A Prayer for Simplicity in Not So Simple Days

I wrote this prayer in college and it’s still very relevant for life today.  It’s funny how my past self so often reminds my present self of things I need to know.  I often wonder how i used to be so smart and what happened.  😉

Let not my thoughts dwell on this world or on myself. Let not their make up be of what I should do or what I should have done. Let my mind be empty but for the solitary thought of Him. Let not my words be of earthly knowledge or even of grand things that I do not understand. Let them consist only of what I know if only in part: the death and resurrection of my savior Jesus. Let not my ears lend themselves to the words of fallible men or the accusations of the enemy. Let them hearken only to voice of my God and King. Let not my eyes stray to the glory of man. Let not them even rest on myself, the good and evil that are both there. Let them gaze fixedly upon Him in all of His glorious splendor, majestic beauty, and wondrous love. 

May my existence be only of adoration and relationship with Him. May my soul there breathe the breath of contentment and peace. May I settle and rest myself in that place for which I was made. May I simply be in Christ alone.



I’d like to be on this boat praying this prayer.


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