The Gospel for Bruce Jenner

A few days ago I wrote a post about Bruce Jenner. My main point was that I don’t think this man is a hero. It has received over 2.5 million views and I have received some 4,000+ comments, many of them accusing me of being a hateful, judgmental, idiot. I am only human and I think we are all judgmental at times, but I really don’t think anything I said was hateful. I’m not sure when disagreeing with someone became the same as hating them, but there you have it. Nonetheless, it has compelled me to write a follow up post.

I have two goals when I write. First and foremost, I aim to exalt Jesus Christ, to show Him as the supreme treasure that He is, and secondly, to shed the light of the truth of His Gospel on issues here on earth. I have been accused of not showing God’s love to Bruce so that is what I want to do now in the best way I know how. I want to share the Gospel of Christ for Bruce Jenner, the Gospel for all of us. I will speak it all. I will not add or subtract. I will not be ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). So, Bruce, this is God’s message of hope and love to you.

Bruce, you are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). You are God’s idea. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, woven together in your mother’s womb by the very hands of God (Psalm 139:14-15) You have intrinsic value and worth not based on your self, but on your Creator.

But Bruce, you have a problem. You and I both have a problem. Because we have sinned, because we have broken God’s law and marred his image, we stand guilty before a holy God. None of us is righteous (Romans 3:10). We all have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). This sin has infected our souls, our bodies, even the very ground we walk on. It has so skewed our perception of reality that we cannot see the truth of God (Romans 1:21-23) nor can we see who we were meant to be. That is why we struggle to find our identity.That is why we look for it in all the wrong places, in money, in sex, in materialism, in fame, and even in altering your body to become a woman. We think these things will liberate us, but the truth is, they only keep us in bondage.

Not only that, but because God is holy and just, His wrath is aimed at us (Romans 1:18). Because of our sin, we are by nature objects of this wrath (Ephesians 2:3). Bruce, some people will try to tell you differently. Some will say that God is love and therefore, He just wants you to be happy and do what pleases you. Well, God is love, but if we don’t first see His righteous wrath, we will never understand or receive His amazing grace. The Gospel is meaningless and powerless to save without this truth. If we didn’t have a sin problem Christ would not have needed to die. But He did die. Why? Because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Yet, God has shown His love for you, Bruce, by dying in your place while you were still in sin, while you were still rebelling against Him (Romans 5:8) in order that He might give you eternal life (Romans 3:21, Romans 6:23, John 3:16) and set you free from the bondage of sin (Romans 6:18). You see, His love does not affirm us in our sin but liberates us from it.

Bruce, Jesus died as a sacrifice for your sins. He rose from the dead in victory over them.  He stands now, arms open, calling you to Himself so that He might freely pour out His grace and love upon you. All you need do is go to Him, but one thing you must know. You cannot get near the mercy of God without also getting near His holiness. You cannot come to the cross on your own terms. You cannot have him as Savior without also yielding to Him as Lord. Christ died to put your sin to death so you must put it to death too (Romans 6:5-14).

No, I don’t think you are a hero, but Jesus is. Bruce, are you weary? He will give you rest. Are you confused? He will give you truth. Are you struggling to find hope and meaning? Jesus will give it to you. He will give you life. He will tell you who you were made to be.  You were made to be His. Listen to Him. Answer His call.

Weary, burdened wanderer, there is rest for thee at the feet of Jesus in His love, so free. Listen to His message, words of life, forever blest. Oh, thou heavy-laden, come to me, come and rest

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, yeah yeah, He will take

Bring Him all thy burdens, all thy guilt and sin. Mercy’s door is open, rise up and enter in

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, oh, He will take

Jesus, there is waiting patiently for thee. Hear Him gently calling, come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me

Won’t you come? Won’t you come? There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take

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  1. I encourage you to continue to follow Jesus and allow Him to transform you heart and mind. With the spirit of Jesus we not only get truth but grace and compassion for others. You, just like all of us that are in Christ, are a work in progress and have room to grow. It’s ok to recognize that perhaps your last post was to have your thoughts and beliefs heard but may your actions speak louder! This is what Christ wants for His people, to be so unlike the rest of the world and value others above ourselves. If the world wants to call Bruce a hero, who cares?! Since when were Christians told to care what the world thinks?

