The Gospel for Bruce Jenner

A few days ago I wrote a post about Bruce Jenner. My main point was that I don’t think this man is a hero. It has received over 2.5 million views and I have received some 4,000+ comments, many of them accusing me of being a hateful, judgmental, idiot. I am only human and I think we are all judgmental at times, but I really don’t think anything I said was hateful. I’m not sure when disagreeing with someone became the same as hating them, but there you have it. Nonetheless, it has compelled me to write a follow up post.

I have two goals when I write. First and foremost, I aim to exalt Jesus Christ, to show Him as the supreme treasure that He is, and secondly, to shed the light of the truth of His Gospel on issues here on earth. I have been accused of not showing God’s love to Bruce so that is what I want to do now in the best way I know how. I want to share the Gospel of Christ for Bruce Jenner, the Gospel for all of us. I will speak it all. I will not add or subtract. I will not be ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). So, Bruce, this is God’s message of hope and love to you.

Bruce, you are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). You are God’s idea. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, woven together in your mother’s womb by the very hands of God (Psalm 139:14-15) You have intrinsic value and worth not based on your self, but on your Creator.

But Bruce, you have a problem. You and I both have a problem. Because we have sinned, because we have broken God’s law and marred his image, we stand guilty before a holy God. None of us is righteous (Romans 3:10). We all have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). This sin has infected our souls, our bodies, even the very ground we walk on. It has so skewed our perception of reality that we cannot see the truth of God (Romans 1:21-23) nor can we see who we were meant to be. That is why we struggle to find our identity.That is why we look for it in all the wrong places, in money, in sex, in materialism, in fame, and even in altering your body to become a woman. We think these things will liberate us, but the truth is, they only keep us in bondage.

Not only that, but because God is holy and just, His wrath is aimed at us (Romans 1:18). Because of our sin, we are by nature objects of this wrath (Ephesians 2:3). Bruce, some people will try to tell you differently. Some will say that God is love and therefore, He just wants you to be happy and do what pleases you. Well, God is love, but if we don’t first see His righteous wrath, we will never understand or receive His amazing grace. The Gospel is meaningless and powerless to save without this truth. If we didn’t have a sin problem Christ would not have needed to die. But He did die. Why? Because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Yet, God has shown His love for you, Bruce, by dying in your place while you were still in sin, while you were still rebelling against Him (Romans 5:8) in order that He might give you eternal life (Romans 3:21, Romans 6:23, John 3:16) and set you free from the bondage of sin (Romans 6:18). You see, His love does not affirm us in our sin but liberates us from it.

Bruce, Jesus died as a sacrifice for your sins. He rose from the dead in victory over them.  He stands now, arms open, calling you to Himself so that He might freely pour out His grace and love upon you. All you need do is go to Him, but one thing you must know. You cannot get near the mercy of God without also getting near His holiness. You cannot come to the cross on your own terms. You cannot have him as Savior without also yielding to Him as Lord. Christ died to put your sin to death so you must put it to death too (Romans 6:5-14).

No, I don’t think you are a hero, but Jesus is. Bruce, are you weary? He will give you rest. Are you confused? He will give you truth. Are you struggling to find hope and meaning? Jesus will give it to you. He will give you life. He will tell you who you were made to be.  You were made to be His. Listen to Him. Answer His call.

Weary, burdened wanderer, there is rest for thee at the feet of Jesus in His love, so free. Listen to His message, words of life, forever blest. Oh, thou heavy-laden, come to me, come and rest

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, yeah yeah, He will take

Bring Him all thy burdens, all thy guilt and sin. Mercy’s door is open, rise up and enter in

There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take, oh, He will take

Jesus, there is waiting patiently for thee. Hear Him gently calling, come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to me

Won’t you come? Won’t you come? There is freedom, taste and see. Hear the call, come to me. Run into His arms of grace. Your burden carried, He will take

315 thoughts on “The Gospel for Bruce Jenner

  1. Please please don’t apologize for being disgusted with this guy. All people judge. Those who commented harshly on your post were judging. It is human to like, dislike, agree, or disagree. But please don’t waiver on your stance against this guy, playing dress up and expecting the world to not just play along with him, but hail him as a hero. Today, Bruce is a hero and our men and women in law enforcement are the villains. What, in the almighty hell, is wrong with this world? All I’m saying is, in the vast reaches of unreasonable, misinformed, and otherwise misguided Internet, we could use voices such as yours to stick with your stance. Let people play the ‘holier than thou’ card if they want. What is right, certainly won’t always be popular. I got your back.

    • you got her back? for what? lol. do something. but until then, yes, all people judge, but nonetheless, how does that make it okay? God is supposed to be the one who judges, so i don’t think your little opinion gives you the right to spread whatever evil you choose to spread, and yes, guess what! hate is evil! you think because your kids go to Sunday school and you are as good as the Duggars that you don’t actually have to be a human being God forbid and that all those emotions are just arbitrary. well I can tell you that isn’t true. and you stand to burn in hell just as much as anyone like myself. so yes, your “holier than thou’ card DOESN’T work. void. nice try. go to hell.

    • I honestly shake my head at the whole twisted concept of heroism. When did human values go to the pits like this? Simply baffling. Shouting down the truth will not change the truth from what it is.

  2. Praise God You did the right thing someone had to tell him.let the haters hate we have a right to voice our opinions. I am sorry they don’t agree that is what freedom of speech means

  3. Here’s the comment I left on my friend’s share of this post: “I don’t necessarily agree with her position, but her writing is absolutely beautiful. She is a stunning writer and she gives an amazing perspective.”

      • she is not a stunning writer. anyone could throw a paragraph together. i think she thinks she’s above reality. “Don’t be so heavenly good, that you serve no earthly purpose.” That’s what my dad said, and thats what she needs to hear. Her opinions are crusty, and she thinks that just because she thumps around with the big book of scripture that she has the right to throw around God’s name in knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. Guess what Emily Suzanne, you haven’t a clue what God thinks of Caitlyn Jenner. You think because you read the Bible, you are an authority on modern living. You don’t know anything, and you’ve proven that with your antiquated opinions. How do you know that God’s plan wasn’t to put us on this earth for everyone to get a sex change? You don’t KNOW that its not! You don’t know! You don’t know ANYTHING about God’s plan, because God is unobtainable. He isn’t there for us to understand or comprehend or use to explain why things are in our own meager little world. God isn’t your own little crutch to use to justify your beliefs. You don’t know what God wants from any of us. All I know is that being a good person, and accepting people for who they truly are inside is the only way to come close to understanding God’s love for anybody. Not just you. I believe in God fully, but not anything like you do. God’s wrath… sure. Of course he has it, he is enormous. But who or what is that wrath for? For people that fall out of Emily Suzanne’s perfect little pretty image of what human life should be? What, do you think you’re the hero writing this? You think your so special standing up against the tide of people supporting Caitlyn Jenner because you don’t, and you have God at your side. Well guess what, ES, maybe he isn’t at your side after all because maybe you are nothing to him but a huge disappointment.

