From Our Hands to His

Our hands say a lot about what we really believe, what’s really in our hearts. If our heart soars and feels as if it would burst with awe and wonder at a glimpse of the glory of God, we lift our hands in praise. If we love as He has loved us and comfort as we ourselves have been comforted, we reach our hands out to others to give, to lift up, to lead, to help. If we come to the end of ourselves and are humbled by the realization of our own weakness, we unashamedly open our hands to receive from others. If we have purpose and seek to glorify Him, we put our hands to work, to labor and strive for excellence at whatever He has laid before us. If we rely on the wisdom of God and seek His will, we clasp our hands in prayer. If we trust in God and live in surrender to Him, we lay our hands open before Him, ready to receive that which He gives and surrender that which He takes. If God is our LORD, our hands cling desperately to His, firmly grasping so that He might lead us. 

The hands of God lead us, discipline us, break us, mold us. They command the universe and yet, they bled for us.They carry us when we’re weak and when we’re weary. They wipe away our tears when we cry and they heal us when we’re wounded.   He holds each of us in His hands and His hands….His hands are sure. Let us surrender our lives…from our hands to His.


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