  2. Awesome. Thank you. Don’t let the world upset you. They are lost in need of a savior just as Bruce. Good job and wonderful writing. God bless you

  3. Hello, Emily, just wanted to say thank you for stepping out & posting these last two blogs of yours. Regardless of any criticism or backlash that may have been received, I think your careful attentiveness in writing these posts has been great. It seems that you’re quick to listen, & slow to speak (or type, in this sense) – & that you’re really asking God for help in how to discern approaching this matter. Thanks for being an example of how the Church (corporately, & individually) ought to address the “hard stuff” in our current society while speaking all truth in love. Hope that those around you will get to benefit from these manners in your daily life, & that they’ll get to see a bit more of heaven on earth as they hear truth spoken out of love.

  4. Very well written, but I do have a few questions. Did you consider his mental illness and the role it may have played in his decision to change? And if you did or didn’t, why or why not? I would love to see some feedback. All opinions are welcome, but please be kind.

  5. The more you refer to Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce (which you seem to revel in doing) and deliberately misgender her, the more you prove you have no respect or caring for the struggles she endures. She has asked to be called the name she chose, and to be referred to as the gender she identifies as. Two requests, and you will not bend. Why should she listen to you?

    “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”–1 Corinthians 13:1

  6. I admire you for standing by what you believe. It takes a lot of strength. Thank you for being so bold and blunt when it comes to the word of God. Sugar coating things gets us nowhere.
    “God is love, but if we don’t first see His righteous wrath, we will never understand or receive His amazing grace. The Gospel is meaningless and powerless to save without this truth.” It is easiest to look past this side of the Bible, but it does you no good to ignore it.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  7. I love your writings. You have a real gift for saying just what needs to be said. Thank you for staying the course as a Christian. Keep the faith, I am praying for you.

  8. 👏Amen. I have found ALL I need in Christ alone. I have a void in my heart only my Creator could fill. He binds our brokenness, He fills our emptiness..His love for us cannot be comprehended. I want everyone to know Him and the freedom that comes from redemption.

    Beautifully written. God bless you!!💜

  9. How do I follow this blog?? I know a lot of people who will gain inspiration from you and love to be a part of this, but I can’t find a way to follow it. Thanks!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You restore our trust that there are still some Christians willing to speak the truth! Keep preaching His Word!

  11. I find it interesting that the person who wrote this article considers themselves ‘A Christian’. Hiding behind the title of Christian by condemning another due to the writer’s ignorance does not express love and compassion for others. What we all need is more love in this world. We are not the judge nor are we the jury….but… we can sure be the hypocrites. 😉

  12. Wow….that rocked!!! It is my prayer the Mr. Jenner find this thread, reads it intently, and is transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit!

  13. I’m not sure why you are preaching at someone who is already a Christian, except for the fact that you are assuming someone who has a gender crisis couldn’t POSSIBLY have heard ‘The Gospel’ before, and therefore must be utterly and completely lost in their own identity. Who are you to condemn someone based on their change of appearances? Very arrogant and presumptive of you, I would say.

  14. You have to understand the negative responses you got. Your didn’t explain why Caitlyn is not a hero. You explained why Caitlyn was not a woman. It came off as an attack. You said something about Caitlyn debuting herself at an “optimum” time for acceptance…are you kidding? Caitlyn is a part of the Kardashian family, a family who is judged, criticized, and bullied 24/7. There is no “optimum” time. How would she know that she’s receive praise? Simple, she didn’t.

    In my opinion, you did not explain why Caitlyn is not a hero. You merely said bc she is not “brave/noble” and bc she did not sacrifice. Why do you believe she isn’t brave? What makes you think she didn’t sacrifice something? You explained why she’s not a woman. You got lost in that explanation, so your readers did too.

    While I do not agree with you using God as a reason to be judgemental, I respect your faith. But since you feel this way about Caitlyn (that she’s not a woman), I’m going to assume you feel this way about all transgenders. Since you want the world to understand your side and do God’s work, I hope you read up on what some LGBT experience and in particular, the suicide rates in that community. Just to be fair. Understand the other side, too.