      • and just because you want to fu@$ her doesn’t mean she’s a good writer. nice try trying to hit on her holiness.

  4. Your words ARE hateful and unChristian. Jesus says LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. He never says criticize them. Jesus wasn’t about being judgmental, but rather, to ACCEPT others. To think that God is so interested in the changing of one person’s gender identity is vanity on your part.

    If you’d like to be a good Christian and share the word of God, try helping the poor. Try feeding and clothing them. If you’re doing that correctly, you won’t have time to make hateful statements on the web about other people.

      • The fact that she took the perspective that “Bruce Jenner is not a hero” is mean spirited at the very least. She was so concerned that others thought he was. If she thinks her opinion is so valuable why can’t others see Jenner as a hero? This young girl has a to to learn.

    • No Jesus was not judgemental. He was however about following the word of the Father. You should grab the bible once in a while. In it specifically tells us God did created man and women. Not a women who is stuck in a men’s body. As Christians we are supposed to share the word of God. And that is exactly what she is doing. He is Bruce Jenner and no amount of surgery or changing his name to a women’s will ever change the fact he can’t have children or the fact he can’t ever get his period or menopause. HE IS A MEN. and that is for the rest of his life.

      • I’ll wipe my ass with that stupid book… I’ll make sure to return it to you when I’m done if you send me your address

      • Sara V. you realize that some individuals are actually born with both sex organs. They cannot procreate and don’t fit into any binary category. Are you suggesting their existence is somehow inadequate?

        Also, what about men and women born infertile? Are infertile women, somehow not women? Does your bible layout the law of what to do in these instances?

        What do you suppose they do? Procreation is NOT everything. It does not define your life.

        Also, her name is legally now Caitlyn. You can’t really argue with the law, unless you think you are above the law?

        2)The bible also says “And that servant [slave], which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.” (Luke 12:47). Your bible never denounced servitude, incorporating the master-slave relationship into many of his parables.

        Do you beat your slaves? I think not, considering the fact that society has since progressed from defending outdated and immoral way of life.

        Don’t think everything so literally, and if you choose to do so, bear in mind that the Bible is quite long and you probably will never fully understand the entirety of it’s teaching.

        If you are going to follow cherry picked verses of the Bible word for word, without thinking for yourself, please remember your beliefs and sentiments have a real impact on others.

        Writing an article(like the author did), saying Bruce is not a hero, simply because he is not following your BIBLE, is expressing an opinion that is soiled in blind faith, and is a direct insult to the transgender community.

        Transgender individuals have some of the highest rates of suicide,simply because society very close-minded, and living in a world where you are not accepted for who you are is very difficult. These individuals cannot freely express who they wish to be, out of fear of being mocked and ridiculed. Bruce, coming out of the closet, despite the hate that would come his way, is fact a heroic act. His family was already in the limelight and his transition was going to be open for the masses to ridicule. It is brave to be seen as different in world who will hate you for it, often times simply justifying their hate from the words of a book written over a thousand years ago.

        I am not saying this original article is full of hate, but I wish to draw light to fact that there are many other individuals who will actually HATE and want to publicly humiliate Bruce for her decision. Standing up to those individuals is an act of bravery. Just because your bible disagrees with his choice, does not negate the fact that Bruce chose to be different, in world full of people who would judge him for it.

        I am assuming the author of this article is a white Christian woman living in an American, a Christian nation. She comes from the largest religious and ethnic demographic and she is not a minority. I guess I shouldn’t expect her to understand the oppression that people face when they are the ‘other’. Perhaps her inability to see how this transition for Bruce takes a lot of courage, stems from the fact that she does not face the challenges of being a minority.

        In the future, please try not to speak about the trials of others until you have gone through them. If you are going to speak and form an opinion about their trials, please try to empathize with them first.. This may be difficult, given the fact their way of life is in contradiction with your core. I hope there is at least one time in your life, where you felt like an outsider, and speaking up, despite the fear, took courage, and perhaps you may not fully understand Bruce’s decision, but maybe you can relate to the fear he must have had to overcome.

      • Sara, Is God a man or woman? Many times I had made that question to religious people Christians and Catholics and they say God has no Gender. However, people’s view of God is that God is our father, meaning God is a man, but men can’t give live women can, so in my opinion God is our mother not our father and as a mother she love us regardless of who we are, men however are less tolerant towards people including their child so I guess men are not exactly the image of God. Jesus was a great man, with a energy beyond normal, but he was a man too and hos words and teachings were what he believed was right and yet some of his teachings were influenced by a society in which men hold power against other men and against women. I know faith clouds our vision to what is right and wrong or to what is common sense and not and the time of Jesus, women and men clothing was the same, they didn’t have lingerie or high heels, but at that time there were gay people and men as an intolerant specie thought it was wrong and condemn it in the name of God even if God created gay people the same way he created straight people. At that time, were science didn’t exist, it was easy for a man to say God spoke to me and told me this, so people believed it and the they put in a book and people continue to believe int that. Did you know that high heels were created by men for men? and the women adopt it and when that happened men said, if women are suing high heels is not longer a men’s clothing, so if you use high heels you are already against what you believe, because you are using men’s clothing. The problem is that most of us don’t read about history and we are close minded, so we don’t dig into the past to learn about the present and the future. Did you for example the marriage wasn’t a sacrament until 1,200 years after christ, so how come the church condemns same sex marriage under the argument that marriage is a sacrament, when God didn’t make marriage a sacrament, church did it thinking it was what God wanted, but no proof that in fact that is what God really wanted. Have you read the bible entirely, because, if you have, according to the bible, men was a aloud to have many women but women could only be possessed by one men? did you know that according to the bible, it was ok for men to get divorce but not for women? Think with common sense for a minute, what does that tell you? to me, the bible is book created by men to control women because the church sees women as the evil, so be careful if you want to spread the voice of jesus, specially if you are a mother of girls, you will be telling them you are impure, you are guilty of everything, men can do whatever they want to you and your only role in this life is to procreate, so I hope you don’t have girls or if you do, don’t teach them to follow a word that humiliates them, and I hope you don’t ever have a transgender son or daughter because I’m sure that you will love her or him with all your heart and you will do everything in your power to make them happy, even if that means going against your God

    • She never EVER said she hated Bruce or used any type of hate speech. Non-Christians only know how to play the “hate” card…. For lack of anything intelligent to say.

      • Trying to influence people and get then to her way of negative, narrow minded thinking is mean spirited and somewhat hateful.

      • That may be HER truth and may even be YOUR truth but the only reason she wrote it was that she didn’t like that others saw him as a hero. She didn’t like that other people had their own truth. She has gotten many negative comments because, in this case, this young blogger needs to grow and learn more.

      • oh i am sorry, i didn’t realize the bible came with a disclaimer inciting it was more authoritative than reality. you’re so self obsessed with a book that you’re missing the world around you. How do you know God is actually satisfied with YOU. guess what, you have no clue.

