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  • Beauty Tips For My Daughter
    Beauty Tips For My Daughter Seek beauty. You were made for it. But choose carefully. There are different kinds, one that fades with time and one that grows with it. The secret? You can’t get the second while clinging to the first. Your imperfections are not a problem to be fixed. They’re a gift meant […]
  • No One is Grading You.
     “No one is grading you.”Those words echoed through my head recently, making me stop and regard them somewhat suspiciously. I always thrived on grades. From the day I was handed a flag to carry for earning my middle school team’s highest GPA, they came to define me and I suppose I welcomed the definition. I always wanted […]
  • The Imperfect Servanthood of Motherhood
    I’ve been thinking about servanthood which may as well be a synonym for motherhood. The tasks of motherhood are tasks of service: making meals, refilling cups, cleaning spills, wiping butts, re-wiping the butts that were inadequately wiped. From morning to night, I am a servant. Too often though, I am a grumbling servant, a proud […]