    Your pray away the “gay/transgender” attitude is contributing to the high suicide rates of many people, especially young people. Because they don’t feel accepted.

    So, I hope you see the other side. I believe in God, too. And I hope he finds you and shows you that there is nothing wrong with Caitlyn.

  15. Hi Emily, I am also a Christian blog writer on WordPress, only I do intentionally write about controversial subjects. I know the pain of receiving hurtful and unfair criticism from liberals. It takes courage to write about ‘sensitive’ subjects, Emily, but you will find that they are the subjects that matter the most to Christians today. The Apostles talked constantly about sensitive matters. Christ WAS a sensitive matter. He revolutionized society by making slaves equal to masters, plebeians equal to the emperor, man equal to women, and Jew equal to Gentile. Were it not for Jesus, modern notions of ‘equality under God’ would not exist today. Everything about Jesus was a hot potato during the lives of the Apostles- that is why they were told to be quiet or face terrible punishment. But they not only continued speaking, but prayed to speak boldly! We, too, must pray for bold speech. Homosexuality is being pushed hard by satan because it is the number one separator between society and God. You will see this throughout all society. It is the one sin that will strip pastors of their license to marry and bury, businesses of their right to buy and sell. This is the one sin that will finally remove God from our government, and thus, most ironically of all, ‘equality under God’- which of course, is the only kind of equality between men possible! The progressive leaders are leading the liberal masses into shooting themselves in the foot. But I digress. Emily, Christians can’t remain in safe corners any more. We live in a real world that is actively moving against us. You have just experienced that reality. You have been attacked for daring to speak out against a transgender individual. Bruce Jenner is an important figure politically right now. He is the epitome of the macho male- and he is now dressed in drag. The celebration around him is almost manic- it is not lighthearted at all. You can feel the teeth in it, can’t you? You can all but sense that any opposing thought will be crushed. And it has been. You are but one example. The fact that you are a Christian just added fuel to the fire. The reason you went viral is that you fell into the ‘wrong’ liberal hands on facebook. They actually have groups that actively look for writers whom they seek to group-attack. They ‘swarm’ them purposely. They have collection points, or sites, where they give a site address and they will all come at once to call names and criticize. So, don’t think it was all organic. They organize these attacks. Christians, on the other hand, don’t organize our praise. These ugly individuals live for these attacks on us. That is how millions can come to attack at once. You aren’t truly hated as they would have you think. Also, some of these people are hackers that have hacker bots- these are programed to pretend to be thousands of people – but they are only one person. They send pre-programmed messages calling people idiots, freaks, bigots, etc. If any of your criticism sounded rather dull and repetitious, that was the bots. I kid you not. They really do this.

    Don’t be discouraged, my friend. I have a curse filter on all my sites, ready for these bots and these organized attacks. If I gave you the list of all the words & phrases they so commonly used, you would really laugh. Jesus is with you. For every attack you suffer for his sake, you will be rewarded ten times in heaven. Don’t believe a word they say to you. They are NOT in the hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands. They are in the tens. They are just good organizers. They live with nose rings in their mothers’ basements with no jobs. They literally have nothing better to do than hate on Christians like you. They program bots to carry out their hate. They gather on hate sites breathlessly awaiting the next victim of their collective attacks and then regather laughing and laughing. They are like little devils. But they are FEW. Most Americans don’t feel that way. They either agree with you or mildly disagree. They don’t bother to hate anyone like that. So, chin up and forget them. I know that is hard to do but believe me. I am a veteran of their attacks. I know what I am speaking about. I write as Short Little Rebel on Word press. Stop by if you want. Susan Shannon.

    • “This is the one sin that will finally remove God from our government”

      Can you elaborate on that please? Considering the hundreds of Bible verses that admonish nations to care for their poor, and sick, and to avoid greed and covetousness? Can you please direct me to where the Bible says being transgender is a sin?

      “We live in a real world that is actively moving against us.”

