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I hail from the great land of Oklahoma though I have lived in Texas for the past 9 years. I graduated from The University of Oklahoma where I studied philosophy. Boomer Sooner forever.

My husband and I have four kids whom I stay home with. We started homeschooling this year and it’s going pretty well. No one has been expelled…yet.

I love Jesus, coffee, and writing when I have the time…which is almost never. Every once in a while though, the stars align and I find the time and energy to share my thoughts on life and motherhood here.

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37 thoughts on “About Me

      • For someone who claims to be a Christian you are a very hateful close minded bigot and full of hatred. I hope you never bare children as I am afraid of all the hatred you will teach them with your so called bible and the “word of God” you are one of many reasons I stopped believing in religion and in God. You keep your awful and hateful book along with your imaginary man up there.

  1. Just scanned over your article about Bruce Jenner. Also read some of the comments. Yikes!! Maybe think about blocking comments of others unless you’re willing to debate EVERYONE that comments which…who has time for that. Truth is, anybody who thinks of Bruce, or whatever, as heroic or anything other than someone with major psychological problems (a problem that a sex change won’t fix) is not worth reading. Let them get their own blog. Just my opinion. Good job

  2. I enjoy your blogs! How do I follow you to receive your blogs please?
    I’ve tried to “click” on all I see to be added, but no luck so far. Maybe I’m missing something…….
    (Feel kinda silly asking)
    Or is it only thru Facebook?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Just hit the follow button, and insert your email address. New articles will then be forwarded to that email. Don’t even have to log-in to WordPress.

  3. Our granddaughter sent us a link to your article about Bruce Jenner. My wife and I read it and agree with your comments wholeheartedly. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas about that.

  4. Thank you!!! Finally someone who speaks the word of God. Thank you so much for speaking up about Bruce Jenner.

  5. Hi Emily,

    I wanted to say that it is refreshing to read a blog from a fellow believer that is sound in theology and doctrine. Read your recent article and will be reading more of your posts.

    Kind regards,
    A brother in Christ.

  6. I am curious if you had a child/family member with the same gender issues as Bruce Genner, would your viewpoint change?

  7. Love the article you write about Heros, I totally agree and you are spot on. I just pray that more of the generation on your watch can turn TO GOD and not away like so many of my generation have done sadly. I turns 50 this year and it saddens me to look back at what my generation has done and raised. My wife and I are astrainged from our 19 year old daughter because of it and the values we hold onto. It was a blessing to read your story and believe that there is still hope in the future generations…. Even though I have tad “the Book” and know how the story ends… God was you on your continued writings

  8. We’ve never met, probably never will… But just sent your Bruce Jenner article to my father as I had the same convo with him this week… His reply “find this girl and marry her!”
    AWESOME article and thank you for writing it.

  9. Hi Emily,
    I have been inspired by many of your posts and in particular the one about Bruce Jenner. I have a few follow up questions that I was hoping you could answer. I have provided my email. Thank you for your words and your time!

  10. Thank you for your article regarding Bruce Jenner. You put my thoughts and feelings down in such an eloquent prose. Just want to say thank you and God bless. The world needs more people like you.

  11. Emily, you are awesome! I just read your article about Bruce Jenner and it was very well written! Is there a way you can connect your site to social media? I would love to have access to your blogs in my news feed. God bless!

  12. I just read your article regarding Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. As a Christian, I would encourage you to read your article again and try to read it from the perspective of someone who might deeply struggle with this issue. Ask yourself if the tone, sarcasm, and judgement in your article would lead a struggling person to seek Christ or simply further their belief that Christians are uncaring, judgmental people that think they are better than everyone.

    My real question is what is your purpose for writing this piece? Are you truly trying to reach people that struggle with this issue? Are you just trying to express your anger and frustration with the topic? Are you truly trying to help others have an understanding of Christ?

    Only you truly know your heart and intent, but I simply ask you to read it again from a different perspective. Is this going to help people know Christ or drive a wedge between them and Christ.

  13. I just sent a comment. If you want to post that is fine, but it was really meant to be a thoughtful question directly to you. I would prefer it not be posted, but you may do so if you wish.

    Not trying to debate a topic publicly online. Simply providing perspective and curious of your thoughts.

  14. Hello Emily, I wonder if you will post my reply….. I am not a member of the LGBT Community nor am I a Christian according to your philosophy, and I would like to say that whatever Heaven you think you are going to does not exist! My Heaven is not full of haters like you my Heaven accepts, Loves and forgives everyone for whatever they decide to do or whoever they decide to be. Good luck to you wherever you end up, it will be my pleasure to never have to meet you as I know you will never be accepted into my Heaven. You might want to start praying now 🙂

    • Becky sue,

      Sorry to tell you but there is only one heaven. There isn’t a heaven for you, and then another heaven for me. God created heaven and earth. Not heavens….