    • You can love someone and disagree with what they’re doing. Example, the prodigal son. The father still loved his son, even though his son was doing things that the father disagreed with. So yes, I agree that nobody should ever be judged or hateful or cruel to ANYONE anywhere, but having an opinion that disagrees with the majority, or disagrees with anything, does not equal hate or judgement. It just equals disagreement. And people can still love other people while disagreeing with them.
      (By the way, while it is good to feed the poor and give them money, Judas was scolded for bringing that up at an inappropriate time with inappropriate intentions. Not to say that your timing or intentions are inappropriate, just saying that I think we should as God for the specifics on where we put our money. Which person, which place, what time, etc. But aside from my opinion on that, what does feeding and taking care of the poor have to do with Bruce Jenner?)

    • Go calls us to love one another, but never to accept or condone sin. Love and tolerance ARE NOT the same thing.

    • I do not see any hateful comments whatsoever. Some people’s imagination of hate has simply gone overboard. She is entitled to her convictions and opinion by way of freedom of expression.

  5. Maybe you missed the first one :::

    I’m not sure why you are preaching at someone who is already a Christian, except for the fact that you are assuming someone who has a gender crisis couldn’t POSSIBLY have heard ‘The Gospel’ before, and therefore must be utterly and completely lost in their own identity. Who are you to condemn someone based on their change of appearances? Very arrogant and presumptive of you, I would say.

    • I don’t believe she is condemning anyone. She is simply giving her opinion that Bruce is not a hero. She is as much entitled to her opinion as you are, wouldn’t you agree? Now, you are the arrogant and presumptuous one for judging her opinion now aren’t you?

    • Rachel, you do not know Bruce’s heart; nor do I. But I don’t believe that he is truly a Christian. Not solely because of the fact that he is transitioning into a woman, but for many reasons. People act in different ways- some people act like Christians (most of the time), and some people don’t. The Kardashian/Jenner family claims to know the Lord and to be Christians, but then they turn around and act like heathens. The clothes they wear, the words that come out of their mouths, the way they act, etc. I am not trying to throw rocks at them, because I am not perfect in any way either. I sin just as much as they all do. But the difference is that I try to realize what my sins are, and try to stop them and ask the Lord to forgive me for them. That doesn’t mean that I don’t turn around the next day and sin again, because I do. But it is fairly obvious that they see no harm in their actions. Just because someone says that they are a Christian, it doesn’t mean that they truly are. I can claim that I’m going to Heaven all day long to the whole world, but if I have not actually asked God into my heart and confessed my sins and vowed to try to live like Him, then I am not going to Heaven. There have been many times where I have said a Bible verse, and then turned around and sinned 5 minutes later. But I try as hard as I possibly can to notice when I do this and to correct myself and confess it and try to keep myself from doing it again. I judge people all the time. I have judged Bruce for his decision. I hate that I do it. I don’t want to judge him. But it is our nature. I have judged people for being drunk, I have judged people for having children out of wedlock, I have judged people for wearing certain clothes, I have judged people for committing the same sins that I have committed, I have judged people for judging people, I have even judged people for being “over-conservative” when I am a conservative!!!!! It is a mistake that I will continue to make but that I will also continue to give to the Lord and ask for His forgiveness for. I want to believe so badly that their whole family is a true Christian family and that I will see them all in Heaven, but I don’t think it’s true. And it breaks my heart every time I think about it. But I love them all anyway. And I hope that people can love me anyway even though I sin all the time. I am honestly happy for Bruce that he feels as if he can finally be himself. And I do realize that by him doing this, it helps other people who are struggling with the same issue. I do believe that it is a real feeling and that they do feel trapped inside the wrong gender’s body. But I also believe that it is not something from the Lord, but that it is something from Satan. We as Christians should not shun transgenders, or homosexuals, or homophobes, or murderers, or people who do anything that we do not agree with. We should love them with our whole heart. But that doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. All sin is the same. Sin is sin. Me judging someone because I don’t like their outfit is the same sin as someone murdering thousands of people (kinda scary to think about). What makes us different is whether or not we realize our wrongs and repent from them. I think it is truly sad that Bruce, and others, feel this way. I hate that homosexual people have to go through what they go through. I hate that people have to deal with all sorts of things that I don’t even know about. Honestly, I hate that I have to go through what I go through. I have battles like that too, they just aren’t exactly the same as other peoples. But I live knowing that I won’t have to live this way forever. Jesus DIED on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven. He was and is perfect! He has never sinned nor will he ever sin, but he was tortured to death for billions of other people’s sins. Because He LOVES us. God sent his son to die because He LOVES us. He loves me even though I sin. He loves Bruce even though he sins. He loves you even though you sin. Same for every other human being on this planet. We will all continue to sin until the day that Jesus comes back. And my heart breaks for all the people that will go burn in eternal hell that day for sinning just like I do everyday. That is why we should try to live our lives where it’s obvious that we are Christians. We should be showing God’s love to others every day, so that those people can truly repent. And we should want to! Most days I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to share the gospel with anyone. It’s seems like too much effort. But it is what we are called to do. If the Kardashian/Jenner family is truly a Christian family, then they should be living like it. They should be using their millions of instagram followers to spread the gospel of Christ. But they aren’t. And neither am I, though I should be. (I want to make it clear that I am just as guilty of sinning as they are, and that I am fully aware that I do not show people Christ’s love through how I live everyday. But I want to change that about myself.) By saying that they are Christians and that they know the Lord and then turning around and acting the way they do, they are giving people the wrong idea about how Christians truly are. People who aren’t Christians might look at them and say, “well if that is how a Christian acts, then I don’t want anything to do with God.” I cringe at the thought that someone has thought that about me. I hope that their family can truly see the Lord and accept them into their hearts and change their ways. And I also truly hope that I can change my ways as well.
      I do not think that he is a real Christian. We can disagree on this, that is fine. I just wanted to tell you my side and why I feel that way.

      • ****I meant to say “I hope that their family can truly see the Lord and accept Him (not them) into their hearts and change their ways.”

        And I just want to repeat this one more time- I do not, in any way, think that I am better than Bruce, or anyone in his family, or anyone else on this earth. I am a sinner just like everyone else. Also- I do not agree with Bruce’s decision, but I love him anyway, and I hope that he can truly understand how much God loves him and accept Him in to his heart.

    • So many people (from the looks of it, you as well) keep assuming that disagreement equals condemnation and/or hate. It. Does. Not. Just to put that out there.

  6. You cannot show love to someone while calling them by a name which they have specifically requested not to be used. Regardless of how you feel about gender transition, a transgender person’s birth name is a source of extreme pain and trauma. To continue to refer to her as Bruce is reopening the wound and pouring salt in it. Please show some respect to the people whom you are addressing.

