God bless you and your generation. God blesses the descendants of the righteous upto a thousand generation,,,,

  9. I’m not confused at all. I’m perfectly happy with my personal relationship with God. I also do not use the Bible or the name of God to judge the actions of another based on how they live their life. I’m pretty sure God can take care of that for him/herself.

    The question is, why does someone else’s way of life threaten you? Why does Caitlyn threaten you? It, in fact, has no pertinence to you at all. And the fact that it is an issue to some people has shifted their focus on God’s love for everything and everyone to hate and ignorance.

    I also do not use the Bible or God to judge the moral character of someone, especially the two-thirds of the world who do not follow Christianity.

    I also think being sanctimonious towards others who do not believe or espouse in what you think is just evidence of deep-rooted insecurities and doubts…but what would i know, I’m not God and you’re not God either… just so you know.

    • First of all.. I would not be surprised if you were my daughter in law posing as someone else because you sound just like her!!! If your just some random person… Why do you care about my daughter in laws happiness? That’s very odd that out of all things, you bring that up!
      Regardless of who you are, I think your posts are just as ignorant as hers!!! You want to know where ” deep rooted insecurities ” come from??? From people like yourself!!! Who don’t have a clue who you are as a individual, yet think you know everything!! And latch on to all of the gay/ transgender bullcrap because your NOT happy with yourself! Your looking for another identity because YOU ARE LOST SOMEWHERE IN LEFT FIELD AND DO NOT HAVE SINCE ENOUGH TO SEE IT! Happiness comes from the INSIDE, NOT THE OUTSIDE! Want to know why the suicide rate is so high with LGTB??? Because they were not happy in the first place, so they start looking for other crazy things to make them happy, even if it means cutting off your penis and calling it a vagina or vice versa. After they do all that, they are STILL NOT HAPPY IN THE LONG RUN BECAUSE THE OUTSIDE DOES NOT CHANGE WHO THEY ARE IN THE INSIDE!! THATS WHY THE SUICIDE RATE IS SO HIGH!

      And by the way, I have EVERY right as a mother to worry about my son (who was raised as a Christian ) being with someone who believes that transgender is so courageous and brave, and I have every right to believe his wife is steering him away from his original believes!!! So DO NOT SPEAK TO ME ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS ON HOW I SHOULD FEEL ABOUT THINGS CONCERNING MY FAMILY!!!

      Lastly, to answer your question about why Jenner threaten me??? He does not have the power to threaten anyone! HOWEVER, most of us parents DO NOT WANT OUR KIDS BEING EXPOSED TO THIS CRAP! AND THAT IS OUR RIGHT!!!! They should not have to grow up in a world where there are no morals or guidelines!!!! People like you want to shove it in everyone’s face and tell them they are supposed to be ok with it! And put down Christians and want to nit pick and debate EVERYTHING!!!

      AND BY THE WAY… I never said I was God!!!!! So stop with your mellow dramatics! I am a sinner just like everyone else!! However, Christians repent for their sins! LGBT is not like… Oops! I messed up… It a LIFE STYLE THAT THE BIBLE SAYS IS AN ABOMINATION!
      I’m so tired of this minority group getting on here and bashing Christians when this article and forum IS geared towards Christian beliefs. GO TO BRUCE JENNERS FAN CLUB PAGE!
      I’m mad at myself right now for even wasting my time and words. I will not do it again. We will ALL HAVE TO KNEEL BEFORE GOD ONE DAY AND ANSWER TO HIM SO YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FACTS ARE CORRECT!

    • You just did the same thing – are you insecure? She does not have low self- esteem. She is speaking the truth out of duty for caring for the world. It’s not hate speech but out of love.
      Sin is the root cause of every addiction every broken family every Illness and every mix up in identity. Jesus died on the cross for every sin and will restore those who place their faith in him to what God intended.

  10. This could have been your very first post, honestly… your other one just seemed to to “sin-shame” Bruce.

    • The media is making a circus of telling us that we should applaud what Bruce has done, so I guess to you Vanessa anyone that disagrees is a bigot then? Has it ever occurred to you that there is really good scientific evidence that shows transgenderism to be a mental condition not some sort of alternative lifestyle to be lauded?

      • I think our first response to anything should be love, not legalism. I never said having a different opinion is being a bigot. But if you don’t show love than your whole mission is pointless. I never said he was a hero. If he has a mental condition, shouldn’t we support him like we would any depressed or mentally ill person? If he is just “confused” as you imply, than what’s your point?

