Motherhood is a Marathon

I was honored to have this article published by 

Motherhood is an incredible blessing and joy, but it can also be easy to lose sight of the great purpose and glory behind the mundane, day to day work. I hope this is an encouragement and timely reminder to any moms who need it. Take heart. What you are doing is so important.

One thought on “Motherhood is a Marathon

  1. Hi, Emily! My name is Mary Carver, and I work for, a Christian parenting site. I recently read your post at Desiring God, and I loved it. I think our readers would love it, too, so I’m writing to ask if you would allow us to republish it on our site. We would give you full credit as author, link back to the original post, and include your bio and head shot. (I originally contacted Marshall Segal with Desiring God, and he gave me the okay as long as you gave us permission as well.) Please let me know if you have any questions and if you’ll let us share your post. Thank you!

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