      Hmmm, that sounds like a persecution complex to me. Sorry, but Christians make up 70% of America’s population. It takes a special kind of victim mentality to observe the vitriol that is directed towards the trans community today and turn it back upon oneself. When is the last time you wanted to kill yourself for being a Christian? When is the last time you were abandoned by your family, or someone beat you up on the street, or someone you know was murdered for being a Christian in America? Because that is the reality of transgender lives every single day. What are you going to do to fix that, Susan? How much time have you spent trying to understand a transgender person’s point of view? But sure, Christians are the true victims here.

      “They live with nose rings in their mothers’ basements with no jobs.”

      LOL! Do you hear how silly you sound? You resort to attacks on somebody’s appearance because you can’t come up with a better argument. You sound like you are 10 years old.

    • Yes, you must make sure to specify that people who disagree are liberals, because politics is what really matters in this, right? Make sure you get that in there!

      Also, nobody organized me to come here and read this post. I read a blog post with a differing viewpoint that I found via Facebook, then Facebook presented me with “related” articles, which included this.

      You “know” how all liberals (all tens of us) express our views with the cursing and the hatemongering. Um, I commented with a verse from 1st Corinthians. But I’m “like a little devil,” because I believe Caitlyn had a right to align her physical self with the gender she identifies as.

      I know I’m wasting my time here because you won’t change your opinion despite the many respectful responses here explaining why this post is deeply problematic. I can spend my time more productively by petting my cat.

    • Im not sure if you’re going to read this or not, but you give me the terrible impression of somebody who exclusively follows popular media outlets – echo chambers – without much care for what the opposing views have to say. The reason I doubt you will read this, at least with any level of real scrutiny, is because you will likely pass this off as an attack. So, if you read this with an open mind, then congratulations! If you choose to gloss over it and ignore it, then I wish you the best of luck in improving your arguments any further. Regardless, my rebuttal:

      Ill start with the thing that struck me most! I had some trouble deciphering what you meant when you said that “most Americans don’t feel that way” – your writing fell apart at the end – but I gather that you mean that most Americans don’t think Caitlyn Jenner is truly a woman. You are correct, unfortunately. The issue is, you (and most of America) don’t understand what grave psychological impacts this can have on people whos sex and gender don’t match. Please, anyone reading this, if you are on the edge and cannot decide to support or oppose Caitlyn Jenner (and likewise, the transgender community), look up the statistics on these people. Find the suicide rates and have that number in front of you when you read the suicide note of a boy who was told that since he was born female, he must always be female.

      Of course, someone beat me to accusing you of of nonsensically reporting that everyone who supports Caitlyn must be liberal. I’ve seen, on both sides of the spectrum, a incessant need to be right. Liberals will say that people who go against their ideas are bad and thus, conservative. Likewise, the conservative side will say that exact same thing but flipped against the liberals. I hope you can see that it is all nonsense and at its most basic principle: a game of king of the hill. As you continue to write, Susan, hopefully you will see that there are much more eloquent ways to attack the opposing side than lumping them in with a group that, admittedly, the people who agree with you will see as bad.

      I made an earlier comment on this article that you might be interested in. Anyone who is interested should look below or perhaps you can find it by clicking on my name? My picture maybe? Anyway, I will not say that I love Emily, but I definitely do not hate her. I recommend to everyone who is writing and responding to steer clear of emotional language. While writing this comment, I could be accused of appealing to emotions for sure, but still I have stayed away from using personal attacks to further my point. Susan, by grouping everyone commenting against Emily under one persona that you deem negative you have committed the crime you have condemned. If Emily reads your comment and if she is fair-minded, then she might even feel distanced from your side of opposition. Specifically I mean to say: you have chosen an ineffective way of speaking your opinion.

      It is quite late where I am, and I need to get off. I hope you respond to this, Susan! It would be interesting to speak with you.