  11. You said you want no part of it well no one invited you to this party so stay your ass home.just saying

    • i WILL ” stay my ass out of it” from this point forward. I first commented just because I think it’s a great article.! And I believe in it! Yet, there’s so many people on this forum that are bound and determined to argue over everything!!! I believe what the bible says REGARDLESS of which chapter of the bible it came from because they were Jesus”s deciples and that is what he taught them. So many of you believe that Christians are narrow minded. What about yourselves? Some of you are not even open to our point of views… Only your own. No, I am not God , never claimed to be! I’m a sinner like everyone else but I do repent for my sins and ask for forgiveness. At the end of the day and try to learn from them. I stand behind the bible, and I have no doubts. Whoever don’t believe in the bible better make sure they are right, because this lifetime is short compared to eternity.
      For the ones that are in this forum, I don’t understand why your here IF you don’t believe in it !! other than the fact that you just WANT to come to a place to ARGUE! If you didn’t want to argue, you would just be on a Bruce Jenner fan club site! So continue on among yourselves!!! PEACE OUT!!!

      • Don’t loose heart Amy. the problem in America today is that a very small minority of very vocal leftists do everything they can to silence those of us on the other side of the fence… while it is possible we may be greatly persecuted for this one day, right now I believe it is our turn to make as much noise as we can.. cause I bet as a group those of us on the right are far larger than the left… I believe it is our duty as Christians and free Americans to stand up for morality.

    • You speak very poorly for yourself, a typical social liberal with nothing to back yourself but your own view that everything (except Bible believing Christians) should be tolerated

      • “I think if you are going to attack the wonderful woman who took the risk of exercising her American right to free speech you can do your own research if you want to go there.”

        First of all, hot-shot, I don’t doubt that the blog owner is a wonder woman. But, wonderful, or not, I’m confident that she has a mind of her own, so if she felt “attacked” she can let me know herself. She’s an articulate writer, so I doubt she needs a pinch-hitter. Second of all, pointing out observable facts doesn’t necessarily constitute an “attack”. The blog owner categorically states that she disapproves of the subject’s behavior, and yes, it’s a fact that the basis of that disapproval is her Bible, and of course, using the Bible as her source for deeming other’s actions “unrighteous” is why the charge still stands, IMO. Nothing less; nothing more

        “I know what im talking about, you have done nothing but spout ignorance foisted on you by whatever liberal outlet is your preference.”

        Since you’re asking others to do the leg-work in their research, you should probably research ad hominem fallacy, because that’s pretty much the extent of your latest diatribe.

        “I have had these discussions with folks like you, the only “sources” you people will accept are ones that already agree with you, no matter the voracity of the opposing view.”

        No, actually, I’ll accept credible, peer-reviewed sources. For instance, if you can find a peer-reviewed source that says that the age of the universe is only a few thousand years old, I’ll accept it. If you can find a peer-reviewed source that says that mental illness is caused by “demons”, ditto. I won’t hold my breath, though.

        “I am sure you are going to claim that along with her right of free speech you have your own.. that is true, however, what you have done here is not to simply express an opposing view, but attempt to shame her into retracting hers, or at the very least, scare her away from ever expressing her “hate” as you would call it again, and as such, I cannot and will not argue or tolerate your point of view, you are unamerican.”

        I’ve not asked her or anyone else to “retract” anything, so maybe you can do us all a favor and actually stick to what’s actually being said. Attacking arguments that you appear to be pulling out of your hind-quarters isn’t helping you.

        “Oh, and as a bonus piece of trivia, why don’t you tell me one place in which this woman expressed hatred of any alternative lifestyles?”

        For starters, “trivia” alludes to things of little consequence. Using religion to justify things like “hate” has pretty huge consequences. If you’re going to attempt snark, it would behoove you to at least have a knowledge of what you speak. ‘Just a suggestion.

        “Please, oh please tell me that you define hate as her simply disagreeing and prove for all of us that already know that, once again, what the liberal is really all about, please, I beg of you.”

        As long as we’re begging, I beg of you to find where I directly addressed the blog owner as “hateful”. My remark about “hate” was in reference to instances of when people(in general) attempt to justify their “hate” using their religion, which is not exclusive to Christianity, much less the blog owner. Bye, now.

  12. I find it curious that you mention no specific sins of which Caitlyn might be guilty…

    • So then you do consider anything that disagrees with YOUR personal view to be hate? Thank you for your admission. I stand up for other conservatives that get abused by fools such as yourself. You know full well that most Christians are nice people who just want to be left alone to their beliefs. People like you just cant have that though can you? You have to legislate and dictate to those of us that will NEVER agree with you what we have a right to believe. I bet you feel real intelligent breaking down what I said piece by piece.. But in then end, im going to take the words of an intelligent man, ie the former director of psychology over your left wing politically correct drivel.