  7. Emily – – I’m curious. Have you ever questioned your own faith? Have you ever really sat down and thought about what you believe. You fall into the same trap that most Christians do by cherry picking quotes from a book you can’t hope to understand. I take it you probably don’t read ancient greek. Or Aramaic. Or Ancient Hebrew. I am going to assume that you haven’t spent years studying the subtleties of these languages, and how so much of it has been lost to history. Do you know about the corruption that helped decide which books would be put into the bible and which would be left out – and why those decisions were made? So when you pull those quotes out and use them as the basis for your argument – you’ve already lost. Instead of relying on the ramblings of bronze age desert dwellers, try instead to take advantage of the thousands of years worth of knowledge and advancement we’ve made. Can the bible be used as a non literal teaching tool to help us understand the culture and beliefs of the day? Of course. It’s myth. It’s fiction. to take it literally is to close your mind to reason.

    • The Bible is The inspired Word of God. You are entitled to have your opinion as to whether it is fiction or Truth. It is true that you have no hope of understanding the Bible because you do not believe in God. The Holy Spirit of God reveals its meaning to those who search with an open heart and mind in their search for Him. The reason you don’t understand the Bible is that you have “closed your mind to reason”…. Now, how does that feel to you? You have just received back what you dished out, haven’t you.

      • I call all this bs. He does not exists. And the bible was just a made up book to induce hatred in the world and that has been pointed out by this chick here that wrote this articles and all of her followers.

      • Kay, exactly the point. We all can put our own spin on the Bible, causing it to lose it’s meaning and ability to remain an absolute authority.

        You basically just admitted that their is no way of KNOWING the original intent. Every single one of us will read the words of the Bible and have a different interpretation. So, what is it again that is the core of Christianity, if everyone is just going around and believing what they choose?

  8. I hope Bruce reads it and I think we all needed to read this.
    With all the content online, that your blog got over 2M views, is to me, a miracle.

  9. Please stop saying Jenner needs to find Jesus. As you have no idea what her religious beliefs are. For all you know she and Jesus and tight. They talk daily, she has prayed she made the right decision. You are making an awfully big leap in assuming because what she did is against what you feel a christian should do, that Jenner is not christian. Maybe just move on to a new topic and leave this one alone.

  10. Grateful for you sharing the gospel. Grateful to know someone who doesn’t shy away from truth and speaking on something that clearly God has burdened your heart for. And do to so with the balance of grace to that truth, thank you. I know you wrote for sake Jesus’s glory, as you addressed tough issues and showed concern and care for the salvation of this man. So I know the opposing comments were expected. And some may even be personally cutting. But I wanted you to know I’m praying for you, and again- I’m thankful and proud as a sister in Christ.

  11. But, what is the sin?

    “For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.”

    In Biblical times, the only genital surgery that would’ve been available for those who whose gender didn’t match their gender identity would’ve been castration. Yet in Matthew 19:12,Jesus Christ doesn’t condemn such surgery. Think about that for a moment — Christ said genital surgery could be done for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. And Isaiah 56:3-5 talks about how eunuchs will God will give eunuchs “a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters;” and “will give them an everlasting name that will endure forever.”

    And too, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” — So says 1 Samuel 16:7b…it’s in God’s voice, speaking to the prophet Samuel.

    My friend, you’re looking on what’s on the outside of Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner when God looks at the heart.

    So, consider opening your heart to the idea that you may not know God’s or Jenner’s heart on this.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you just made that ALL UP! You should try researching what a “eunuch” is.

      • Did you look up the scriptures I quoted and referenced?

        Perhaps you might want to also want to look up Judges 4 and Acts 8:24-40 to see God working through people who didn’t conform to sex/gender norms.

        Perhaps you’re just trolling. If so, well, I forgive you.

  12. I’m a Christian and I personally have no opinions towards transgendered individuals. To me, Bruce/Caitlyn is neither a hero nor a monster. To me, he is what everyone else is: a person created by God and loved by Him.

    When you wrote your previous post, I did not see it as speaking the truth in love. You chose to focus on the sin and shame and spotlight Bruce/Caitlyn as a sinner rather than acknowledging the hurting person behind it. What was missing from your post was the acknowledgement that we’re all sinners and that EVERY sin is equal in God’s eyes. I know you didn’t intend to do it but you made a choice to hurt rather than comfort and heal. You judged a person as doing it for the attention without knowing their true struggles. What I wish you had done, and what you should’ve done, was welcome Bruce/Caitlyn into the church with open arms. You didn’t have to accept him/her but you should’ve shown more grace and mercy. We were called by God to help the hurt, not to vilify them.

    Someone in my church shared your post and in a few minutes, there was a huge firestorm of anger and hatred as fellow believers clashed with one another. There as utter discord. This is not what God would’ve wanted. Jesus sat with sinners: whores, tax collectors, gentiles, etc. He never condoned their sin but he never condemned it either. He was there for them and loved them. If someone in your congregation was struggling with the same thoughts of gender, it would be better to try to listen to them and help them rather than throw stones.

    I know you meant every word of your last post and I can respect that, but I hope that in the future, you will do it in a way that shows more love towards your neighbor than what you displayed.

  13. Oh, Emily Suzanne. What you said *was* hateful, rather than just “disagreeing,” b/c who are you to disagree with a person’s identity? I posted as much as a comment on the previous blog post but last I looked, it was still in moderation. It’s probably been approved/displayed since then, as I noticed some really nasty recent ones (sorry about that — no need for anyone to be mean in return).

    But, while I was waiting, I posted this blog post response that attempts to explain what’s oh-so-wrong about this “Christian” way of viewing the issue:

  14. I’m not going to single anyone out. Not any celebrity, athlete, or anyone else. All I’ll say is that, as a Christian and a HUMAN, I am thoroughly distressed by the direction our society is heading in. We are being told, as a society, if I am understanding this correctly, that ‘Bruce’s’ transition is acceptable and should be accepted. Meaning that everyone should feel safe to do so if he or she feels the same way.

    However, while this is a very small part of this massive debate, consider the implications of every man on earth deciding he is a woman. If you say that would never happen, my response would be; where does one draw the line? When half the males have decided not to reproduce anymore? A quarter? Three quarters? A million?

    Our species would die out immediately, or soon after.

    Is this, according to how I understand the bible, what God intended?

    No. It is not.

    I am not perfect, and I have sinned. I’ve fallen short of the glory of God.

    “But if being open-minded means unquestioningly accepting anything and everything because it is progressive or popular, then I want no part of it”

  15. Emily,

    I just wanted to tell you Christian sister DO NOT get discouraged for standing for Jesus and what is right. God will handle it and God will bless you! Everything you said in the article Bruce Jenner is Not a hero is all true and right! He is not a hero!

    If people that call themselves “Christians” had anything negative to say about your article, they should be ashamed. I think one of problems with some Christians or some that say they are “Christians” is this…. They have become too tolerant of evil and the ways of the world! Where Grace and Love are the foundation of Christianity and that is why Jesus gave his life for us, once we experience that grace we are called by the Holy Spirit to surrender to Jesus and die to ourselves and the flesh and the ways of the world daily and take up our cross and follow Jesus and his ways. We are to enter through the narrow gate and not the broad gate that the majority of the world enters through. We must love but we must stand for what is right. We are in a battle of good and evil and we should walk closely with God so that we recognize evil for what it is and fight for what is good and right and holy! Evil should provoke us to righteous anger! There is such a thing as righteous anger! (For example: when Jesus knocked over the tables of the tax collectors and gamblers in his Fathers House as they practice their evil ways/he made them leave) Jesus was not passive! He was loving but not passive! He stood for what was right! When he comes back, he is coming for battle so that we can fight with him for good and what is right and to finally destroy all evil! It will be the final battle of Armageddon and all Christians will be standing together and fighting the followers of the world!