  16. WOW! Is all I have to say. I will start with I do not usually comment on things like this, and now have learned that many people are passionate about their beliefs. Which I have no problem with. I will say my comments, which are mine alone, hoping not to offend anyone.
    I grew up going to church, learning about God and everything his son, Jesus, did for us. I can not quote a chapter in the bible, and I am fine with that. I love God and pray to him everyday, but in my belief, I should not have to be able to recite every biblical verse that can counteract life, because I think, that could be all of ours. Love for God should not be the knowledge you have in the bible, my personal belief, but how you want him In your life. Whether you want him to be your back drop on how life should be, because that’s what you say the bible tells you, or, that you will “Go with God” and let him decide. My parents are very religious, I believe what I want to, and that is no matter who you are, you were made and you are perfect…I know with that statement everyone will say, “How can someone say they are something other than what they were born as”, I have no answer to that, but I am sure heck, my love of god, will not judge them…I may be commenting on this and sound like an idiot, in all honesty, the prayers I make each and every day, make me feel closer to him. NOAH’S arch, a testament, if we show enough hatred in this world, why wouldn’t he do it again. Rid the land of all of the hatred and just. WOULD YOU BLAME HIM? …I’m not trying to change anyone’s beliefs, nor could I, I just hope that maybe someone doesn’t need to hide behind the bible to live life. We cannot guarantee what our children will be, who they will love, if they will be healthy or not, but we can give them a choice, to be oh so much better than the ones before us, or continue a conversation that’s been going on for far to long… I personally choose to give my HEART child and his loving sister a choice, to just LIVE!!! and make it sooooo much easier. What is wrong with that?

  17. “I’m here to shed the light of HIS truth”? How very smug. It’s your truth, not Jesus’ truth. It’s people like you that turn people away from Jesus. You have no idea what Jesus’ plan is for Caitlyn. I believe it’s to save the many lives that would be lost to suicide if not for this BRAVE person. “Do onto others”. You sit back, interpret Jesus’ as YOU see it, and are contributing to the very close minded, blame it on Jesus scape goat to spread hate. I think you’re the opposite of how you want us to believe you are–filled with anger but wanting so desperately to be perceived as Jesus’ “tool”. A very scary combination in my book. The reason I sound angry is because every day kids between 14 and 19 are committing suicide over gender issues and how they will be perceived. Nice going adding to their fears. Do onto others—riiiiight. .

  18. Well said, stand up for what you believe the haters will always oppose you and God. Thanks for Ellington the truth and having the courage to share in a fallen society that has been taken down the path en/route to Hell. God Bless you.

  19. Emily, I agree with you wholeheartedly in your stance and what you have said concerning Bruce Jenner and homosexuality. Bruce Jenner is not a woman and never will be (regardless of what he does).

    You hit the nail on the head by stating that a person is sinning by claiming God is imperfect, that He made a mistake in reference to their gender, and claiming that they are the opposite sex to what they were biologically born. This is completely against and blatantly in the face of Christian doctrine. Any person who claims homosexuality is not Christian.

    The second tier to this is the churches, ministers/pastors, and congregations who ordain and accept such same sex unions as holy. They are sinning against God as well according to what the Bible says. In my mind, they cease from truly being Christian.

    It is all such a mess the devil is using to confuse, confound, and turn people from God.

    I honestly don’t see any place where you have been judgmental or not displayed Christian values in what you have written as some have claimed. You have simply stated the Truth of the Bible and the Word. It’s as the old saying goes, “The truth is what it is.”

    • You are correct, God doesn’t make mistakes. Children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are fearfully and wonderfully made. To say there was a mistake giving them childhood leukemia is trying to redefine what is part of God’s moral order based upon what you feel or think.

      As Christians, though, we cannot confuse loving our neighbor with accepting something that goes against God. The reason why I can honestly feel disgust for the choice these kids and their families make is not because they want to be made whole but because they’re refusing to accept the beautiful temples God gave them.

  20. I won’t deny you seem to have a knack for writing which makes it easier for people to agree with you. You claim to “not add or subtract” from the Gospel yet you put your own words in between the select verses you cited as if to twist the words of the Holy Book into fully supporting your own. I do wish that you sincerely mean well and through prayer you’ll not only realize but work to correct the err of your ways. I hope your God-given talent is used better in the future and not for self-assurance and gratification that you’ll be in Heaven while the rest of us burn in Hell. May God bless you.