      • Oh, and another little lesson for you… you are not a tolerant person. Tolerance is accepting and respecting that no everyone is going to agree with you. The only thing you tolerant is the point of view you already have, and that is not tolerance, that is in fact intolerance. Now, I think I can speak for most if not all the Christians that have responded here… we dont care what you do with your body, who you have sex with, or how you have sex with them. The only problem we have is that those lifestyles are now being forced in our faces under penalty of anything from being called a hate filled bigot, to financial ruin simply for not catering to your whims.

      • It seems like both sides feel the same way. You feel most Christians are nice people who just want to be left alone to their beliefs. You don’t want your beliefs legislated or dicted to you. Kaitlyn supporters feel the same way. Why can’ t they be left alone to their beliefs without some Christians writing articles and comments saying derogatory things (to put it mildly) about their beliefs? I don’t think Kaitlyn has asked for opinions so why don’t the nice Christians leave her alone? And stop calling other people’s beliefs drivel.

      • “So then you do consider anything that disagrees with YOUR personal view to be hate? Thank you for your admission.”

        No, I’ve admitted no such thing; that’s evidently a figment of your imagination. Like clockwork, you are projecting your views onto me. I’ve not suggested, much less admitted, that any view that disagrees with my own is an example of “hate”, and I defy you to find this supposed “admission”. It speaks volumes that you cannot have a dialogue without outright deceit. Congratulations.

        “I stand up for other conservatives that get abused by fools such as yourself.”

        Oh, good grief, spare us the melodrama. Seriously, if you view anything said herein as “abuse”, then I’d hate to see your reaction to real abuse.

        “You know full well that most Christians are nice people who just want to be left alone to their beliefs.”

        You’re finally right about something. Yes, I believe that most Christians are nice people, as 95% of my immediate family identify as Christian and they are all nice people. Sadly, though, there’s a minority of believers who just cannot stand the fact that some people take issue with instances of when theists do things such as use theirs Bibles as a license to judge others, or to try to get “biblical values” into public policy. And by the looks of your posts in thread, alone, I think it’s safe to say that you are in that minority. Yes, yes, crying “foul” because a few people with dissenting views have spoke up. You poor thing, you.

        “You have to legislate and dictate to those of us that will NEVER agree with you what we have a right to believe.”

        How tedious—-more false accusations and projecting. I’ve not said anywhere in this thread that you or anyone else don’t have the right to believe whatever the heck you want to believe. But alas, beliefs have consequences. I look at it like this; if you can “love the sinner but hate the sin”, then, certainly, I can question someone’s belief without “hating”, or wait….without “abusing” them.

        “I bet you feel real intelligent breaking down what I said piece by piece..”

        No, actually, hot-shot, I break it down piece by piece because your endless bloviating is so rife with errors, fallacies, false accusations, and misinformation in general, that it’s easier to respond piece by piece. Nothing less; nothing more.

        “But in then end, im going to take the words of an intelligent man, ie the former director of psychology over your left wing politically correct drivel.”

        Good for you—you do that. Meanwhile, we’ll let your posts speak for themselves.

        “Oh, and another little lesson for you[SNIP]”

        I need a lesson from you like I need four flat tires. Based on the way you’ve conducted yourself in this exchange, your opinion is not worth a plug nickel to me at this point. And it’s sad, because even if you had something of substance to say, the condescending, arrogant way with which you convey it overshadows it. Again, congratulations.

        “you are not a tolerant person. Tolerance is accepting and respecting that no everyone is going to agree with you.”

        So, on top of it all, you’re mind reader, too? What a totally asinine thing to say, not to mention, false. To think that anyone who ventures onto the world wide web would expect to never run into someone who disagrees with them. Nice strawman. If you’re good at anything, it’s those.

        “The only problem we have is that those lifestyles are now being forced in our faces”

        Forced in your face? Wow, really? You mean, people who identify as transgendered are coming to your house and standing on your front porch? Or wait, when you see it on the internet, your hand magically freezes on your mouse and you can’t navigate away? That’s got to be really unnerving.

        I’ve spent more time on you than you deserve. You are a poster child for everything wrong with religion, and ironically, you are a perfect example of why people are leaving the very religion that you claim to represent. Outstanding job.

  13. *accept (not “except”)

    And what relevance does Caitlyn’s sexuality have to her gender? What “plenty” will that tell us?