    What you are doing is fighting the good fight for the glory of Jesus, and I am with you! Do not be discouraged or dismayed God is with you and your true Christian brothers and sisters are with you!! Transgender and homosexuality are wrong and in our world people are accepting it more and more and even people who claim to be Christians claim they do not speak out against it in love! The truth is they do not want to offend or either they have some hidden sin they are walking in that they don’t really want to let go of so how can they say anything about a transgender or homosexual! There is a difference between committing a sin and living in sin and asking others to accept the fact that you live in sin and to applaud and praise you for it! No person should be commended for the sinful life style they are living!

    I am thankful you are taking a stand for Jesus and what is right! You are a good loving person and you are not judgmental. You are standing for what is right! I admire you! I am with you and God is and will bless you! Love in Christ!

    Dabbs C. Smith

    • Dabbs
      Please, don’t think I’m attacking you, in fact you and everybody else has the right to share their believes, as long as is in a constructive way I think is fine, so let me share what I believe. As I’m not a Christian, or catholic or anything really I believe there’s someone who created us and created the universe, but that’s about it. I was born catholic but since little I knew that I had the right to challenge things, for example, we know dinosaurs existed way before humanity and yet, priests used to tell me that adan and eve were created first and we know that’s no possible. I read the bible, not entirely and not as part of being catholic I read it because I think is a good novel and if you pay attention you will notice that it was written by men and never by women, so the only history we know is coming from the hands of one gender, in fact, men feared women so badly since the beginning that the best way to control women is by telling women that they are the reason why we were expelled from paradise. If you read carefully, in the bible women are the devil or at least a representation, Christians think God is our father, how do we know God is not a woman? well, when I asked that question to Christian’s priests and catholics they say,that God has no sex, ok so that means God is both female and male. So if God is female and male, transgenders are God’s image. Men no women are less tolerant, less open minded, less caring than women, so men no women were so afraid of others being different that they decided that being gay is a sin, honestly just because they don’t like it, so men put it in the bible saying that it was God’s will. Think about it, women give life trough birth, men can’t do it. God gave us life, if he really wanted men to carry his word, why God didn’t gave men the gift of conception? Sorry, all this questions are the questions I did and never got a straight answer so I decided to believe that Jesus and everything else in the bible is just a novel written by men to control women and other men and yet, I’m very blessed, my family is very blessed and God is always protecting us, and I never got to church or say grace and my kids are not baptized we just say thanks and talk to God in our own way. I also have gay friends that they are blessed by God, they are happy, they have money and it’s not that money means you are blessed but they are blessed in a way that they travel often, some have kids which are very happy and healthy and they have friends and family that love them, if they were sinners who come they are more blessed than others that are not sinners? The answer is because the love everyone regardless of their race, color of their skin, gender and sexual orientation, they give so much love that they receive love and they as me don’t believe in Jesus. Many people who believes in Jesus is blessed to, so at the end God, just want people to love each other, if you think Jesus is God, it’s ok if you don’t think Jesus is God is ok too, as long as you love each other including gays, trans, straight, etc I hope one day, people challenge old believes and believe what their hear tells them, removing all the noise created by religions and that day we will be a better society, and for sure once that happen, women will realize that women were created to guide the world not men and transgender people will be part of those women who will do it, well at least that is what I believe and if that happens in 100 years, people will think I was God’s daughter lol

      • omg i love promoting hate. that’s why my name is Dabbs C Smith. I’m a dumb cunt.

  16. Unfortunately mam, I have to agree that your standpoint in the original article did express a sort of hateful tone. Although your intent was simply to express how he wasn’t a hero, you conveyed it by trying to support it with facts and summing up his entire existence to a few empty terms such as “lost” and “sinner.” I too and a Christian, and it truly hurts my heart whenever I see articles posted like your original Bruce Jenner article. God called on us to love others, not to be a judge to them. I know that you don’t want to hear my point of view and probably will disregard me as another “hater,” but I’m just trying to qualify my point. God loves everyone. God loves you. God loves me. and God loves Caitlyn Jenner. Although your intentions were good, your tactics were offensive to others and feed the stereotypical view of Christians in general. I apologize if my view somehow offended you as well.

    • Another thing I might add is your disrespect toward her, obviously if you know enough to write an article and certify her lack of authenticity as a hero, then you know she now identifies herself with feminine pronouns and the name Caitlyn. By misusing this type of identification, it nearly comes off more so as if your simply refusing to accept the entire basis of being transgender more so than you are trying to point out the lack of bravery in her transformation.

  17. I am sorry so many of these people have felt the need to express their hate toward you. I thought everything you have written throughout this blog is amazing, some much needed truth, and spoken in far more love than I ever could, I take great pride in my ability to shred any liberal where they stand. What they hate is that you have truth, these people have been sold a lie, and anyone that disagrees receives all the hate they can spew. Seeing how people like you get treated just makes me even more angry because I am constantly told I am to heavy handed in my discussions and that I need to be *nicer* however, when I see someone like you that does try to do this in love, you get treated no different than those of us out attacking modern liberalism head on. So many of these people are telling you that you dont know what you are talking about, that you dont personally know any transgendered people. I dont know if that is true or not, but I do have a transgendered person in my family, so I believe I can speak on this matter. My aunt is trying to become a man. And this person believes god is actually telling her to do this. She has hurt a lot of people in the process, and does not seem to care… I think I would have to say that people that engage in this are only one step short of the level of selfishness as a person that commits suicide(they are trying to eliminate themselves more or less) I dont think most of these people that are choosing to hate you have even researched this, since if you really research it with an open mind, you will find a huge number of reputable doctors at very reputable institutions, some of them religions, some not, some to the left, some to the right, who have diagnosed this as a mental disorder that needs therapy, counseling, and drugs, not surgery. I believe this is part of the modern mentality of “what right do you have to judge?” I cant count how many times someone has told me that as a Christian I have no right to judge. The truth, however, is that if these people want to hide their perversion and do it behind closed doors, that is fine, but that is not good enough anymore, now they are trying to teach it to children in school as part of the complete indoctrination machine, and at this point I have to say that as Christians, and even more so as free Americans, we have every right, and, in my opinion, the responsibility to judge. Anyway, that is my two cents, Saying strong, know that the haters hate out of ignorance.

    • wow, well thanks for being a subject expert. i’m glad your aunt is transgendered and i am sorry to feel you think your family has been hurt. however, have any of you taken the time to understand the world of your family member? probably not, because you’re too busy thinking that you’re christian and that by saying those words that alleviates you from being compassionate because OH I”M CHRISTIAN I GET TO JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE!!!!!!!!