      God bless you!

  15. I see that you’re from Oklahoma, and graduated with a BA in philosophy. You describe yourself as a nerd, and proclaim you proudly wear your periodic table tshirt on a regular basis. I am interested to know how your love of “science” meshes with your blind faith in religion, and what has led you to believe that one trumps the other, religion being your preferred go to for questions about life. I am also from OK, and have a BA in sociology. I am an atheist, and see a huge problem in our society of people judging other people using “knowledge” that has no factual basis. Your thoughts?

  16. I’m commenting on your blog as well as other comments about it. We have to remember that we all sin, we can’t help it! It’s in our nature to do so. Therefore, we ALL fall short and are lost in one way or the other. Humbling ourselves before God and His vast creation is the only way to know truth. Before we judge Bruce or others let us take a good look at our own shortcoming and start there! I know one thing is true when I do this, I see it as God would have me see it…Because I have taken the log out of my own eye. My sins are no better than others who sin. Let’s pray for ALL creation that we might see God’s truth and light and thank Him for sending His son to save us!

  17. Hi Emily,

    I am a Philosophy and Journalism student at Florida State University. I found your blog through my online research on Caitlin Jenner. It has come to my attention that you have placed yourself in a more knowledgable position on her, than you have placed her about herself. For you to argue with how she feels, and also to blatantly disrespect her wishes to be called by the correct pronouns, is in direct defiance with God. Now, I am no Christian. I do not claim to be a religious woman, but over my course of 21 years of life I have known many kindnesses that only God can be behind; it is because of this that I know your negativity and lack of ability to accept Caitlin Jenner for who she is is against what you claim you are. While I am on the topic of your view being contradictory of your character, might I also bring up our parallel: studying philosophy. Surely I do not have to tell you, a graduate from a Philosophy program, that there is more than one way to look at the world. Surely a BA of philosophy would know this, so I will assume for this sake that you do. With many world views, it is simply impossible and tactless to objectively have one view that is superior to the other. This is why I will never say that you are wrong to believe what you believe, but I will say that you are wrong to say what you have said. Caitlin Jenner knows her body and her mind better than you do. For you to assume that continuing to call her a him by the name of Bruce is disrespectful and placing your worldview above hers. Surely a woman of philosophy would know that this is not how arguments are constructed. For the sake of your argument that God makes no mistakes: this is precisely why your calling her Bruce is as notable as it is. God makes no mistakes, Caitlin Jenner knows her own body and mind the way God made them. Following, it would conclude that whatever discrepancy you feel there is between God’s work and Caitlin’s mind is a discrepancy YOU feel, and one that you do not have a right to considering you are Emily and not Caitlin. Your worldview is fine, God has his plan for you. But God did not plan for others to hurt others for the sake of religion. Love thy neighbor and to thine own self be true. Love Caitlin for her ability to, despite transphobia and people like you, stand up and display who she believes God made her to be. Make your philosophy degree proud when you resign yourself to the fact that you know your argument against Caitlin being a woman is both invalid and not sound. May God take extra steps to ensure your complete understanding of the human condition before you open your mind in a public forum to hurt another human.

  18. Nicole,

    Since you are also a philosophy student and a big part of philosophy is epistemology, how do you know what you just said is so?

    And if you respond to the above question, how do you know your response is valid?

  19. Praise the Lord for your life my fellow sister in Christ. Continue to let the word of God work in everything you do. God bless you, great blog post.

  20. Hi Em,
    Thanx. Your post reminded me of Matt Walsh’s take on the Jenner topic. The folks who are angered by your post remind me of the quote by one of the gentlemen from Duck Dynasty when he said “loving someone doesn’t mean I have to agree with them.” These folks seem to actually think we must agree with them in order to continue to call ourselves Christians.

  21. Thank you for your courage to write the truth in love. I did not sense hate whatsoever in your post. Your blog is titled, “Illuminating Truth” and I believe that is just what you did. I agree that we are all sinners in need of a savoir. Bruce/Caitlyn’s sins are no worse than my sins or any other person. We all need Jesus. Your post modeled Jesus’ example. He did not shrink back when presented with sin, he addressed it lovingly and HE alone is the way, the TRUTH and the life. I’m praying for you and the others who commented, especially those who commented adversely.

    • When people think of Christians, they think of religion. That is a misrepresentation. Even Jesus hated religion because that is man made. Man made religion was created to justify there own way of living. And make religious figures superior to others (pharisees back in Jesus time)

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