  21. Emily, this was written much more fluently than your last post, but since the message has remained the same, I feel compelled to argue against it. Your writing makes it clear that you do not understand the great psychological impact this could have on a person whos sex and gender do not match. Words like these have driven people into depression and were etched into suicide notes by those afflicted by them. Of course, your intentions come through clearly, but as I wrote in a previous post, your idea of love leans closer to that of the WBC than of my own.

    I don’t claim to be some herald of love, but as someone who is as secular as one could be, I feel that the love I show others is more legitimate than anyone who draws there’s from an ethereal power. To make it clear, my idea of “love” is rooted in empathy and the fact that you continue to call Caitlyn by the wrong name and the fact that you continue to misgender her are proof that you lack empathy for this brave woman.

    What makes her brave? You! You and everyone who speaks vituperation towards her are the people who make her exactly what you are trying to say she isn’t. If you want to say she isn’t a hero, then you should deny the term from any well known person who has made great achievements in their field or anyone who has made great strides in changing social customs. Take a look back through history and look at all of the people we call heroes and then try to say with confidence that this woman, who transitioned under heavy public scrutiny, will not be thought of as a hero, at least by people who are going through what she has shown can be endured.

    Also, and perhaps this wasn’t on purpose, you address Caitlyn as “Bruce” throughout the entire article and you do so as if you are talking directly to her, but it seems unlikely that she would actually read that! I will not speak for her, but from what I have seen, people take their gender very seriously and some people who I know feel quite terrible when they are misgendered. If you really wanted to reach out to her, you would have addressed her in the way she would most likely respond to. Either this was oversight on your part or it was a slight directed at Caitlyn. A much more fluent article? Yes. Well thought out? I sincerely hope not.

    I’ll end with some defense of your ideas! And, by that, I mean your right to have them. I have seen some hateful comments directed towards the author of this article, but they are not deserved. She is expressing her opinion and if you really want to make a point in rebuttal, then spouting off nonsense vitriol is the wrong way to go. She says in the article that her opinions are not hateful and while you may disagree, as I do, it is much more efficient to show her WHY what she says is hateful as opposed to showing her how hateful words can be.

  22. I’m a Christian and I believe that God gives us all struggles and obstacles in life. We may not understand God’s plan for us, but we all have one. Caitlyn’s struggle and path are between her an God. We are all sinners, we are all God’s children, an he loves us all. You may not agree with the life that she leads, which is an opinion you are entitled to, but her struggle is not ours. None of us know her personally, nor do we know her relations with our Lord, nor have we heard her prayers for answers and guildence. We were all put on this earth for a reason, hers very well might be to help others who struggle with gender identity, to help families facing transition, or just a straight white female learn to love herself just the way she is and to be greatful for all God has blessed her with. She may not be your hero, but she’s someone’s role model.

  23. Dang Girl, the Marine Corps approves this message… (Even though they shoved the DADT Repeal down our throats, it was forced onto the troops, no one will admit the truth.) Also, we got your back, oh better yet God has your back, your front, your side, your everything… Man, your words are POWERFUL like how Jesus addressed his haters. The bottom line with Bruce and his Cult followers, THEY love THEMSELVES more than the CREATOR. People who comment and support Loosey Brucie are also SELFISH mammals, these are individuals who rally around a topic, a person and an event that closely replicates their own lives and lifestyles. In other words, misery loves its own company. (Yes they hide it, they hide the pain and they invent terms and labels that describe happiness.) Can a prisoner shout “I am free” from behind bars?

  24. Love your post and the previous. The way I see it… Jesus died for us on the cross so that we may live. He forgives us our sins but He did say to go and sin no more. Sadly, people do not take that opportunity to live a better life. By repeating the same sin, we open ourselves up to things much worse than before. We are given the opportunity to live a more complete and happy life when our sin(s) is forgiven. It shows a lack of sincerity of remorse and regret. Bruce has a long road ahead of him. He may think he is going to be free and happy but I think he has very sad times ahead of him. I am not trying to judge but facts are facts and we can not walk in sin and expect life to be grand. Jesus paid a price for us and each time we repeat the same sin He has forgiven us for, I feel it is like a slap in the face. How sad He must be for us.