      • Patrick, your need to try to tell me this indicates to me that you know nothing about this affliction other than what is fed to you in the media. Guess what dude? I have read the studies by multiple institutes and talked to multiple professionals, and they all say that YOU are wrong and this is a mental disorder. Oh, and one other thing for you sire almighty. You want to know my right to judge? Ill tell you might right to judge… my right to judge is that as a free american who is watching his country slip into depravity and cares about where it is going, when I see this lie perpetrated on elementary school children, I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO JUDGE. No, go back to your ignorant brainwashed soft sell liberal hole and keep telling us about how we have to tolerate anything under the sun or else be bad Christians.

  18. You quote the Bible as if it’s validation for your petty comments. Guess you missed the parts about judging others. Try this one, from Romans 2:1…

    “Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.”

    What is it about Christians that makes them feel they’re the authority and arbiters on how others should live? You want to share the word of God through your blog? Great. But maybe you could spare the world your intolerance and narrow-minded thinking. You have no right to judge how others live their lives, and quoting a bunch of Bible passages doesn’t make you right in determining how Caitlyn Jenner should live her life.

  19. Here is my response to your previous post. I’m starting to believe that you are making the statements you have made though simply to generate controversy (and therefore increase your readership.) Here it is anyway.


    Per your follow up post, you state that you have received over 4,000 responses so I’m sure you won’t read this, but I feel the need to have my say anyway. Your second sentence immediately caught my attention as being slightly funny “Most are so deeply embedded in presuppositions…” Why do I find this funny? Maybe I should have used the word “hypocritical” instead. You accuse others of holding to presuppositions, but then you proceed to write an article filled with them. Throughout the article, you have shown your complete lack of empathy towards other human beings as well as your absolute ignorance on what it means to be transgender and what those that are transgender have to go through in their lives. The premise of your article seems to hinge on three statements you claim as fact:

    God does not make mistakes
    “He made them male and female”
    Caitlyn Jenner (that is her name) is not a hero.

    I will address these points one at a time:

    God does not make mistakes: This is a wonderfully trite Christian belief that just doesn’t hold up to sound reason or any of the available facts. First off, if there is a God (which is questionable), and he did create the Universe and all that’s in it, then it is littered with mistakes. I will point out just a few:

    Genetic errors that lead to downs-syndrome (or any other genetic disorder in a world filled with them)
    Natural disasters
    Creating a world so bad that he had to destroy it with a giant flood and start over
    Making his “Perfect Word” so vague, obscure, and hard to understand that religions dedicated to him are so fractured with different beliefs and denominations that their history is littered with internal wars where they slaughtered each other by the thousands

    Need I go on? I’m sure you will attempt to say “God didn’t create those things! Those are a result of sin entering the world!” So please tell me then… Who created sin? You might say that was Satan, but then… Who created Satan? If God knows all things, past, present, and future, then he had to know what Satan would do before he even created him. Right? Christians like to claim that everything is a part of God’s wonderful plan, but then that means sickness, disease, pain, and suffering are all a part of God’s divine plan. That means that God created people specifically to suffer, and specifically to be sinners that hurt other people, which means they have no choice in the matter, and yet He will still punish them with eternal torture in Hell because they served their supposed purpose in his plan? That sounds like a loving God to you?

    Another common Christian response to this is “But sin is just the absence of God’s light!” But… Christians also claim that God is omnipresent, meaning that he is everywhere, even in the darkest, most vile of places. In other words, if God is truly omnipresent then there can be no place where he doesn’t exist. If he is truly omnipotent then he sits back and watches as people suffer, when he could step in at any time to stop it. If you say he can’t because of free will, then he is not omnipotent. So the “God didn’t create sin” and “Sin is the absence of God” arguments just don’t hold up. Either that, or God created sin and suffering and chooses to sit back and not to do anything about it. You can say he sent Jesus to save us from all of that, but that doesn’t hold up either, because there is still plenty of suffering around and there is still what you would call sin, even among people that Jesus has supposedly saved. Besides that, you’re honestly going to try and claim that an omnipotent God couldn’t think of a better way to save the world from the sin he created than to have his own son (who is somehow himself) brutally tortured and killed? I could think of a thousand other ways and I’m not claiming to be omnipotent! Anyway… On to your second weak argument.

    “He made them male and female”: This one is by far the easiest to refute and probably the most ignorant of the world we live in. With this statement that you claim is fact, you ignore the actual scientific fact that there are other gender variations outside of your black and white fantasy world.

    Pseudohermaphrodism: Where an individual has both male and female external genital organs, sometimes at the same time. Female embryos exposed to high levels of androgens (the male hormones) develop female internal reproductive organs but male external genitalia. Alternately, genetic defects cause children to be born with female external genital organs, which change at puberty, with the development of a penis and the closure of the false vagina.

    Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Androgen insensitivity syndrome is a condition that affects sexual development before birth and during puberty. People with this condition are genetically male, with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome in each cell. Because their bodies are unable to respond to certain male sex hormones (called androgens), they may have mostly female sex characteristics or signs of both male and female sexual development.

    So yeah… “He made them male and female” except in those instances where people have biological characteristics of both, by no choice of their own. I guess that could also rebut the “God doesn’t make mistakes” argument you make. In light of these two things (and there are more out there), is it honestly so hard for you to believe that perhaps someone was born with the body of one gender and the brain of the other? We use medicine to cure countless diseases and ailments, yet you claim it’s a sin to use medical science to correct that? And finally…

    “[Caitlyn] Jenner is not a hero”: To you? Maybe not… But to the thousands of kids out there that are transgender (or just LGBT in general) who have to suffer in a society that treats them like they are nothing, Caitlyn Jenner can be an amazing hero. She is someone who has been through it all, rose to fame as an athlete, lives a very public celebrity life, and yet still chose to be herself knowing that people like you would attack her, demean her, and call her a sinner for making that decision. In spite of the presuppositions that you make from your place of privilege in society, that represents the very definition of courage. So how dare you try and claim otherwise. As if you have any basis for doing so.”

    • No! he is not a hero, exactly what sacrifice has he gone thru? Hiding his truth? That makes him one? And to the transgender community is he a hero? Why? It’s like Donald Trump a hero because he has millions of dollars and can do whatever he wants, well then i must be sad all my life because i am pretty sure i am not going to be that rich or succesful so then i must admire the guy?? There is no hope for the thousands of people who might be feeling the same and will never be happy with who they are and i am sorry for them because they won’t be able to follow his or her path and must remain suffering alone.

      • Your response is basically unintelligible and certainly doesn’t make any reasoned arguments. Yes SHE is a hero. What sacrifices has SHE made? She’s come out as who she really is, risking public backlash, physical attacks, etc… She has had the courage to make herself known to the world on a massive stage. As I said, that’s the very definition of courage. She may not be a hero to you, but to many transgender people and others in the LGBT community, she definitely is.

