Motherhood is a Marathon. Let’s run together.

Hi, I’m Emily. I am a full-time mother of five. When I am not wiping butts or sweeping up cheerios, which is most of the time, I write my thoughts on life and motherhood here.

Big announcement! Upcoming Book

Thank you to those who are following along on this blog. I started this blog as a fresh out of college philosophy graduate. I, and my writing, have changed a lot since then, as I am now a stay-at-home homeschool mom of five. God began to help me hone what I wanted my writing to […]

For the Unholy Mother

I thought I would be holier by now. I thought surely eight years of motherhood would turn me into a June Cleaver who smiles beatifically through the travails of raising children. I wake up with the resolve to be more like this, but somewhere between the morning oatmeal smeared on the table and the fiftieth […]

Moms, Grow Like a Tree

We’ve recently added number 5. Elijah Nicholas joined us in May. Four boys! Picking a name this time was hard…never planned on picking FOUR boy names, but here we are. Lately, I’ve had a few people say to me, “I don’t know how you do it,” which makes me glance over my shoulder and check […]

God’s Love is Under the High Chair. A Poem.

God’s love is under the high chair The one who stoops down will find it She condescends, descends into a lowly realm  to scrub dried applesauce and mystery goo  As she bends to peel spaghetti noodles, noodle by noodle she discovers God’s love is under the high chair For before her, there was another  who […]


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