  14. I’m glad that people like you and your opposition toward sin (which in reality seems to me a thin mask for your actual opposition toward things that are different from you which you don’t even bother to try to understand from a different perspective) feel comfortable shilling support for ideas and even legislation that will cause thousands of teens and adults to choose suicide over living in a body they feel they don’t identify with. Enjoy having that on your conscience and do a bit of research on the voices of people who transition before you voice your bigotry.

    In terms of attacks on religious freedom, you’re free to post your thoughts. Also people are free to attack those thoughts if they feel they’re bigoted, especially when you’re trying to limit the rights of people who weren’t as fortunate in being born in the right body or of the right sexuality.

  15. I don’t know how any thinking person remain a Christian with all the tormented “reasoning” that must go on to exist in the world. Then again, maybe no thinking person does.

    • “Três diários, com tiragens sem crilO”.eshe que não, José, olhe que não…Por causa da crise, até a mãe vendem. E a chamar-lhe nomes!

  16. I was going to stay out of this group because there is so much hatred and arguments from people that don’t believe in the God and Jesus, therefore, they don’t believe in the Bible. But I am sick of these people trying to BULLY CHRISTIANS ON THIS SITE!!! This article was well written and a good read for us Christians. Yet there are haters all up on this blog taking up for Bruce Jenner and bashing the bible and the people that believe in it! If you love and stand behind Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner …. GO TO HIS FAN CLUB PAGE! A lot of you people that fall into this group always come back with telling us Christians to refer to SCIENTIFIC PROOF! Maybe these people that “believe in science ” so much , SHOULD KNOW THEIR SCIENCE AND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT GOD. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND WATCH THE SHORT VIDEO , UNLESS YOUR TOO SCARED TO BE PROVEN WRONG! If the link don’t work, go to you tube and type in ” believe in God in 5 minutes “. YOU WILL GET YOUR SCIENTIFIC PROOF!!!!!!

  17. I’ve also seen so many people in here bash Christians by saying ” what Bruce Jenner did , or anyone that is transsexual should not affect Christians! I I beg to differ! We have children that we take to church and teach them right from wrong… Then our kids have to be exposed to this kind of crap????? We don’t want our kids growing up in such a screwed up world where there are no morals or boundaries! Yes, we are ALL SINNERS! We do NOT think we are better than anyone else! We just believe in what the bible says and that is OUR CHOICE! AND IT IS OUR CHOICE HOW WE RAISE OUR CHILDREN AND ITS OUR CHOICE THAT WE DONT WANT OUR KIDS SEEING ALL THIS TRANSGENDER CRAP! ITS SOMETHING THAT THEY AHOULD NOT HAVE TO SEE. BUT BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF MORALS AND BOUNDARIES, OUR KIDS ARE EXPOSED TO IT AND IT PISSES ME OFF AS A PARENT!!! Also a lot of you say that it DOES NOT talk about homosexuality in the Bible… You are wrong. You are only believing in what FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE….HOWEVER THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT!

    New International Version
    “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

    New Living Translation
    “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.

    English Standard Version
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

    • I don’t want my children exposed to narrow-minded, brainwashed, deluded Christians. That’s MY choice. What makes you think your choice is more important than mine?

      • “Narrow minded, brainwashed, deluded Christian???? REALLY??? You think we are narrow minded because we believe in morals and guidelines and what the bible says about addressing issues such as homosexuality. THATS OUR CHOICE! My behavior around other people are as any other normal person. We normally keep to our own selves and do not try to offend people. I don’t go around making it a point to throw my Christianity in anyone’s face! UNLESS IM CONFRONTED BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU…. Then YES, I WILL stand up for my beliefs!!!! HOWEVER PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THE LGBT COMMUNITY WANT TO GO AROUND KISSING PEOPLE OF THE SAME SEX IN FRONT OF EVERYONE , CHILDREN INCLUDED AND IDOLIZE PEOPLE SUCH AS JENNER , TRANSGENDERS GO AROUND FLAUNTING THEMSELVES LIKE A DIVA, TRYING TO GET AS MUCH EXPOSURE AND POPULARITY AS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE,,, MEN THAT CUT OFF THEIR PENIS AND CALL IT A VAGINA AND PLAY DRESS UP LIKE A WOMAN AND WANT TO THROW THAT IN EVERYONES FACE BECAUSE ITS SO IMPORTANT FOR YALL TO MAKE A STAND AND BE ACCEPTED!!!
        YOUR ENTITLED TO YOUR CHOICE. HOWEVER, I can assure you that if your children were around Christians, they would see them as kind people. But if our children are around people of LGTB, they we see a totally different world and see things that they don’t need to be exposed to!