  20. One of the problems with the world today is, when we don’t agree, dislike, or don’t follow the masses, it automatically means we are being hateful or judgemental.

    I am with you on this and thought the previous post was put together well… I didn’t see it as hateful at all.

    And ultimately, you are doing what we have been called to do. Share the gospel…

    Much love to you!

  21. You’re getting quite a bit of attention on this topic. I’m sure it has to be hard to be criticized as you have been as I’m sure the support you’ve received has been appreciated as well. I don’t know that you’ll even get to reading this, but I wonder how best we, as Christians, engage in conversation rather than taking sides? That’s one of the things that I’ve always been amazed at about Jesus. He was masterful at engaging the sinners and tax collectors of his day in great conversation, calling them to himself in love and yes, addressing issues of the soul and sin. Sometimes, I get so caught up in making sure the world knows what I think is right and wrong (usually more of what I’m against than what I’m for) that I forget to lead with love, to hold the tension of the possibility of others not knowing my stance and engaging in conversation that can lead to relationship, value and change on both our parts. I don’t particularly agree with the tone of your posts, but it’s clear that your heart is that Christ be known and magnified. For that, I am grateful.

    My hope is that we will point people to Christ through patience, kindness, gentleness, self control, honoring others, protecting others, with trust, hope, truth and perseverance. How would our conversations look if we stood FOR these things rather than pointing out all we stand against?

  22. I’m sorry this is all so stupid! People have a right to their views, some others may not like it but guess what, you don’t have to! If I think Bruce is a hero ok, if I think he is going to hell then ok! To go around and say people are ignorant because they don’t agree with your side is so ridiculous. People honestly need to get over it not everyone is going to be ok with a man now calling himself a woman, and they have every right to speak their minds. We shouldn’t be called names because we don’t approve.

    • So in other words, it’s free speech when you spout off your nonsense, but not when others say you’re ignorant for it? Interesting…

      • Lee, just because you have an opinion does not make it an informed or rational opinion. Free speech is fine, but that does not negate the fact that many Americans have close-minded opinions, colored by blind faith(such as the author of the article).

        I doubt most Christians have ready the entirety of the Bible, so I found it amusing they speak in absolutes, as if their arguments cannot be permeated. It is never a discussion or rational conversation, which is why it gets irritating and can lead to name calling.

  23. Let this serve as my “Bravo. Go girl!” I don’t open my blog to comments because I don’t possess the grace with which you responded to the overwhelming backlash from unbelievers. Perversion is everywhere. You and I are quickly becoming the minority, even among fellow “Christians”. Keep up the good work- the world certainly needs more of it.

  24. Since when does sharing Christ’s love equal creating blogs judging others? Isn’t your main goal as a Christian to spread the love of Christ? Are you helping to feed and clothe the poor or is your time spent using the Internet to spread hate and fear? Where does your judgement fit into the teachings of Christ? Do you know humans can be born with both male and female genitalia? Are these people sinners in your eyes too?

  25. Emily,

    I am genuinely interested in having a thoughtful conversation about your perspective and mine I regard to transgender people, the Gospel, and a Christian understanding of gender. Our perspectives are very different.

    God did create us all intentionally. He created male and female – but what I think you’re missing is that he never said he created male and female in only one way. Transgender people are male and female, and from my perspective, created by God to teach us important and valuable things about our souls and about gender. I think it’s dangerous to assume that God has only one way of accomplishing nothing anything – He is infinite, He created everything, and we cannot assume to know his intention in creating cisgender (people who are not trans) or transgender people. What I know is that He created all of us with a specific purpose for each of us, with all of us in mind to receive that purpose.

    I would also strongly caution you against assuming anything about Caitlyn Jenner’s beliefs or faith. I read an articulate and informative article just yesterday written by a Church leader who knows her and had very informative thugs to say about her faith, which I hope you will seek out and read. It hurts my heart that would assume that someone who has a different life experience or perspective doesn’t know Christ or love Christ and isn’t Christian simply because that person doesn’t live life exactly as you do or believe exactly what you believe. I know that God will forgive you for making such sweeping new judgements, if you ask for it. Remember his commandants to first love Him and then love one another. I believe that both you and Caitlyn are loved by our Savior, that if you pursue life according to his commandments and exhibit true love for your fellow human beings in this life, then you will glorify Him. I hope that the Saviors love touches your heart and allows you to see Ms. Jenner as a human being worthy of love and respect just as much as you are worthy of such things.

  26. I bumped into your blog by mistake but I have to admit, your opinions were very interesting; so let me share what I think, I hope you don’t get offended as it’s not my intention and please forgive my typos, I’m using my phone and it’s very difficult to type. I’m a not a Christian, catholic or anything like that, I believe there’s someone upstairs and that someone has blessed me and my family in many different ways. So now you know I’m not an atheist. In your previous post you said and I quote “Male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27) and He does not make mistakes, but does everything perfectly with love and wisdom. I agree with you, God doesn’t make mistakes, reason why I believe transgenders. gays, straights. etc were created by God the way they are for a reason, God didn’t make a mistake when a man or woman feels trapped in the wrong body, remember God makes no mistakes, so there’s a reason why he created them, or why there’s homosexuals. Do you think God made a mistake when he put men and women in places where they starve to dead? I don’t think so, there’s a reason, we just don’t want to see it, but I think God created them to help us feel compassion and even now a days we do nothing about it. You said you believe in Jesus but you have never seen him, all you know is what a man tells you because other men wrote in a book, I know is an act of faith but how do you know you are not praying to a false God. Truth is we will never know, maybe when we die. I’m going to give you an example in “Exodus 20 God spoke this words, 17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Look carefully, God says servants, in other words slaves at that time or anything that belongs to your neighbor including his wife, that means if you are married you are an possession pr object of your husband” My point is that the church will tell you that those words were written in the context of the time where that happened and that time slavery was a norm, but if God loves us all, I’m sure he was against slavery and slavery now a days is illegal, so you can say we are progressive because we don’t believe in slavery anymore. So if humanity accepted to change that, why don’t we accept that there’s many different types of people. Think a little bit, but the church makes you feel you are guilty since the day you born and the church makes you feel fear of God, but do you think a baby is a sinner just because the fact that is written in a book? My kids are angels, live happy, are smart, healthy have lots of friends and I didn’t baptize them, you know why, is because they are no sinners, they are not perfect of course and they will commit sins for sure, but, the same goes to kids that are baptized, so there’s no correlation between being blessed and believe in Jesus, as I know many families, that are good Christians and yet live in hell because many reasons. My last comment is, if being transgender, gay, or whatever is a sin, why that’s not written in the 10 commandments, is because God forgot about it? or maybe one day a man had an idea that being gay was a sin and included that chapters later?

  27. While I disagree with hating/condemning/judging anyone just because they believe differently than we do, I agree with your post. I just think so many people are offended by things like this because they assume disagreement equals condemnation/judgement/hate/etc, when it doesn’t. I like to see it similar to the prodigal son. The father loved his son through the whole story, but that doesn’t mean he condoned what his son was doing or encouraged or agreed with it. I just think people need to learn that disagreement does not equal all the things they assume it does.