  25. Amen! Loved your first statement and love this one too. Very well said! Thank you for speaking the truth and sharing the Gospel. God bless you!

  26. See, here’s the problem with you. It’s not that you’re offering your opinion or advice on whether or not Caitlyn — yes CAITLYN — Jenner is a hero.

    It’s how people like you play God. It’s how people like you think you can speak FOR God. You go on these sanctimonious speeches about sin and Jesus dying for Caitlyn’s salvation. You ASSUME Caitlyn is lost and living in sin. You assume she does not have a relationship with Christ.

    The fact is, YOU have a personal vendetta and issue with transgender people. Because Caitlyn isn’t living up to your personal ideal of what a Christian should be, look like, and talk like, you assume she is lost and living in sin. Then you, above all things, use God to justify what is your own prejudices and play it off like you’re only sharing the gospel and God’s will. How do you what is in Caitlyn’s heart? How do you know where she is with God? Because she’s a transgender person, you know everything there is to know about her spiritually?

    You can fool everyone else here with that, but not me. I never trust someone when what God supposedly wants coincides perfectly with their personal opinions and agendas. You think you know Caitlyn, her heart, and her relationship with God because you have a preconceived stereotype of what a transgender person is. Nothing more.

    You said that God doesn’t make mistakes. Yet, people are born all the time with genetic defects, disabilities, and mental illnesses. You say this is because we live a fallen world. Makes sense. Then wouldn’t it follow that because we live in a fallen world, people can be born with the wrong sex chromosomes that gives them the wrong gender just like they are born with the wrong number of chromosomes which gives them down syndrome? How is you telling Caitlyn that she’s not truly a woman in her heart any more different than telling a person with down syndrome that they don’t have down syndrome because “God doesn’t make mistakes”? How is you telling Caitlyn it’s wrong to undergo a sex reassignment any less ignorant than telling a person with down syndrome it’s wrong to treat themselves for their disorder, or assume they are a lost sinner because of it?

    Like I said, this is all your opinions and prejudices. Don’t for a second pretend you are just being a messenger of goodwill. This isn’t about God.

  27. Emily, if you are trying to show love and tolerance then why did you censor dissenting comments on your previous post? I would like to point out that my post did not include words like “hateful”, “bigoted” or “hypocritical.”

    I’m sorry, but you cannot show love to someone while calling them by a name which they have specifically requested not to be used. Regardless of how you feel about gender transition, a transgender person’s birth name is a source of extreme pain and trauma. To continue to refer to her as Bruce is reopening the wound and pouring salt in it. This demonstrates that you are not truly listening nor do you have respect for those who you are addressing.

  28. I am very disappointed that you have moderated my comments off of your page.

    I wasn’t rude nor did I harass you. Nor did I shame you for expressing what you believe to be true. I am a fellow Christian earnestly trying to understand why other Christians think being a transgender person is a sin. Because I don’t understand their position. All I asked why was your argument does not constitute a form of the naturalistic fallacy, i.e., what is natural is good.

    It seems, however, you do not wish to have a conversation with your brother in Christ.
    Be well,

  29. Caitlyn doesn’t need saving as Jesus has already saved her! He gave her the strength to tell her story and empower others to live a life that makes them happy. Why can’t we live in a world where we love what is different simply because it brings joy to someone else instead of filling our heart with shame because we may not understand what another feels.

  30. I love the way your website is designed, please i just opened one and i honestly dnt know how to make it look attractive. please help me.

  31. Emily, thanks so much for shining your light. Regarding your aversion to approaching topics such as this one, I hope you will reconsider. The progressive propaganda machine isn’t going to be quite, and believers shouldn’t either. We are salt & light, and the truth won’t be told unless we tell it. Much love & peace to you and yours.

  32. Maybe you think you did nothing hateful, but when trans people (myself included) read this sort of thing, it feels hateful, and it reflects back at us reality that there are a large number of people like you who will never accept us, or take the internal feelings we have about our gender seriously. Being trans isnt something anyone would want, it creates mostly pain, and most of us fight with every fiber of our being to deny the truth to ourselves, sometimes even for 65 years like Caitlyn Jenner did.