      • Good answer, Amy. Really I thought you would write a more hateful reply and it would hurt my feelings but you pretty much stated your position without too much malice. I sort of understand what you’re saying. I was a Christian for about 50 years ( Episcopalian). Most of my friends were Baptists or Methodists. Found out pretty quickly that even though we were all Christians we had some major differences in our beliefs. Not all Christians feel the way you do about Kaitlyn and related issues but those who do certainly have strong opinions. Am I right in saying that the thing that bothers you the most is that it’s all out in public so much? You just don’t want it waved in your face because it goes against your morals? I can actually understand that but I don’t think we can feel that way if we want to live peacefully with our fellow human beings. Times change, society is constantly evolving. You want to hold on strongly to your beliefs about what is right and wrong and that’s understandable and commendable even…BUT… you just can’t expect or demand everyone else to be silent or hide their beliefs, can you? America is now made up of people from all kinds of different backgrounds.The reality is that It will never be like it was when we were growing up. You can’t insulate children from everyone who thinks differently. You teach them what you want, but ultimately they will form their own opinions. You don’t have to agree with what is going on with Bruce/Kaitlyn but can’t we all just get along and live our lives the way we see fit?

  18. Ann
    I am Happy to see that you I am not trying to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings, including yours. I’m simply saying how I feel like everyone else. And I’m very passionate about what I believe. I’m sure that a lot of people on this site are coming from the same place. However some are just being down right hateful and offensive and looking for a argument and putting Christians down. That pisses me off!
    And to answer your question,,, YES , part of the problem I have with LGTB ( other than I the fact that I think it wrong) is that they want to shove it down every ones throats and expose themselves in ways that are offensive to Christians that are trying to raise their children as Christians as well. Most of them don’t care about that because they believe in a world where there are NO guide lines and most lack morals and respect for others that want no part of that.

    I totally understand that we can not hide our kids from these things… I get that. In this generation things have changed. But for some of us, our BELIEFS HAVE NOT, and we shouldn’t have to change them according to today’s society! That is why I talk to my children about what all is out there that they are being exposed to and try to give them a faith based grounding, so when they do see things such as LGTB, that have a Christianity background to fall back on that will hopefully help guide them in knowing how to make good decisions between right from wrong. But it’s very confusing To kids when they are taught christianity and taught that homosexuality is wrong at home, and then lgbt tries to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throats through media attention , Facebook, Twitter, TV shows , Ect,,,, with total disregard to a lot of people don’t believe in that and DO NOT want this all up in their kids face every time we turn around. Most all Christians DO NOT go around with signs around our neck trying to seek attention to our beliefs and shove them down everyone’s throat ! We’re not looking for attention, we pretty much stay to ourselves. We’re just regular people, and we don’t claim to be perfect either! But it seems that LGTB does the opposite. And then they wander why we are so offended! I DO NOT HATE ANYONE, but I don’t have to agree with their lifestyle either!
    If kids don’t have a Christian belief system at home, they will certainly not learn in in the world we live in today.

  19. Hello,
    I agree that Bruce is not a hero. But I do not agree that his transgenderism is a personal choice. I am a Christian. I have to say that unless you have a childhood friend or family member who is LGTB and have some “skin in the game” it is too easy to quote scriptures and pass judgement on those individuals who are also God’s children who are LGT. Being LGTB in closed environments is painful and when an individual does not feel they can open up to their family, suicide rates are very high. Tell me if one of your children or grandchildren came to you today and told you “mom I am gay?” would you love them any less? Would you think them any less a child of God? In the LDS faith LGBT members can hold temple recommends and serve missions and attend church schools, are you aware of this? The only door not open to them in the gospel today is the ability to marry and get sealed in the temple. The LDS Church has the Proclamation to the Family which is often used to bring down a strong hammer of judgement against our brothers and sisters who are LGBT. It is possible to believe that marriage in the church is between a man and a woman. It is possible for the government of a nation to determine otherwise. How will this work for those of the LDS faith who also believe that we must obey the laws of the land? We have to see. We must extend our arms of love to our children and our adult brothers and sisters who are LGBT. 40% of homeless youth on the streets have been kicked out by their families for coming forth with their true selves and identifying as LGBT instead of being loved and supported through this difficult time in their lives. What are we doing to contribute to this in our own lives? Do we encourage our children to shun from those who are LGBT? Do we teach passive aggressive hate? Or do we do what the Savior would have us do and love?

  20. I agree. You have said it very well. Not a hero for sure. He has the money for the best Dr’s, make up ppl, clothes etc. But it still does not make him a hero. It makes me sick all the publicity he/she gets. While our real heroes go un-noticed.

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