  28. I can’t believe people are congratulating you on your recent post. You claim God doesn’t make mistakes and reference the bible to prove your point. The bible is riddled with mistakes and contradictions (Google bible contradictions). Have you bothered to research the bible from a historical perspective? How was the bible assembled and when? When was the concept of hell invented? Do people of Jewish faith believe in hell? How has the bible changed over the years? How has Christianity changed over the years? How did the Roman Empire help to shape Christianity as we know it today? When was the bible first labeled “the word of God”? Most Christians cannot answer these questions as they can only regurgitate their ignorance. Not sure why anyone would spread “the gospel” or claim the bible is the word of God without first researching the history behind it. The reason why people are fleeing Christianity in record numbers is because the answers to the questions above are more easily accessible thanks to technology.

    • I don’t think anyone believes that God WROTE the bible. It was written by men who — in spite of being inspired of God to write the things they did — are imperfect beings.

      • By the way you do know man did not sit down and write the bible in one sitting right? The Christian bible is actually a collection of letters and stories assembled hundreds of years after the death of Christ. Many of the New Testament authors are unknown and it wasn’t assembled in the correct order (by date).

      • Haha, yes, I’m quite aware that the bible wasn’t written in one sitting. But thanks for making sure I knew that.

        I’m not sure how this turned into a debate on the bible, but I’ll tell you what I believe — not that you asked. I believe that the writings that make up the bible were inspired. Unfortunately, men are imperfect and mistakes have been made in the translation of and interpretation of the bible. This, however, does not constitute a valid argument against the statement that “God does not make mistakes”. Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. found in the bible are the mistakes of men.

      • Seriously you included a link from LDS? Your religion is fairly new, was started by a self professed psychic based on his findings of gold plates, magic glasses, and a magic rock. No thank you.

      • CaffeineForMommy What has happened in your life that made you so bitter towards religion? I’m not trying to pick a fight with you — I’m legitimately curious. Your comments show a pattern of belittling the beliefs of others and mocking things which others hold sacred. Is there a reason you have these negative feelings?

    • You are posting comments on a blog that is literally belittling another human being and you are accusing me of being bitter? Really? This blog is just a tiny example of what is wrong with religion. The 40 million dollars that was poured into Prop 8 (by the way half of that was raised by your religion) is another example. Another example? The push for bible courses in public schools. When religious hypocrites stop trying to force their beliefs down everyone else’s throats is when religion will stop being a problem for me.

      • It’s not an accusation, it’s an observation. There is a lot of hostility in the tone of your comments. I’m just trying to get a feel for why. But if the conversation is upsetting you there’s no need to continue. I wish you the best.

  29. He should do what makes him happy he’s not hurting anyone. You should just worry about your own life and keep your beliefs to yourself.

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    And…a follow up. Perfectly and gracefully stated. She has far more patience than I. Some (most) say my own blog will go nowhere unless I enable “comments” to engage my audience and encourage a dialogue. I read, oh, maybe ten out of the five thousand comments received by this young woman in her previous post. If those are the caliber of souls I’m supposed to affect with my blog, I’d rather not. I will not enable comments. I will, however, let everyone evaluate material for themselves. Open that Bible. It’s in there. ~ SouthernGal

  31. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! You speak the Truth with grace, and that is commendable. There are those who do not know God yet claim to – we can judge their actions and discern whether they are part of the Body of Christ or not. That does not mean we are judging their salvation – that judgment is God’s alone. It always frustrates me to see the Bible misquoted and taken out of context, but that is what the lies of Satan do – they take God’s Word and twist it (see Genesis 3!). Do not let the hate and bitterness you read in the comments deter you! There are many of us shouting a hearty “Amen!” Bless you, sister.

  32. If God makes no mistakes, then why are babies born with heart defects? Is it wrong for them to have heart transplants to correct what was genetically wrong? What about people who are born with both male and female sex organs? God makes no mistakes, correct? How do you explain that?
    You see life in black and white, right or wrong. Your Jesus did not.
    I suspect you will refuse to imagine this, but if you can open your mind and heart for a moment, consider that your God may be testing YOU. Not Bruce Jenner. Perhaps you are the one whose faith is being tested.
    How do you know that your God didn’t speak to Bruce and tell him to follow his heart? Because God is love. The bible tells you to ask for forgiveness and know that YOU are imperfect. Perhaps you are the one God is disappointed in. Intolerance, and judgement, and shunning your fellow man (OR woman) are not God-like qualities.
    And lastly, those of you who proclaim that a woman is only a woman if she has a uterus and can have babies are unbelievably cruel and naive. If a woman has cancer and needs a hysterectomy, is she no longer a woman?

    • Did you ever think about the fact that those babies may have heart defects because of their parents actions? (smoking, drugs, alcohol and many many other things). don;t blame God for our actions. Jenner did that. It was his deliberate action. If you believe there is God you have to say that there is a bad force too which fight against us. God really don;t do mistakes! I am worried about you, taking this position against God. The same questions were asked by Job, and he had to suffer to get the answers!

      • I sincerely hope no innocent, loving mother who has given birth to a baby with a heart defect reads this ignorant and cruel post. The vast majority of women who give birth to babies with defects have done NOTHING to contribute to the condition. And you should really read about hermaphroditism, because you are incorrect. People can be born with both male and female sex chromosomes. Babies are born with what appears to be a penis and then grown up to menstruate.

    • It can be a malformation to have both male or female organs, but that is the malformation. But the external sexual members will show you the gender. If you are a female, you have breasts. Jenner had none. He had a penis he used for his entire life. He will never be able to procreate because he is a man, no matter what malformation he had when he was born. Let’s think guys! We have a brain..

    • Jesus didn’t judge the sinner who wanted to repent, but He pointed the sins and judged the Pharisees and the ones who took advantages on His name. I think you took advantage on the love of God. Let’s accept everything because God is good.. He will forgive us, no matter what life we live

  33. Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”.. I think this world is going down and it is pointless to fight back. This will be happening anyways.. The Bible tells us so. All we can do is to pray for the ones who are fallen in this battle and to help them get up again!

  34. Dude, this is a moral law, not a faith.. Chinese,Japanese, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists… all think the same about this moral law (fact), and we have totally different faiths.. i think this is a fact, not a faith.. this generation tries to erase everything was before (for many many years) in the name of idk what… dude, you are not the one who invented the wheel..

  35. You say that God putting a female soul into a male body is impossible for it is a mistake and God makes all things happen which means he makes no mistakes, all things are intended. Why can God not intend for that to happen, for that journey for the soul to take? Who are we to question and in questioning along fall into the trap of the apple. If a person feels that way they feel that way. If it ends with her loving herself and loving god and spreading love to those around her, then why are you even commenting on this in the first place. And if it leads to a person who loves and spreads love and that love being the love of god then are they not a hero? I will take those people, those souls walking the battered line, hard pressed by all those around them, they are heroes to me.

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