    There is a reason 40% of trans people attempt suicide, it’s because people like you create a world that will never be able to accept us for the truth of who we are. None of us knows what makes us feel this way, and there may never be an answer as to “why,” but ultimately it doesnt matter, because it isnt something that can be changed, any more than sexual orientation can be changed. It is simply a quirk of nature.

    If there is a God, he made us who we are, trans and all. Just because it seems icky to you, doesn’t mean you are right, or that you have the right to say you have authority on what God might say about it. If you got 2.5Million views, and roughly 1 in 1,000 people is trans, then odds are that more than 2,500 transgender people read your hateful words. 2,500 transgender people who may have already been so deep in their self loathing caused by people like you that it made them ponder, once again, if they should maybe give up on life. Who knows if your words were the words that pushed someone over the edge, but perhaps you should think twice next time you want to speak hatefully. Your words have real consequences.

  33. Good day from South Africa
    A friend of mine shared your post on her Facebook page and Im so glad she did.

    It showed me that I wasnt the only one who felt the same about this “Bruce Jenner” debacle.

    I believe the time is coming where the truth about the lost and broken society we live in will be violently revealed by people who love our Lord Jesus Christ. God is using his faithful “sons” (greek = huios) to bring alignment and correction to this corrupt world we live in.

    So from a fellow brother in Christ, keep on going strong and proclaiming the true gospel of Christ.

  34. I repeat: As you said before – God does not make a mistake. But you are obviously ignoring certain aspects of God’s own creations when you claim there are only two options in sex and gender. So, can you please explain intersex people as Jesus would see them…? If God is perfect and never makes mistakes AND he still creates people whose bodies are physically somewhere between male and female – is it not a part of His plan that some of us are born in-between? Why isn’t it possible that He also creates souls that are between male and female if he makes bodies that are physically that way??? And, isn’t it just possible that the existence of intersex or transgender people is not a test of their soul – but a test of yours? By preaching against their existence – you are preaching against God’s creation. For, they undoubtedly exist and are a part of His plan!

  35. There is nothing in the bible that says being transgender is a sin. Your post was uneducated, self righteous and rude. I suggest you take some time to learn about the community you just bashed, bullied, and humiliated. Honestly, I think Jesus would be ashamed of you.

    • My comments are being censored as well. Despite that I have not accused anyone for being hateful, stupid, bigoted, or any of the words she claims.

      If you are so sure of your position then why are you avoiding dissenting opinions? Surely you have a response?

  36. Amen. There’s nothing that can be argued or misconstrued from His Holy word!! Thanks for speaking truth and not backing down!!

  37. So, essentially, you’re absolving yourself of responsibility for what you say by hiding behind your faith, but you’re more than happy to take credit for writing faith-charged rhetoric? I can’t make any rational sense of you. You’re still thumping the Bible at a person who doesn’t exist anymore and trying to tell an existing person that her existence is a “problem.” You recite that she’s made in God’s image, but you have no empirical concept of God. For all you know, God is a woman, or for that matter may have no sex or gender at all. Perhaps instead of publicly attempting to deface one of many forms of courage, you should reflect on your own philosophical stances and start re-evaluating what you believe. I seriously doubt that the beliefs you hold are of your creation. Rather, I’m certain you’ve been indoctrinated, convinced from a very young age to think as you do, given no opportunity to independently decide what is proper and moral. Put down the book, shut out everyone else, and just think it through. God doesn’t put you in Heaven because your neighbor made all the right choices. Each time you write about it in God’s name, you only deface God and the ideals represented therein.

    Also, just as you might know Rhianna and Marilyn Monroe by their professional names (Not Robyn or Norma Jean), Jenner is now named Caitlyn. Obstinately using “Bruce” to start every paragraph only perpetuates the idea that you’re hateful toward her transition and her concept of identity. It means you’re unwilling even to tolerate, let alone accept her presence in the world. THAT is the living definition of hate.

  38. Do please take the time to read this fantastic article about a Christian living with strong feelings of gender dysphoria. You’ll be glad you did.

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